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S9: Not quite the spark of it at its best
bob the moo11 February 2018
The long gap between seasons was enough to get excitement for Curb returning, but it was also helped for me by how good the previous season had been. In essence this season looked like it would had a great through-line with the fatwa and the related musical (albeit a bit similar to a previous season). It doesn't run through this very evenly, but mostly it does the job, while the random misunderstandings or poor social interactions do the rest of the work. It is frequently funny, but never as consistent as I would have liked. There are callbacks and repeated elements, which add to the impact of the lines, but again - not enough.

The most obvious place to see this not working is in the ending. At its best the final punchline is the strongest callback - it ties the episode up in an absurd bow by linking back to what had gone before and doing so in a way that makes you groan by how obvious it is (in retrospect) but yet be inspired by how smartly it all clicks. There isn't really a single episode that pulls that off here; okay they all reference something from the episode but they are not really strong or punchlines. The show still does its base elements well, and it is hard not to enjoy it for David's brand of humor, but it doesn't click and spark consistently, even if it produces plenty of moments along the way.
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bobcobb3013 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
We all saw the ending coming, especially with the way Jeff teased the fatwa not being over early in the episode. We could tell Larry and Lin would end up dueling when they were arguing too. But sometimes predictable and the expected works and those parts did.

Seeing F. Murray Abraham do comedy after all the years on Homeland was good too.

It didn't feel like a finale though. I wish we saw an actual broadcast of the show. I wish we got some Larry and Cheryl moments. Nothing felt big about what happened here and that's not how this show usually does things.

This was easily the worst season of Curb and while it got better in the second half, it went out on a bum note.
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Poor Larry, so misunderstood!
natalie-818394 December 2017
I still like the series and hope they will continue because there are not many comedy shows out there, unfortunately. I think Larry comes up with quite original ideas and situations in this show. I do feel bad for him because he just tries to be objective or nice or sensible, but people often misunderstand his intentions. Often they just try to take advantage. He rarely gets any satisfaction or recognition.
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