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  • Mr. Malevolent hacks into two millennials' computers and forces them to watch horror tales.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • Multiple stories think twilight zone 2018

    Two voyeuristic nerds are hacking the devices of people as they themselves are hacked by the feed from story tellers Mister Malevolent (Danny Trejo) and Mystic Woman (Nichelle Nichols) who have seven stories to tell.

    Each story has its own cast of actors and I loved that some older and younger actors got their chance to shine. The cast list needs some serious updating. Jay Mohr, Chris Kattan, Barry Hensley, and Clarence Williams III also need to be included.

    The seven stories are:

    1. Mates - An abusive ex in a failed relationship learns a lesson the hard way. 2. The Prosecutor - An ambitious Texas AG who is proud of his career runs for Texas Governor and has a role reversal. 3. White Flight - Be careful what you wish for 4. The Samaritan - When one good soul reaches out for another. 5. Hate Radio - Another role reversal of sorts with a white male radio host who thinks women should know their place. 6. The Healer - A person preaching to others gets placed in a unique situation, 7. They Will Be Done - Right to Life fanatics kidnap a pregnant rape victim who they force to term with surprising results.

    There is a last story but it is best for you to see it yourself.

    Would I watch it again, sure if I had the time and had nothing else to do. Meaning that would be doubtful for now. I could not say I would pay to see it unless your a big fan of someone in the movie or involved with making it.

    I do hope Danny Trejo makes more like this if he gets the chance.

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