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Season 1

4 Jul. 2017
Ferit and Nazli, two complete opposite persons, meet each other in Ferit's kitchen. The relationship between these two starts off with constant bickering and while it seems that due to Nazli's cooking ability their relationship looks like it will last long time. Due to certain misunderstandings at midnight under a full moon they find themselves in the middle of a totally confusing situation.
11 Jul. 2017
Dolunay Vakti
After spending the night at Ferit's home, Nazli is stunned when she awakens. For both of them next day is full of surprising events. From this point forward both Ferit and Nazli looks at each other in a totally different way. Meanwhile Deniz's interest in Nazli continues to grow with each passing moment. When Zeynep and Demir realize the love that Bulur has towards Nazli, they want to meet her. With this, even though this is something that Ferit does not like, her relationship with the people that surround him continues to grow. Asuman's actions once again put Nazli ...
18 Jul. 2017
Bulutun Kaderi
Ferit and Nazli work together for Bulut's benefit.
25 Jul. 2017
Dolunay Etkisi
Is it possible for the ice between Nazli and Ferit to melt?
1 Aug. 2017
Dolunayda Hesaplasma
Will Ferit learn Nazli and Asuman's secret? Nazli and Asuman are squeezed into a corner.
8 Jul. 2017
Dolunayda Tutulma
Demet puts a shadow over the compliance between Ferit and Nazli... Hakan puts forth a plan against Ferit.
15 Aug. 2017
Ask Baslar
Deniz stars to become uncomfortable with Alya's affection.
22 Aug. 2017
Aski Kovala
Will Ferit and Nazli accept their feelings for each other?
29 Aug. 2017
Keske Anlatabilsem
Nazli is stuck between Ferit and Deniz.
5 Sep. 2017
Ask Seçer
As Nazli continues to run from Ferit, she seeks solace with Deniz.
12 Sep. 2017
Var Misin Iddiaya
Ferit tries to find out what Nazli is hiding. He is sure that she is hiding something from him. He does his best to discover the secret that pulls him away from his beloved woman.
19 Sep. 2017
Ask Havasi
Ferit and Nazli are forced to work together. Their feelings towards each other and their opposite characters will lead this collaboration to a difficult situation. Deniz becomes nervous about Ferit's association with Nazli. He will start looking for ways to harry Ferite without losing his place to Nazli. As Ferit and Nazli get closer, Demet is separated from Hakan. Hakan, who is unhappy with his wife's behavior, starts to show his dark side more.
26 Sep. 2017
Hatanin Bedeli
Ferit learns Nazli's secret.
3 Oct. 2017
Atesin Ucunda
Demet is determined to break-up Ferit and Nazli.
10 Oct. 2017
Gercek Olsa
Nazli and Ferit make an unexpected decision.
17 Oct. 2017
Gercek mi Yalan mi
Nazli is face to face with death.
29 Oct. 2017
Dolunay Zamani
Ferit's arrest has fallen like a bomb. Nazli, as his spouse, wants to be with her husband. Although she claims to be struggling to understand homegrown play, Nazli was worried about Ferit. Ferit is pleased that Nazli is with him. Ferit and Nazli, who are in complex emotions, find themselves constantly challenged by their skills in this game. No matter how much Deniz is denying, he will be witness of Ferit and Nazli's feelings to each other.
5 Nov. 2017
Gercek Ask
Despite their feelings Nazli and Ferit continue to play the game.
12 Nov. 2017
Ask Icin
What is Deniz going to do about Nazli and Ferit? When the big moment arrives for Nazli and Ferit, Deniz's unexpected entry takes everyone by surprise. Deniz was convinced of Nazli and Ferit's feelings for each other, yet it was painful for him, opens a new page for everyone who knows about their marriage. While Nazli and Ferit try to convince everyone of their love, they also have to control Deniz and Asuman. As the tension in this love triangle keeps increasing, Deniz sets conditions which surprises everyone.
19 Nov. 2017
Aska Kutlama
While dealing with the restaurant and financial problems, Nazli finds out that it's Ferit's birthday by chance and organizes a surprise party for Ferit. In addition to wanting to appear just as Ferit's wife to others, Nazli wants to learn more about him and keep him happy. Ferit has also decided not to go against his feelings for Nazli. However, this party is full of surprises; not just for Ferit, but also for Nazli. Asuman is slowly getting drawn to Deniz, but doesn't know for sure how Deniz feels. Yet, this uncertainty doesn't stop Asuman. Completely unaware of the ...
26 Nov. 2017
Izin Verme
As Nazli and Ferit continue to show their feelings to each other, the arrival of Pelin falls like a bomb on their relationship. Ferit is more tolerant with Pelin, knowing that she had been deceived in the past. Knowing this, Pelin tries to get in between Ferit and Nazli. Nazli cannot find the support she needs from Ferit, so she takes a decision which no one expects.
3 Dec. 2017
Ask Itirafi
Nazli wants to get away for a little while to collect her thoughts. After what happened recently, Ferit doesn't want to leave her alone, so he goes after her. In a small town as such, there is no other choice except to talk about the both of them. Which one will be the winner in this encounter where love and pride has collided? While Nazli and Ferit look for the answer to this problem, a surprise is waiting for them in Istanbul.
10 Dec. 2017
Hersey Onun Icin
Nazli and Ferit finally opened up to each other. The greatest desire of both is to compensate for the time they lost. Ferit and Nazli now live freely in love. They are astonished by their surroundings. While Ferit and Nazli are drunk from happiness, life creates new surprises for them.
17 Dec. 2017
Gitme, Kal
Nazli gives an answer to Ferit's marriage proposal that he never saw coming. This sudden change in Nazli makes no sense to him so he's determined not to let her go. Nazli is suffering as she finds herself between her sister and the man she loves. Unaware of it, Ferit finds the solutions from places he had never expected. This coincidence affects relations unexpectedly.
24 Dec. 2017
Biz Ayrilamayiz
The court sends Nazli and Ferit to therapy. Although Ferit is still pushing her, this process saves Nazli some time to put things her way. As he struggles to find an answer, Ferit tries to solve this knot with mental and emotional intimacy. While Nazli is struggling for Ferit and Bulut; Hakan is planning his moves to back Ferit into a corner.
31 Dec. 2017
Ask Ile Veda
Ferit and Nazli are embracing their love. After Ferit and Nazli survive all the trials and hardships, they embrace their love. After the incident(s), everyone will be braver in their emotions and feelings. A new surprise awaits our heroes as the preparations for the new year continues at full speed.

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