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miłość tak właściwie 8/10
Padreviews1 December 2017
I've said it before and I'll say it again , i haven't seen a bad Polish film yet and here's another good one .

It wasn't perfect and it's not the best I've seen but it was definitely good and worth seeing .

This is the third in a series and I haven't seen the others so I can't comment if there's an ongoing story but this stood out on its own .

I felt like I was watching a direct copy of one of my favourite films at times LOVE ACTUALLY (2003) . It turns out since seeing it that is actually part of its marketing and the fact that all the music was English added to that . Plus the use of the oboe to highlight romance adding to the theme.

So this is another Christmas movie but the clue was in the title ' letter to Santa ' But it a beautiful story of intertwined stories exactly as you have in Love Actually with so many situations and characters that seem indentical but that wasn't a bad thing as it added to the familiarity and enjoyment.

I look forward to the next Polish movie , they're simply much better than most of what Hollywood forces on us .

Pad.A 8/10
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