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Season 1

4 Jul. 2017
Takase's crush wants to talk to him about something, but she beats around the bush. Minagawa confesses to Furuya - or does she? Akagi catches Kaji smoking. He could rat her out, but he has different plans. Sasahara wants to confess to her crush before he graduates, but her unfortunate defense mechanism makes that difficult.
11 Jul. 2017
Furuya's sister, Hotaru, doesn't want him dating Minagawa -- or anyone, for that matter. Kaga has a hard time caring about anything, and Sasahara has a hard time pitching anything -- especially the astronomy club.
18 Jul. 2017
Point-Blank Relationship
Chiaki and Kana have apparently been dating for a year, but you wouldn't know it. Sugawara offers to help Takano with cleaning duty. He thinks she thinks he thinks she thinks he's asking her out.
25 Jul. 2017
Romantic Comedy
Kana finds Chiaki's porn, and so they get it on. Kaji calls Akagi out on manipulating her. Minagawa tortures Furuya with mind games some more. Takano is still denser than lead.
1 Aug. 2017
Watching You from Afar
Kanda decides to text her confession to her crush, Takase. Kaga's childhood friend, Nanase, joins the astronomy club, but she seems to have an ulterior motive. Goda and Kamine are finally dating, but he has trouble communicating his feelings.
8 Aug. 2017
We Don't Need Girls
Akagi is tutoring Kaji, but he keeps flirting with her. Kana and Chiaki discover that mothers are a very effective contraceptive. Kurihara and Yamane make plans to go to the movies. Dating master senpai is back, this time apparently wooing Kazuko.
15 Aug. 2017
It's All the Fever's Fault
Furuya's sister, Hotaru, gets into his phone and tries to troll Minagawa. Kamine wants Goda to say he loves her. Kanda has been avoiding Takase ever since their awkward text confession. Takano is so dense, even her own body is trying to give her hints.
22 Aug. 2017
Bruised-Up Angel
Kamine and Goda are struggling with snuggling. Chiaki and Kana try to get to first base. Akagi goads Kaji into letting him cop a feel. Hosogawa wants Katori so badly, she's willing to risk her life.
29 Aug. 2017
Square One
Sugawara and Takano stare at each other-secretly. Takase and Kanda somehow get friend-zoned. Kamine wants a second kiss, but Goda thinks something is amiss. Minagawa gets seriously serious with Furuya.
5 Sep. 2017
Kurihara asks Yamane to meet her behind the school building, but he chickens out and calls Motoyama for backup. Goda doesn't notice that he's made his girlfriend jealous. Chiaki and Kana try to improve their relationship, but just make it more awkward.
12 Sep. 2017
Takano's band friend tries to get her to fess up about her crush. Kana and Chiaki try to patch things up, but technology tears them apart even more. Mom to the rescue! Exams suck, but Kaji is inspired and determined to go to college.
19 Sep. 2017
Summer Begins
It's sports day, and the boys (and Patricia) are eager to show the girls what they've got. Kanda and Takase try to get each other to go on the class beach trip. Chiaki meets up with Kana to give closure to their relationship.

 Season 1 

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