One Lone Cat Poster

(2017– )

Episode List


Season 1

15 Jul. 2017
Starting All Over Again
Internet vlogger Tim Haines decides to start a new chapter in his YouTube career by starting a daily vlog series. First up, he buys a new cat toy for his cat Crumb and lays down some ground rules as far as the daily vlog goes.
17 Jul. 2017
Cat Food Now!
Tim gets worried that his cat Crumb isn't eating her cat food and winds up buying her a different brand of cat food. Also he talks about the joys of using a smartphone to film the vlogs and also shows off some old footage of his mother's kitten purring.
18 Jul. 2017
The Three-Day Hump
As he approaches the "three-day hump" as far as his daily vlog goes, Tim is worried about the weather yet at the same time throws in a few thoughts on a female Doctor Who and a big YouTube daily vlogger achieving another milestone.
19 Jul. 2017
Spider-Man: Homecoming
Tim takes his nephews to see the new Spider-Man movie.
20 Jul. 2017
The Top 10 #WCW Hottest Women
Tim debuts the Woman Crush Wednesday segment by giving a shoutout to UFC ring girl Red Dela Cruz and also does a top 10 countdown of the female celebrities he considers to be the hottest women around.
21 Jul. 2017
Picnic in the Park
Because it was a beautiful day, Tim decides to have a little picnic in Myers Park during his lunch break from work. While there, he does a video response to Charles Trippy's historic 3000th vlog and talks about spending most of his adult life doing YouTube videos.
24 Jul. 2017
The First Week is the Hardest
Despite missing the previous two days, Tim makes it through his first week as a daily vlogger. He talks about missing his high school reunion as well as the highly-publicized Michael Phelps race against a shark.
25 Jul. 2017
It's Always Raining in Herkimer
And the rainy summer in Herkimer continues.
26 Jul. 2017
Today was a Good Day
Tim begins cleaning out his old room in order to convert it into a studio.
28 Jul. 2017
2 Days 1 Vlog
Over the course of two days, Tim begins to get rid of his sister's things, does a trailer reaction to the upcoming Stephen King movie It and selects an attractive local news reporter to be his Woman Crush Wednesday pick for the week.
29 Jul. 2017
Bunny Apocalypse!
Tim keeps seeing wild rabbits running around Herkimer. Also due to a boil water advisory in town, he has some difficulty trying to get dinner.
31 Jul. 2017
Mowing the Lawn
After nearly a whole summer of rain, Tim finally manages to break out the lawn mower and mow the grass.
31 Jul. 2017
Hungry Cat is Hungry!
Tim offers some updates as well as gets into some more hi-jinks with his cat.
1 Aug. 2017
Gratuitous Cooking Vlog!
Another short vlog where Tim shows off his cooking skills by cooking burgers on a frying pan and shows what he does to keep the house from burning down.
2 Aug. 2017
Fast and Furious Nephews
Tim's nephews Bryce and Brady stop by for a visit and they go for a ride on their Green Machine. Also Tim reacts to that iconic Darth Vader scene from Rogue One.
3 Aug. 2017
First-World Vlogging Problems
Tim talks about an editing problem he had on yesterday's vlog. Also he names popular YouTuber Amanda Cerny as this week's Woman Crush Wednesday.
4 Aug. 2017
Death Wish 2018 Trailer Reaction
An avid fan of the original Death Wish films with Charles Bronson, Tim does a trailer reaction for the upcoming remake with Bruce Willis.
5 Aug. 2017
Tim manages to find some clippers and started clearing out weeds from around his house. Also he cooks some Chicken Kiev for dinner.
6 Aug. 2017
Herkimer Diamond Days
Tim spends the day at Herkimer Diamond Days and brings his younger nephew Brady along for the ride.
7 Aug. 2017
There's Always Next Summer
Tim talks about how fast the summer went and how he has almost completed his first summer living alone.
8 Aug. 2017
Two More Days
As Tim counts down the days until he goes down to his folks' place, he talks about how he plans to continue the vlogs while he is away.
9 Aug. 2017
Last Day
Tim spends his last full day in Herkimer getting some more things ready for the upcoming weekend. He also helps his nephew buy a tire for his bike and tries the new Honey Maid S'Mores cereal.
10 Aug. 2017
And We're Off...
As Tim packs up for his trip to his parents' house for the weekend, he names popular YouTuber Nicole Arbour as this week's Woman Crush Wednesday.
11 Aug. 2017
The Woods are Playing Kenny Rogers!
Tim's first full day of housesitting for his folks is marked with cat shenanigans and music playing in the woods.
12 Aug. 2017
It's cats, cats galore as Tim spends his second day of housesitting for his folks filming some cat footage.
13 Aug. 2017
I Rescued a Kitten!
On the third day of housesitting for his parents, Tim rescues a kitten that got stuck in a creek.
14 Aug. 2017
Worst Gamer Ever!
Tim tries his hand at gaming and a startling development may keep him at his folks house for one more day.
15 Aug. 2017
Time to Go Home
After hearing that his folks had car trouble and were forced to stay another night, Tim spends one more day housesitting.
16 Aug. 2017
New Facebook Page
Tim takes the opportunity to unveil his new Facebook page for the show.
17 Aug. 2017
Super Smash Nephew
Tim's older nephew Bryce competes in a gaming tournament being held at a local movie theater.
18 Aug. 2017
Instagram Made Me a Better Photographer
Tim shows off some of his best Instagram pics and credits that with making him a better photographer. Also he names popular YouTuber Olga Kay and UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste as this week's Woman Crush Wednesday.
19 Aug. 2017
DuckTales 2017 Review
Having grew up on the original DuckTales series as a kid, Tim reviews the pilot episode of the rebooted DuckTales series.
20 Aug. 2017
A Day at the Herkimer County Fair
To celebrate their last day visiting in the area before they head back to Buffalo, Tim takes his nephews to the Herkimer County Fair.
Aug. 2017
Burnt Lasagna
Tim tries his hand at cooking homemade lasagna.
22 Aug. 2017
While at work, Tim gets to see the solar eclipse.
23 Aug. 2017
More Bad Weather
More bad weather hits the Herkimer area.
25 Aug. 2017
Another Double-Header
As summer winds down, Tim reflects on how it went for him. He also adds beautiful tennis player Simona Halep to the roster for Woman Crush Wednesday.
26 Aug. 2017
Borunda Asian Buffet
Tim decides to try out a new Chinese Buffet restaurant that opened up in Herkimer.
27 Aug. 2017
Thank God It's Caturday!
Tim unveils some of his cat montage videos dating back to his early days on YouTube and also does some more yard work.
31 Aug. 2017
Needed a Break
After taking another couple days off, Tim returns with another rant about another copyright claim on one of his videos from YouTube. Also he names fitness model Kiana Tom as this week's Woman Crush Wednesday.
1 Sep. 2017
Herkimer College Did Away with My Courses!
Tim does a rant about how his former alma mater Herkimer College is planning to do away with the same courses that he got his degree in.
7 Sep. 2017
Hurricane #WCW Heidi
Tim names legendary supermodel Heidi Klum as this week's Woman Crush Wednesday and offers his thoughts on the recent string of dangerous hurricanes that have been impacting the U.S.
12 Sep. 2017
Crazy Cat Man
Tim receives a visit from yet another cat and gives out more updates.
17 Sep. 2017
Back at My Folks' Place
Tim is back in Mount Vision, housesitting and taking care of their animals while they are away. Along the way, he unveils his Woman Crush Wednesday on a Saturday and sees a rather bizarre sight where he sees three dead snakes in a row.
18 Sep. 2017
Wi-Fi in the Woods
Tim attempts to upload a video in the woods near his parents' house.
19 Sep. 2017
Welcome Back, Summer
Tim returns to Herkimer in time for a fall heat wave.
21 Sep. 2017
Jump the #WCW Shark!
Tim names Victoria's Secret supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio as this week's Woman Crush Wednesday and vlogs about the 40th anniversary of the day The Fonz jumped over a shark and changed television history forever.
25 Sep. 2017
Hell Week Begins
Tim gets ready for yet another inventory week at his job, a week that is known as "Hell Week." Also he takes time out to watch the pilot episode of the controversial new Star Trek series and offers his thoughts on it.
27 Sep. 2017
Late Summer Inventory
As the day of inventory arrives at his job, Tim also deals with the fact that Crumb is getting finicky with her food again.
4 Dec. 2017
Good-Bye, YouTube. Hello, Website
As he watches over his parents' business while they are away, Tim rants about how his videos got demonetized by YouTube which causes him to move his videos over to his site. And he also gives Crumb a new bed.
9 Dec. 2017
Another Early Work Day
Tim talks about working early during the holidays, names Russian Instagram model Galina Dub as this week's Woman Crush Wednesday and rants some more about the ongoing drama at YouTube.
15 Dec. 2017
RIP Internet?
Tim reacts to the controversial decision by the FCC to repeal net neutrality.
21 Dec. 2017
Windows 10 Fail!
Tim endures yet another unsuccessful attempt to install a Windows 10 update.
26 Dec. 2017
Christmas Time is Here
Celebrating the holidays alone this year, Tim attempts to give Crumb some cat toys and makes himself a bachelor Christmas feast.
3 Jan. 2018
New Year's Mid-Life Crisis
Tim celebrates the coming of 2018 by looking back on the previous year, which was marked by highs such as his graduation from college as well as evolving his online career to some personal and professional lows and he has high hopes for the year ahead.