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Series 7 rounds off in style.
Sleepin_Dragon22 February 2018
After Eight episodes it's time to wave goodbye to the sunshine, and the charms of Death in Paradise for another year. Happily, this series rounds off with one of the best offerings from this series. The main characters can't help but put a smile on your face, and this week was no exception. An excellent story line, clever, and a little deeper then is usually the case, and finally we get some involvement from The Commissioner, nice to see Don Warrington having a more active role, instead of just barking orders, he had a more hands on role. A really strong guest cast, Clint Dyer was excellent as Leon Laroche, a really strong performance. Great to see Dwayne's father return, and the pair had some nice scenes.

Overall I think Ardal's first full series at the helm has been a success, he's quickly settled into the roe, and everything feels as it should do. The writing in quite a few episodes has been strong, and we've had some excellent guest performances. The viewing figures confirm that people have stuck with it, which is wonderful, for some of us it's the only time in February we get to see the sun. Roll on Series Eight. 9/10
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Episode 7.8
Prismark1023 February 2018
Commissioner Patterson has always been bothered by an unsolved case from 1988 when he was a novice detective. Jasmine Springer was the wife of the lead singer of a rising reggae band on the island who were due to embark on a european tour. Her guitarist husband's Billy wild ways caused ructions, the group split and her dead body was found on the beach. An apparent mugging gone wrong.

30 years later the band have reunited. Billy Springer contacted Commissioner Patterson that he has some new leads regarding her wife's death. During the break at a gig Billy's body is found in a locked room.

Jack Mooney has to deal with a locked room mystery with only a bent fork as a clue. Mooney also has to deal with Dwayne's dad who has invited himself in.

The episode gives more substance to Commander Patterson, it is also a case where Mooney finds that progress is slow to everyone's frustrations.
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Murder And Music
chiumt31 March 2019
Murder in the music business. Clues galore, if you realise how to interpret. You understand how when the denouement is made. A lock room mystery.
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