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David Dastmalchian Battles a Bully in First Trailer for 'Teacher' Drama

"Who was it? Tell me! Now!" Cinedigm has debuted an official trailer for an indie drama titled Teacher, the feature directorial debut of producer Adam Dick. The film is about an English teacher who tries to fight back against a bully at the school where he works. David Dastmalchian stars as James Lewis, a teacher who decides to defend his favorite student from being constantly bullied by a rich, privileged, asshole kid. But he ends up going to disturbing lengths to protect them when he must confront the kid's well-connected, wealrgy father, played by Kevin Pollak. The cast includes Matthew Garry, Curtis Edward Jackson, Esme Perez, Helen Joo Lee, Alejandro Raya, Cedric Young, and Ilyssa Fradin. This seems like it might be inspired a bit by Falling Down, about a man who spirals out of control for vengeance. It's intense. Here's the first official trailer (+ poster) for Adam Dick's Teacher,
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‘Blade Runner 2049’: Where You’ve Seen Its Standout Supporting Cast Before

‘Blade Runner 2049’: Where You’ve Seen Its Standout Supporting Cast Before
The following article contains minor spoilers for “Blade Runner 2049.”

In addition to a pair of memorable performances from Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford, cinematographer Roger Deakins’ stunning visual work, and director Denis Villeneuve’s dystopian vision, “Blade Runner 2049” has one more element worthy of excitement: a supporting cast of new and rising stars. Many of them have already made their mark on indie cinema, like the perpetually working David Dastmalchian or the irreverent Carla Juri, while others will likely use Villeneuve’s sci-fi epic as a springboard for even bigger careers (like Ana de Armas, the film’s biggest find).

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It’s only appropriate that a future-oriented world like the one on display in the “Blade Runner” franchise would spawn new stars, but they’ve shined quite brightly before. Here’s where you
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