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Not bad production... however quite implausible.
Masonstanfield7 June 2018
Well made episode. However, like the rest of season 2 it doesn't make sense or "match" season 1. Clay and Hannah do drugs together??? Like the last episode everything is too forced and contrived. Season 2 is destroying the amazing quality and legacy of the book and season 1. Kinda bummed.
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The Urge to Skip
ilklucg23420 May 2018
Clay has to testify. Alex calls Bryce out. Tyler and Cyrus make a new plan.

I had to fight the urge to skip a few scenes, mostly the one with Clay and his parents. I don't know what it is, but he just bores me. Maybe it is the writing or just the fact that almost every other character is more interesting than him.

The court lady is going on my nerves, as usual. That woman is really just as bad as all the people asking a rape victim: "But did you say no, tho?" She, besides Bryce, is the worst person on this entire show.

I liked the insight we got on a few other things that happened before Hannahs suicide, and I especially loved Alex's story in this episode.

This was definitely not the strongest episode of this season, but the last 15 minutes did make up for it.
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The Third Polaroid (#2.7)
ComedyFan20106 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Clay testifies. Alex has a birthday party that doesn't end too well.

I don't really get what Clay's issue is. Is he jealous of Justin with his parents? I thought he wanted to help him. His testimony was less exciting than of Zach. So they did drugs, who doesn't try something in high school. But it shows Hannah's depression. It was not just the coming down. Their conversation when high was also pretty good. Hannah saying that the feelings one feels must be somewhere inside. So was probably the coming down feeling. And how Clay says he doesn't know the future since one can't change it. Now he probably wishes he knew.

Alex's story was also good. Poor Tyler. I don't understand the hate he gets. What he did was so much less bad than what Bryce did. So it is kind of hypocritical of Zach to send him home while hanging out with Bryce. This is kind of bullying. Alex's outburst was beautiful So was Jessica's response to it.

I guess the scene with Bryce was showing forced consent. I feel bad for her.
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