"Midsomer Murders" Till Death Do Us Part (TV Episode 2018) Poster

Fiona Dolman: Sarah Barnaby


  • [over a drink, Sarah is telling Jamie and Fleur how she and John first met] 

    DS Jamie Winter : And that was the first time that you laid eyes on him?

    Sarah Barnaby : Yep. He'd really gone for it: brown tights, paper maché shell, the works.

    DCI John Barnaby : Can I just point out this was a charity fund-raising event in the student bar.

    Fleur Perkins : [laughing]  You seduced your wife while dressed as a tortoise? That's as much as I need to know.

    Sarah Barnaby : [in hysterics]  He wanted to chat me up, but he waited till he saw me and Hazel leaving the bar. Only... Only he forgot he'd have to turn sideways to get through the door.

    DS Jamie Winter : You got stuck?

    DCI John Barnaby : I was wedged in by my shell. Sarah had to help dislodge me.

    Fleur Perkins : And this worked for you, did it, as a courtship technique?

    Sarah Barnaby : I think I found it endearing.

    DCI John Barnaby : Hazel didn't, did she? She told you not to go out with me because I was weird.

    Sarah Barnaby : That still bothers you, doesn't it?

    DCI John Barnaby : [primly]  Well, it's not nice. Or accurate.

    [they all laugh at John] 

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