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Season 2

1 Sep. 2017
Fitting In (Hogwarts Houses)
Thomas has just dyed his hair purple, and the Sanders Sides, who as a result have also developed purple hair, show their opinion about the change. Patton and Roman love it, while Logan hates it and Virgil doesn't know what to say, as he doesn't want to spill too much anxiety on Thomas, since he wants to fit in the group, although he doesn't know how. When Patton has the idea that the purple hair reminds him of Nymphadora Tonks, from "Harry Potter", Thomas has the idea of using the Hogwarts Houses to sort all of the Sanders Sides into different houses based on their ...
3 Oct. 2017
Moving On Part 1: Exploring Nostalgia
Thomas is feeling really sad over the remembrance of a long lost love he hasn't been able to move on from yet. He has the idea that going to Patton's room will help him enhance the happy memories to wipe away his sadness. So all the Sanders Sides and Thomas go to Patton's room, which is full of items of Thomas' past: things he wrote as a kid, music he used to play, gadgets he had and enjoyed, photographs and drawings of his life, and more. They all get carried away with the memories, while suddenly Virgil starts feeling bad. Only Logan notices this and tells the ...
25 Oct. 2017
Moving On Part 2: Dealing With a Breakup
After Logan's abrupt departure, Thomas starts realizing that he cannot keep like that anymore, torturing himself with a love that cannot, and shouldn't, be back, because that wouldn't be fair, nor for him neither for his ex, because he wouldn't be happy with Thomas, just as he wasn't happy in the final times of their relationship. So, even though it's not going to be easy, and knowing that he's still gonna feel pain, maybe for a very long time, Thomas decides it's time to move forward with his life, accept that that love story is over for good, and, even if not ...
24 Dec. 2017
The Sanders Sides 12 Days of Christmas
The Sanders Sides appear on Thomas because they feel in the mood for doing a video, and since it's Christmas Eve, and it's the first Christmas that Virgil spends with the rest of his new friends, Roman suggests that the four of them should wear festive Christmas "ugly sweaters" and perform a Christmas carol together. But they don't agree very much on the lyrics that Roman has written for them, especially Virgil.
3 Feb. 2018
Can Lying Be Good?
Thomas has forgotten last night to go with Joan to support them to a reading for a stage play Joan had been working on. In the morning, Joan sent him a text reading "where were you last night, F Word Face", and Thomas, who thinks Joan is mad at him, doesn't know how to tell them or if he should tell them the truth at all, that he was on a date with a guy he'd just known while Joan was on their reading. Since Thomas is more inclined to lie to Joan because the truth is too horrible for him to tell them, Roman decides to transport them all to a Mind Palace shaped as a ...
12 Apr. 2018
Why Do We Get Out of Bed in the Morning?
After a failed game and loss of motivation, Logan tries to help Thomas find the bigger picture behind everything he does in his life, while Roman tries to convince Thomas to take risks and not settle for a boring and basic life.
19 Apr. 2018
Crofter's: The Musical
Crofter's has partnered with Thomas to release a new fruit-spread inspired on Logan, so naturally Logan, as a Crofter's fan is flipping out about it. Roman, however feels a little jealous as he too wants his own flavor of Crofter's.
29 Oct. 2018
Learning New Things About Ourselves
Thomas had a conversation with a friend some days ago that made him feel iffy. When his friend asked him what he did for a living, he answered he did YouTube. His friend answered back with a question that had been done to Thomas several times before, what he "really" did for a living, like a "real" job. For some reason, this time it stuck with him. Thomas hasn't stopped feeling bad ever since, and he doesn't even know the reason why. Thinking that he should feel blessed for everything his job gives him only makes him feel even worse out of guilt. The Sides decide to ...
24 Dec. 2018
Embarrasing Phases: The Nightmare Instead of Christmas
Thomas and the Sides are celebrating a belated Halloween by dressing up as different monsters. Virgil, disguised as a vampire, tries to scare his friends and fails terribly. Virgil realizes that Thomas and the Sides have embraced him too much as a friend, up to the point that they don't find him scary anymore. Furthermore, Thomas has told him that Virgil being scary was only a phase of him and an "act" that is over. So Virgil decides to make a journey with them through Memory Lane to remind them of all the terrifying phases Thomas has gone through in his life, so that...
31 Mar. 2019
Selfishness v. Selflessness
Thomas has received the callback of his life to participate in a movie. However the callback day is the same day some of his friends are marrying. Now he's torn between lying to his friends to pursue the job of his life or losing the opportunity of a lifetime and attend his friends' wedding. Deceit shows up and puts Thomas on a trial to prove that Thomas is guilty of caring for himself more than he cares for his friends and prove to the other Sides that Thomas is not the perfect idealistic figure they think he is.
25 Jun. 2019
Dealing with Intrusive Thoughts
Thomas hasn't had any sleep in the whole night, so he "wakes up" exhausted out of sleep deprivation. The reason he couldn't sleep is because of the anxiety he's had over the most bizarre intrusive thought about murdering his own brother which suddenly crossed through his mind while trying to sleep. It is soon that he will have to face a new Dark Side, The Duke, Roman's twin brother, who encompasses the part of Creativity Thomas constantly tries to suppress, the one that inspires on him such intrusive thoughts among other thoughts Thomas has been having that may be the...

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