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Wake up
tfdeni2 June 2018
We are okay with the women getting raped in this show but when a guy gets raped, it's "too graphic, omg no, eww, Horrible! Why would they show us that?" (I know it wasn't sexually intended but It was rape in my book)

This episode wasn't what we expected and we all wanted a happy ending but that's not how life works.

Males get raped and it's just as hard as it is on women. We need to have a conversation about rape and school shootings and this was it. This was a "hey America wake the f up" from childish Gambino to this episode. From Columbine to Las Vegas and Parkland. This shows us who we are as a country and we need to take a step back and fix it. It's defining us.

I'm not against guns but neither am I against helping out people mentally and being safe rather than sorry. We as Americans need to re-evaluate our lives; we are falling apart as a people and a country if we don't start communicating. 13 reasons is one of those stepping stones to help us get to that conversation.
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If you were outraged, GOOD!
WNiiO21 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Last season played a lot with my emotions and every episode made me cry. This season played a lot with my emotions as well, but in a different way. Rather than cry during the episodes, I found myself screaming at them. There were moment where I found myself crying, but not the same amount as last season.

That's what I think they wanted. What you think would happen in season 2, didn't happen, and what you feared would happen, happened, excluding one thing which was Tyler's school shooting. We wanted justice for Hannah, for Jess, for everyone who had been suffering from bullies in Liberty High. We didn't get that, and that is the reality of so many cases around the country, and the world. Those who deserve punishment doesn't get it, and those who do gets a light slap on the hands and nothing more.

If you're outraged by events that happened in this show, GOOD. You SHOULD be outraged, this is not something that only happen in shows. This happens in REAL LIFE, so before you even think about criticizing the show, criticize the society that you live in. You're not doing anything good by saying that what they did to Tyler this season was horrible, it happened in the show, and it happens in real life as well. Most of the events that happens in the show has happened in real life as well.

Bryce doesn't get what he deserves, which is time in prison and a reputation in the trash. He survives it all, to our disgust. Again, it happens in real life. This show is not about happy endings, this show is about the reality that we all live in. If you're more outraged about the show not giving the ending you though you deserved, then think about all the victims who didn't get the ending they deserved in real life.

If you were outraged, GOOD! Take that outrage and make a change.
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I don't get it
J-Fields259426 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I don't understand all this uproar over the Tyler scene. It was raw and perhaps hard for some, but honestly, it didn't bother or shock me that much. I was more focus on the story and the progression of the character than anything. That and THE SHOW WARNS YOU AHEAD OF WATCHING IT. Like, how could people be so mad or upset that they want it cancelled? This is a show that has shown suicide, it has shown rape, someone getting beaten to a pulp, and this is what you all freak out over?

This happens around the world, people. Someone had a pipe shove through their backside and had bleach poured into it. A woman was rape by six men that used a pipe as well. This stuff happens, it happens and you're all wanting to go into a fit is saying you don't want the show to address it or talk about it.

If this is to hard for you, don't watch. Like, seriously.
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I was wrong
statingfacts19 May 2018
I really expected this season to be bad, but I feel the show has became much more than it intended to be. I kind of feel it's became a less cheesy version of degrading and it's just so blunt about serious situations and topics. It really brings to life real situations that happen. This season and finale blew me away and made me feel so many different emotions I really enjoyed it. It also brought so much more depth and story to most characters.
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BRAVE....that's the right word for this episode, not disgusting.
sachinkr-074491 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I agree that this season was seriously sub-par compared to the utterly amazing first season, but the hate this episode has received for that bathroom rape scene is not justified. It was necessary, it was the TRUTH and it was the only time this season stayed true to the core of this series: that is not being afraid to face the difficult reality we live in...rather embrace it and learn to live with it.
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I think people are overreacting about that scene
brunomrosendo22 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I mean, yes, the scene was something to be somewhat disgusted, but it wasn't something out of this world. If you're used to watching series with violence and such things you won't get as disgusted and "traumatized" as some people are making you believe. I personally was surprised by seeing this amount of hate in this scene, I didn't think it was anything out of normal when watching it at all. So.. If you're sensible to this kind of stuff, you have your warning at the start of the episode, and I sugest you skip the bathroom scene. If not, there's nothing to worry about.
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it could've been better!
dorsakarimi20 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Firstly, this episode was not amongst the best episodes of this TV series. What really bothers me about this episode is the reviews that I read about it. in this TV show, Jessica and Hannah were raped on the show and no one found the scenes disturbing or intolerable but then Tyler was raped and everyone is now emotionally attacked and disgusted. If this is not sexism then what is? I was disappointed that Justin still uses the drugs and although I ship Jesica and Justin, Alex deserves better than this. the fact that Bryce literally didn't pay a thing for what he did to all these girls is just disappointing and the fact that Justin was punished more than Bryce unfortunately shows the injustice that we're actually encountering in this world. I found this season much better than the first one because every single event was analyzed from each character's POV and not only Hannah Baker. I am not waiting for a season 3 but there are defiantly questions that need to be answered before the end of this show.
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bad ending to a bad season
trollerbrendan18 May 2018
I'm surprised i even made it to the end of season 2.....it was just such a stretch. the first season was great, but then netflix wanted to keep the story going but didn't have good material to do so, and they ended up with a pretty bad storyline. this episode has its moments but was ultimately dull and repetitive.
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jasminhegmann18 May 2018
I don't want to spoil anything, and I would get why some people may not like the ending. But in my humble opinion as someone with a past of bullying, as well as being bullied I think this season was more than necessary. At some point you may say it is over the top, but the world, children and youth all over the world show us it is indeed real. And it needs to be adressed. Again this show didn't fail to do so. Face the truth, those stories do not end where season 1 ends. There is no justice in so many cases.. and people need to see that. If you came for a happy ending, than you will be disappointed. But the show wants to raise awareness to adults and parents, as well as to children. I am impressed on how well this season continued the story even though I didn't now what to expect. The end was shocking and I kind of wished it would turn out less heroic.. Clay is my least favorite character of the core group and I think it would've been more authentic had it turned out another way. I still think this season was important, as is the series, as are you and me. Take care of yourself. Watch and listen and think what you might.
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Wouldn't change it.
Dennynkok28 May 2018
I know a lot of people are upset or confused about the last episode, but just let it sink in that the producers did this for a reason. THIS REALLY HAPPENS!!! That is why they chose for this to happen to Tyler, it might me 'sickening' to watch, but it is more sickening that this is happening and no one is talking or doing something about it. I wouldn't change a single thing
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Reality Check Viewers
natashameyer22225 May 2018
I found season two as a whole quite good; I enjoyed it as much as season one and hope there's a season three. That being said I know why this episode is being so poorly rated, THAT scene; but the thing is if you do the research as I did after viewing this episode, what happened to Tyler is happening at an alarming rate in schools all across the U.S. and most likely the world. It's become quite an epidemic in mainly high school male sports teams that younger players are being sexually violated by older team members with fingers and other foreign objects and teachers and coaches and schools are ignoring it or trying to pass off these sexual assaults (RAPES) as "hazing" and "boys will be boys". Do you not all see that's exactly the point this series is trying to help shed light on?!?! The scene/this series is fake, that scene was fake with actors faking what was happening, and clearly it's messed with viewers and that's GOOD; because what happened in that staged scene is happening to young men every day and just because we're not used to seeing it portrayed as we are with male on female rape (which the fact viewers are clearly desensitized to that form of rape being shown is another problem) doesn't make it not real which is why this series included it because it's a horrible subject that NEEDS to be addressed so real life victims can start to feel seen, so they can begin to feel like they can come forward and get the justic they too deserve. If it upsets you to see it fictionally then figure out what you can do to help end it happening in reality instead of acting like it was just a scene for shock, it was a scene to make real life victims be seen. Grow up and do something to help these victims.
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Great season!
tomwarne-5309418 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I really liked season 1, And have watched it at least 3 times since is released last March and really love these characters and the story.

I read some of the negative reviews earlier in the week about season 2 but that didn't make me go into the season expecting it to be bad, and it wasn't , I liked every episode maybe with an exception of Marcus coles trial episode which was really annoying. As much as I love this show and characters I had one concern in this last episode, I really liked that they were finally getting some closure from the suicide of Hannah baker and the whole situation, and it seemed as if this show was gonna fully conclude and then the last 15 minuets happend and it was obvious that the story wasn't finished with so there most likely will be a season 3. As much as I wanted to see Bryce in jail by the end it doesn't seem like there ready to do that in the story right now, so that's something that will carry on through to season 3.

Some of the things I loved about this season:

  • Clay and Justin the unexpected pairing

  • Trial scenes (except marcus Cole)

  • The other perspectives of Hannah stories

  • Alex standall was great!

  • Ghost Hannah was good and wasn't overused and forced like I thought it would be

Things I didn't like:

  • not really any justice for Hannah and Jessica

  • Bryce is basically delusional

  • every new character

  • that Montgomery kid is just as bad as Bryce

  • the end scene

Other than these I really loved the season as a whole and can't wait to rewatch again as I just binged the whole thing in one go.

I gave season one a 9/10 I'm giving season two 9/10 Loved both seasons and both had positives and negatives.
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I wanted to love this season
laurenofsteele22 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
My biggest takeaway from this season, season 2, is that it let down the character development that took place in the first season. Instead of seeing Hannah as this beautiful, pure woman, with a pure heart, you're left wanting to take your mind back to the first season and forgetting what they have done to this precious character of Hannah Baker. In fact, so many times I understood why Clay Jensen looked betrayed and puzzled by all of these allegations against his love, Hannah. Well it's no wonder he was so distraught, because I know for someone who saw her like he saw her, it was hard to stomach to have all of these "revelations" coming at you all at once. None of it made sense and made me personally upset they would take the show to these extremes.

I understand Clay needs to work some of this stuff out, but Hannah is gone and the viewers and Clay needed to let her go at the end of season 1. Why draw this out so much and make this poor boy endure these hallucinations? By the way, does anyone even believe it? This Harry Morgan coming around to talk in Dexter's ear, but no one can hear or see him but Dexter kind of thing still works? Perhaps it could have worked if Clay weren't talking to Hannah at Monet's in the middle of the day shouting at her. Come on, really? Someone should have taken that dialogue off the drawing board day one.

One redeeming quality of the show, specifically in the 13th episode, was the way they (hopefully) finally let Hannah Baker go. It was closure for Clay and the audience which is something we all needed. I remember sitting in a restaurant in February and "Night We Met" by Lord Huron came on. My eyes filled up with tears before I had the chance to figure out why it was happening involuntary. I was instantly moved by that song and it brought me back to Clay and Hannah's tragic love story never fulfilled. The 13th episode reminds you that although you can let someone go, a song or smell can bring back those feelings of loss and I am relieved the writers and director allowed us to feel that pain along with Clay and the original 13RW characters. It was our moment together and it was raw and perfect. For the entire song, which isn't even that long, it reminded you why the first season was as powerful and groundbreaking as it was. The music was everything for that season.

Which bringns me back to a big point here, 13 RW was perfect as a single season. Any moment brought into the second season that was a flashback from the first season was huge for the viewer. Honestly, these moments were the only ones I really enjoyed. The original cast were outstanding and you can see this love for each other as a cast. There is a lot of care. I even had moments of empathy for characters I didn't want to have empathy for just due to the fact they are backed by actors who are incredible at their craft.

The things I cringed at most: 1. Hannah as a ghost disturbing Clay. I would like to believe Hannah Baker and her soul would move on from Clay and the others as she already felt she was a burden to them in the life she lived. Why would she come back to haunt? Wouldn't she feel guilty? 2. If Clay weren't haunted by her ghost and he was hallucinating, he needed a straightjacket for the way he was handling his emotions 3. Here is a big one. Not one of these characters would have acted in the ways their characters acted in this season. It was contradictory to the first season in monumental ways. I'd like to believe Hannah was a virgin and didn't give it up to Zach. I liked Zach, but in no way does it make sense this girl would hook up with Zach after the way he had treated her and the way she had treated him. She was already very damaged. Plus, where was this in the tapes? Seems like this would be crucial to her story. I'm sorry, the gratuitous sex scenes weren't cutting it. I wasn't buying it. No way. It doesn't make sense Hannah could be so depressed to take her own life, I never saw signs of her depression in this season at all. If anything, she had tons of friends and was enjoying life. The first season was a much better depiction of her life. We didn't need to see every detail to know she wasn't a slut, and yet with this season, it's hard to think she isn't one. Hannah simply would not make these choices. She even says in the first season on Bryce's tape, "I finally lived up to my reputation" when referencing him raping her. She was pure until he took that from her. It only made senses this was her first time and it was in a horrific way. 4. Clay wouldn't make these decisions he has been making. Clay would not do drugs, wouldn't go out with someone so messed up, would help his friends who were struggling, would go the extra mile for his friends, would not be so angry with Hannah. Let's pause for a moment. Clay was angry with himself for failing Hannah, so now he is angry with Hannah for leavin him? This guy needs counseling. 5. The scene with Tyler in the bathroom. Do i have to mention how gratuitous this was? Disgusting. For what reason was that necessary? They were tying up the loose ends of the story beautifully and with Tyler getting better. It makes no sense to have that scene, poor Tyler. Not that I'm an expert, but I cannot imagine he wouldn't have to go to the hospital after that ordeal. Surely something wouldn't be functioning well after that. Anyone else agree? 6. Bryce narrating his story on an episode was difficult to stomach and it really bothered me to see Hannah in those flashbacks, even if it didn't actually happen, it was hard to watch and it was hard for the audience to see our precious Hannah in those scenes. In no way am I wanting to glorify Hannah, but her story was tragic and the writing of how she got there was beautifully written. There was no need to add anything else. The second season muddied up our vision of Hannah as this pure, lovely girl who was misunderstood. She didn't whine about school, she wasn't concerned with boys, she wanted to make good friends. There was way too much kissing this season and it made me feel bad for the actress portraying Hannah. She kissed women and men and it was a lot. It was way too much to handle watching it all and I could not believe any of the choices these characters made. 7. Jessica and Justin. That scene at the end I didn't agree with. Jessica kept saying she never wanted to see him again and went through a terrible ordeal. I didn't believe it one bit that she would go back to him. It doesn't make sense for her character development. And poor Alex! It just made me mad.

But trust me, that dance scene where all of the kids are gathered with Clay to Clay and Hannah's song, that was worth watching that episode. It's good for anyone who loves this show to have a good cry there. I love these characters and the actors who have portrayed them. The writing was terrible, but these fine women and men do a great job telling the story they were given. I gave this three stars because I believe this show had talent, but it fell short. Just like Mr Porter says, " You can have the best intentions and still fall short." That is how I felt about this second season.

Thirteen Reasons Why will always have a special place in my heart.
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Lots of crying and a bit of screaming
valbafake20 May 2018
For the most part, I thought this episode was a great end to the season. It was really emotional in the best of ways. I laughed; I cried (mostly cried).

However, the crying was interrupted by what was by far the most disturbing thing I've ever seen on tv. If you've watched it, you probably know what I'm referring to and if you haven't, I'd say just be extra aware of the warning at the beginning of the episode because wow.. Not sure who signed off on that idea but I really could've gone my whole life without seeing that.

Still hoping for a season 3 though.
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Disappointing ending
clairedignam-1439222 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I liked the season as a hole and thought this episode closed Hannah's story nicely. I was insanely proud of Jessica for standing up in court like she did. Baring all that in mind I was horrified and had to turn away during the Tyler rape seen. While I get it was necessary in a way to tell Tyler's story it went a step too far. I get why so many people were disgusted by this. It what I found more horrifying was what Clay and Tony did for Tyler.... helping him escape the cops! I think that after everything they have seen and been through that this was like taking 100 steps back to immaturity. This is someone who clearly needs help and hiding him from the authorities will only delay what he intended to do! For me that's why this fell down over all. Once again the kids were playing grown up in the situation and will realistically only make it worse in the end.
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Full-season 2 review (no spoilers): Well, well, well
lukas-ingel19 May 2018
Hm, I must admit that I was and still am a die-hard (no actual pun intended) fan of season 1. To me, as someone struggling with very bad mental health, it was phenomenal, raw and real and a piece of art I could relate to. In season 2, well it keeps on being raw and real. A few exaggerations here and there especially in the beginning, and trust me you will know what I mean when you watch it. The writing was also horribly fake and staged in the first few episodes, but it did get back to the high quality once the storylines had settled in.

Devin Druid who plays the character of Tyler is a huge standout here; this is completely his season, which is why it's sad we didn't spend more time with him instead of exploring more (and unfortunately not very satisfying) background on Hannah. To be honest, this season kind of made me dislike Hannah a little bit, mainly because the court case kept dragging on and there were some reveals about her that I personally did not like. Following Tyler was definitely the most interesting part, also sadly leading to a pretty anti-climactic end. In fact, the mysteries and the lack of information for the viewer that kept season 1 so engaging are what brings season 2 down as it lacks it for the most part. I truly wish I'd have loved the season more, which brings me to hopelessly giving it 8 stars for its shining potential and otherwise courage to bring these topics up. I do feel satisfied with it all, but there were also many missed opportunities. If you loved season 1, don't miss this one. If you didn't like it, you probably won't enjoy season 2 either; that is unless you're a part of the #MeToo movement in the corners where slightly touching another human being is sexual harassment, which IMO the season turned into a slightly-over-the-top commercial for a few times unlike the first season which handled the dark, traumatic moments way better. I'm honestly specifically thinking of a #MeToo court room scene, but you'll have to see it for yourself, all lucks for your liking it. xo
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Just Awful
emsasser20 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
It's terrible and sickening to think about what happened to Tyler actually happens. Showing it the way they did was unnecessary and horrifying. It made me physically ill to watch. They went for shock value and in the process turned me off to recommending this show to anyone. I have absolutely no desire in watching a third season if it gets renewed.
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Well written.
brittanyquinn-7142520 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This episode specifically hit home. It closed a chapter of hannah baker, and it really discusses rape in the REAL world, as it actually happens. It also has a great new storyline, i hope the continue for season 3
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No, just no
I'm not the kind of person who gets triggered. Never. So naturally I didn't think much about the warning before this episode. The other episodes with the same warning didn't trigger me at all. But the scene in this episode made me sick. I saw it two days ago and I still feel bad and I even have trouble sleeping. I can't see the point in making it THAT graphic. The actor is clearly great, so they could easily had done it less graphic while still getting the message out.
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The Hype Over This Is Insane.
rhyllannffiain13 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
With all the reviews, I expected something a LOT more fierce than what I watched. If THAT makes you sick to your stomach...it SHOULD. Rape should always make you ill: That being said, that was lightweight for a rape scene. I had a friend who was raped on a daily basis in his High School bathrooms, and he was NOT the only victim. If that scene upset you, my friend's HS memories would put you in a coma.

Maybe High School lavatories should come with attendants armed with tasers or something. Clearly it is something that has been happening since the 80s of which I'm aware...it's likely a lot older than that.

Also, you don't get in the face of someone who is ready to bring an AK47 to the party...that was terribly irresponsible IMO. Someone wanting to be a hero might attempt something like this in the future and while I am not a gambling woman, I'd wager that it wouldn't end with some Yoda with AWFUL hair coming to whisk away the gunman.
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horrific, disturbing.
rhiannon-marr20 May 2018
There was a completely unnecessary scene that i won't go into any detail about. all i will say is that despite me being able to put up with most (even the suicide scene in the first season) this one scene in the bathroom induced a large panic attack and uncontrollable shaking and crying. it was awful, and the scene was completely unnecessary
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ghadar-8825521 May 2018
The tyler scene and the ending was too much! There is no need for another season because the 13 reasons why and why not are over everyone knows the story of both sides, again there is no need for that extra drama and twist
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Too far
hayslr23 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I understand and appreciate the need for a scene portraying sexual assault on males. Being a rape victim myself, I think it's very important that people know that it isn't just women who suffer these horrible attacks.

That being said, the scene with Tyler was exponentially more graphic than either of the rape scenes portrayed in season one. I was physically sick while watching it. I am three days out and still having trouble sleeping. It pops up in my mind throughout the day and makes me nauseous. There are so many other ways the producers could have conveyed this message. Doing as they did was disturbing, unnecessary and was clearly for shock value.

I will not be watching season 3.
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Much better second season
jandb-3221013 June 2018
The second season was much better and tied up loose ends, and made the Hannah character seem less like a victim who was out for revenge. It showed the after-effect for the people left behind after they have time to process their initial shock and anger; much like real life. The Clay character was quite annoying at times. I think 'that scene' while horrible was done well and provided the shock factor which made people uncomfortable which was the intended result. These things actually happen so there's no point wanting a more palatable scene so people feel more comfortable. I think if it showed less then it would not have been as powerful.
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zaradraper20 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
SPOILER: I am absolutely disgusted with this episode. The season as a whole has been really good and really eye-opening to many different topics. At the beginning/middle, Tyler got raped by other guys in the bathroom at school. Not only did it traumatise me but it also traumatised my friend. We could not watch the show for the next 15-20 mins and we've unable to sleep because of it. This scene was extremely hard to watch and I agree that issues like this should be raised but not in this way. I am appalled at the way they showed this. I would not recommend this episode to anybody. It made us both feel extremely sick and we could not concentrate on anything else. It has triggered past issues that we were aware could have happened but didn't realise the extent of how graphic they would be. Yet again, I want to say that the season as a whole was fantastic but this one clip in this episode has ruined it for both of us.
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