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Sex & Nudity

  • Topless women appear a few different times throughout the game. However, depending on how you approach certain situations, they can be completely missed.
  • During the Caspian level you can see a nude woman dancing on a strip pole infront of two cheering men.
  • A nude prostitute offers the protagonist "a fun time" though the character cannot partake in such actions.

Violence & Gore

  • For the most part, the game is only as violent as your play style. Most situations can be handled by sneaking by enemies or performing non-lethal takedowns. There are moments in the game that force you into gunfights which result in blood spray when enemies are shot. Lethal melee takedowns consist of finishing moves with a knife and can be pretty brutal.
  • One level has you encounter a cannibal gang hideout that is strewn with mutilated corpses and body parts.
  • When exploring the wasteland the player comes across many deceased bodies that have either rotted or been torn apart by mutants. Exposed organs/gore is plentiful.
  • Enemies will occasionally go into a surrendering state where they beg to be spared. The player can choose to kill them by knife or gun, or the player can choose to non-lethally knock the enemy out with their fists.


  • Almost constant cursing throughout the game. Many uses and variations of every curse word.
  • Profanity such as, "b*tch", "f*ck", "b*stard" and "sh*t" are used occasionally.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Many characters smoke and drink throughout the game. The main protagonist can even partake of smoke and drink in a first-person perspective.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Humanoid zombie like creatures can be found throughout missions and will attack the player relentlessly.
  • Plenty of mutant jump scares.
  • Many of the mutants have a very disturbing and monstrous look to them.

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