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  • Satyendra aka Sattu (Rajkummar Rao) and Aarti (Kriti Kharbanda) meet for a proposed arranged marriage and fall in love in the process. On the night of their marriage, an unexpected turn of events turns their world upside down. Set in the backdrop of India's civil services, Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana explores the challenges that Satyendra and Aarti face as a middle-class couple in India.


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  • Satyendra Mishra aka Sattu (Rajkummar Rao) a clerk in income tax department and Aarti Shukla (Kriti Kharbanda), an ambitious college topper, meet for a proposed arranged marriage and fall in love in the process. On the night of their marriage, Aarti got to know that she has passed her civil service exam, and she can become an officer, but as per her sister's conversation with Sattu's family she came to know, she will not be allowed to work after her marriage, so in the dilemma of pursuing her dream or to marry her love and sacrifice it, she decided to choose to run away from the marriage and become an officer. Sattu was left shocked and with his family, mother father uncle and sister completely broken down due to the incident.

    After the interval, story takes an angle of revenge. Aarti a sub-registrar, after 4 years of service, gets temporary suspended due to accusation of taking bribe of 3 crore, for selling un used government property for public construction, Senior IAS officer, Satyendra Mishra, takes the case for investigation in his hands, and starts the enquiry. Satyendra starts the enquiry, questioning all parties involved in the case. Aarti feels mentally tortured, since she feels Satyendra is taking revenge on her and tries to explain the marriage night incidence was not a selfish act but an act out of hurry, and she regrets about it with the hope that Satyendra will drop the case, but Satyendra keeps his investigation going and gets her arrested. Next day, he presents the case to the jury, with a video as an evidence. Which shows that Aarti's friend and personal assistant Nirmala, actually cheated her and got all the government property paper signed by aarti, without her awareness. So Aarti is found not guilty and gets acquitted. And later is revealed that, Satyendra put Aarti in custody, to protect her, not as a revenge.

    Aarti, realizes she hurt Satyendra and still he protects her, and feels he still loves him. But due to his ego is not able to accept that. She starts persuading Satyendra (sattu) to marry her, but he had decided not to get marry again, after the mishap. Aarti feels really upset, then with her family and Sattu's family, schemes a plan of fake marriage of her with Sharad (Aarti's Brother-in-law), to make Satyendra, jealous and that would make him accept his love for Aarti and marry her. Plan succeeds and in the climax, Satyendra accepts his love for Aarti, and gets married.

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