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Season 2

18 Sep. 2018
33. Bolum
Merve, Pelin, Oya and Arzu.. The four horsemen of the Apocalypse are back together. They're glamorous, glamorous and dangerous. Because small murders and bigger ones are handled exactly like this.
25 Sep. 2018
34. Bolum
How did they meet? What happened between Merve and Kerim? Merve and Kerim's love war begins.
2 Oct. 2018
35. Bolum
Oya, acting to solve the murder, finally finds the murder weapon. Whose house? Merve will have to choose between Serhan and Kerim.
9 Oct. 2018
36. Bolum
The murder weapon that Kemal is after is changing hands and the murder of Edip begins to unravel. We're approaching the killer step by step.
16 Oct. 2018
37. Bolum
Kerim and Emre swore to confuse Sarmasik. Let Sarmasik residents think of secrets now. And they're going to the next stage: They'll find who killed Edip.
23 Oct. 2018
38. Bolum
Superintendent Kemal deepens the investigation of Sarmasik and takes a step closer to finding Edip's murderer. Trapped in the corner, the killer is writhing with conscience.
30 Oct. 2018
39. Bolum
The ropes will be stretched and stretched, and at the end of that, a savage murder will be committed at Sarmasik. So who has this time? Desire obscured the eye; she is ready to do anything to prevent the murder.
6 Nov. 2018
40. Bolum
Arsu is dead, Sarmasik in mourning. But it is quickly understood that this is not a simple accident but a murder. Now there is only one question in mind: Who is Arzu's murderer? Oya? Pelin? Burcu? Taylan?
13 Nov. 2018
41. Bolum
The mysterious death of Arzu brings together the residents of Sarmasik in a chalet. An emotional, innocent memorial meeting that you can see in sight. But nobody who knows Sarmasik will believe this.
20 Nov. 2018
42. Bolum
Will Merve take the first step to divorce and start a new era? Will Oya betray Serhan by following Kerim's request? Will Pelin choose to go with Emre or stay with Taylan?
27 Nov. 2018
43. Bolum
Merve and Serhan find themselves in the middle of the battle of custody in a way they never expected. Serhan does not look at Kerim's tears, who threatens Oya, and takes a terrible vengeance from him.
4 Dec. 2018
44. Bolum
Kerim jumped in the fire for his love, and only Merve could save him. Merve loses custody of Mila if she saves him. What to decide? Oya is the same with Merve. She falls between her principles and her love.
11 Dec. 2018
45. Bolum Final
Sarmasik is still very active and so dangerous. Wedding preparations on the one hand, plans to kill on the one hand. Let's see who will achieve his goal this time.

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