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This season finale Builds an incredible amount of anticipation and excitement for season 2, though teases us majorly!
tresm8713 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This finale set the stage for an even bigger next season and had such a fantastic intensity throughout with many different twists and turns. While I still do believe they did slow the momentum down quite a bit with the last few episodes after the fantastic green fireballs episode, they steered the future of the show in the right direction with this intense and well woven finale. The subplot that was a bit unnecessary throughout the season with Hynek's wife and the Russian female spy definitely slowed the shows great momentum up each episode. I feel they could've spent more time on the Men in Black/alien artifact/overall alien phenomena plotting instead of drawing it out so much. The stories of each episode were very entertaining though cheesy at times because they definitely had to exaggerate the true Hynek accounts of his time with Blue Book. They captured a great ambience and overall theme with this show and i feel they can only improve with future seasons. I do think they were way too scarce with showing the actual aliens. I think they showed an alien for mere seconds in 4 different episodes and that was slightly underwhelming. If they promise "contact" in the next season they really have to show some visuals of alien beings more prevalent. I thought Gillen and Malarkey made a fantastic duo throughout the season and showed terrific chemistry imo. Honestly this is one of the best shows to come out in long time and can only get better. Cannot wait for season 2.
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10/10. Extremely entertaining !
johnchimbakis13 March 2019
I can't wait until season 2.

All of the cast are just amazing. Great story lines, plots and subplots.

I think slowly building on the Men In Black storyline sets the stage for season 2
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