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Season 1

9 Oct. 2017
Episode #1.1
Summer 2013. In Libya, an unknown group of militants is trying to seize the building of the Russian embassy. At the time of the assault, an employee of Energia State Corporation, who had just agreed on the final draft contract with Chinese partners, was shot dead. At the same time, at the CIA headquarters, one of the officers of the Office, Bradfield, instructs his colleague Jack to go to Moscow and "wake up" a group of "sleeping" American agents. The purpose of the group is to prevent the signing of a significant Russian-Chinese contract.
9 Oct. 2017
Episode #1.2
Andrey's group is investigating Asmolov's death. Colleagues from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and experienced investigator Ruben Gazaryan are joining the case. It turns out that a random witness shot the video of the car's explosion - blogger Sasha, who is trying to sell hot material to journalist Ivan Zhuravlev and well-known human rights activist Vera Tyrshitskaya. Tyrschitskaya and Ivan decide to buy the video together. But Tyrschitskaya does not have time to download the link received from Sasha. Meanwhile, Bradfield also appears in Moscow.
10 Oct. 2017
Episode #1.3
Andrey's group is investigating a terrorist attack record. It becomes clear that an information leak has occurred. Rodionov meets with the Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ruzheinikov, who was responsible for the evacuation of the Russian Embassy in Libya. Ruzheinikov asks Ethan for an urgent meeting and begs him to get out of the blow, realizing that he is facing arrest. Killer removes witnesses of Asmolov's abduction.
10 Oct. 2017
Episode #1.4
The video posted on the network with the explosion of Asmolov's car becomes the most talked event. Ghazaryan shares with Andrey his suspicions that the leak of information about the course of the investigation comes from someone inside the FSB. Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Ignatiev is demanding that General Nefedov need the Service to publish information about the investigation of Asmolov's case: it is necessary to reassure the Chinese partners, who, due to the turbulent state of affairs in Russia, may refuse to sign the contract.
11 Oct. 2017
Episode #1.5
During the investigation, Andrey understands that it is the gas contract with China that is the goal of the multi-pass operation. Rodionov's colleague Denis Boyarinov is trying to find out who gave the order to evacuate Fedorov as part of the embassy staff. Nefedov instructs to conduct a full audit of employees of "Energy", which could be related to the Libyan tragedy. Artem, the son of Kira, after a stormy party, is in the police station. To rescue his son, Kira turns to Andrey for help.
11 Oct. 2017
Episode #1.6
Andrey does not believe in Denis's guilt and is looking for evidence to justify him. He asks for the help of Gazaryan. Meanwhile, agents Lena and Slava begin preparations for a major terrorist attack. Andrey asks Kira to take him to the high-profile film premiere, where he watches with interest the behavior and relationships in the Moscow social gathering. Andrey admits to Kira that she remains the closest person to him. Kira remains to spend the night with Andrey.
12 Oct. 2017
Episode #1.7
The multi-pass operation, organized by Bradfield, goes into the final stage. Kostya Mishin is ready to bring people to a rally against the FSB, which, from the point of view of society, is to blame for the death of human rights activist Asmolov. Ethan demands new documents from Bradfield. Lena and Slava are completing preparations for the attack, but unexpectedly, on a tip from a witness, Gazaryan comes to their apartment. Slava kills a cop.
12 Oct. 2017
Episode #1.8
Bradfield is declared persona non grata and expelled from the country. Ivan comes to Troitskaya with things. Oksana from the TV screen urges people to go to the rally. At a crowded meeting, a planned terrorist attack takes place. Lena desperately hopes that her lover will be able to get out of her last business alive. Slava exposed by Rodionov takes Troitskaya hostage.

 Season 1 

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