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Season 1

12 Jan. 2018
The Hoshin List
In the 11th century BC during the era of Yin, an evil Sennyo, Dakki, has turned the emperor into her puppet. To end the chaos in the human world, one of the Sennto on Konron Mountain summons a Doshi called Taikobo and charges him with the "Hoshin List."
19 Jan. 2018
Taikobo is made aware of his own powerlessness in the face of Dakki's schemes. Meanwhile in Choka, the Buseioh Koh Hiko's sworn friend, the Grand Preceptor Bunchu, returns from a mission.
26 Jan. 2018
Dakki suddenly appears before Taikobo and Supushan. The two are bewildered by her presence so far from the palace until they realize it's actually Yozen disguised as Dakki.
2 Feb. 2018
The Buseioh's Rebellion
The Buseioh and his family have left Choka to head for Seiki. Genshitenson, who has sensed that Bunchu would not let Buseioh get away with betraying Yin, dispatches a powerful helper with a deep connection to the Buseioh.
9 Feb. 2018
Two Paths
Taikobo's party rushes to save Buseioh and his family. But standing before him are four assassins of Kyuryu Island sent by Bunchu! Taikobo faces Koyuken, Nataku faces Ri Koha, Yozen faces Ohma, the fierce battles come one after another!
16 Feb. 2018
The Curtain Falls on the Aging Wise Man
In Seiki, Ki Sho has fallen ill. His son, Shuko, asks Taikobo to meet his brother, Ki Hatsu, to determine whether he'll be a worthy successor if the worst happens to Ki Sho. Meanwhile, in Choka, Dakki's scheme is still steadily moving forward.
2 Mar. 2018
The Great Sennin World War Begins
The Great Sennin War has begun! Bunchu sets Kingo Island onward for an all-out confrontation with Konron Mountain. Taikobo, who hoped for a peaceful resolution, takes command of Konron Mountain and is forced to counterattack.
9 Mar. 2018
The Juuzetsujin Battle
Yozen has infiltrated Kingo Island to remove its barrier, but is immediately caught in the spatial paopei of Chotenkun. Meanwhile, on Konron Mountain, Taikobo and the others still have faith that Yozen will remove the barrier.
16 Mar. 2018
With unexpected help from Ohtenkun, Yozen removes Kingo Island's barrier. The battle takes a drastic turn as Konron Mountain crashes into Kingo Island. Taikobo decides to infiltrate Kingo Island and rescue Yozen, who is wounded after fighting Chotenkun.
23 Mar. 2018
Rain of Blood
Taikobo's rescue party struggles against Sontenkun's spatial paopei, Kaketsujin. Gyokutei Shinjin identifies the real Sontenkun among all the toys and defeats him. The trio escapes Kaketsujin, but then they receive an ominous message from Ohtenkun.
30 Mar. 2018
Gyokutei Shinjin rescues Yozen in exchange for his life. Yozen's body is weak due to Ohtenkun's paopei attack, so Taikobo takes him back to Konron Mountain. The Twelve Sennin swear revenge, but Taikobo suggests they split up to infiltrate Kingo Island.
6 Apr. 2018
New Romantic
Taikobo and the rest begin to infiltrate Kingo Island. Taikobo teams up with his friend Fugen Shinjin to search for Kingo Island's core, where Bunchu waits. But they wander into the spatial paopei Kanpyojin, where they encounter Entenkun of the Juttenkun.
13 Apr. 2018
In a room where an ancient clock ticks away the time, Taikobo sits facing Ohtenkun whose questions lead Taikobo on a journey through his own memories. Eventually, as past, present, and future intermingle, the mysteries of the Hoshin Project unravel.
20 Apr. 2018
Ohtenkun's parasitic paopei continues to eat away at Yozen... and now, it's also afflicting all the Sennin of Mount Kongrong. Taikobo's forces are already facing a crisis as all of them except for Nataku grow weaker and weaker.
4 May 2018
Yozen prepares for battle with Ohtenkun to avenge Gyokutei Shinjin, but Kinko Seibo and Yotenkun of the Juttenkun stand in his way. Ohtenkun himself departs the scene, leaving the fighting to the Juttenkun's most powerful duo.
11 May 2018
Tsuten Kyoshu
Ohtenkun taunts Yozen upon his complete awakening as a yokai, leading him to the founder of Kingo Island himself, Tsuten Kyoshu.
18 May 2018
Fugen Shinjin
Drained of their energy due to Ohtenkun's mites, the Twelve Elite Sennin temporarily retreat to Mount Kongrong. There they meet Supushan's father, Supu Papa, who had been instructed to heal the Twelve Elite Sennin.
28 May 2018
Battle to the Death
As they watch the Great Sennin World War unfold, Kokutenko and Shinkohyo discuss who they think will win. Shinkohyo predicts Bunchu will be the victor and tells the story of why Bunchu continues to protect Yin even as the nation is on the verge of ruin.
1 Jun. 2018
Everyone rallies for the final battle against Bunchu. Nothing is held back!
8 Jun. 2018
When the Stars Rain Down
As Bunchu brushes off the Twelve Elite Sennin's attacks with his overwhelming power, Taikobo tells Fugen that their final chance is approaching. Back in the Yin Dynasty, King Chu looks unrecognizable.
15 Jun. 2018
Blinding Light, Deafening Silence, and Then..
Fugen had resolved to take out Bunchu and himself in a deadly explosion, but Bunchu survives the blast. Bunchu has now set his sights on Genshi Tenson and sets off for Mount Kongrong to fight him, followed quickly by Taikobo, Yozen, and Supushan.
22 Jun. 2018
The Brave Warrior's Soul Is Released
Ohtenkun lures Bunchu toward the Buseioh. Taikobo, Yozen, and Tenka also arrive, and Ohtenkun activates the paopei Kosuijin right in front of them. In it they see the Forbidden Palace cloaked in red mist... and Bunchu facing off with the Buseioh.
29 Jun. 2018
Aged Symbols and Diverging Winds
Kosuijin's acid has ravaged Bunchu, but Kokukirin musters up the last of his strength to get both of them out of the paopei space. Meanwhile, Taikobo surmises that Kingo Island is about to fall and tells Yozen and the others to start preparing to escape.

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