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Excellent Football Program
jelleynm7 October 2018
Excellent series if you are a football fan - especially if you enjoy other football series like Friday Night Tykes and Coach Snoop.
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Just OK... Not As Good or as Raw as Friday Night Tykes
Thomas-FordJr-116 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The football(when it's focused on) in this show is pretty good. The kids play hard, and it appears like most of the coaches really do care for the kids. But you can definitely tell that a lot of the hitting in practice/and games has been edited out for PC reasons. The football action in 'Friday Night Tykes' was just more gritty than it is in WOLC.

And I think the producers of this series want us to feel sympathy for Dread's family, and their situation, and you somewhat do. Nobody wants to see kids forced out of their home. But it's hard to sympathize with Dread, who is obviously an ignorant individual, who is rarely sober, and is destined to burn every bridge that is given to him and his family. Plus a lot of his antics seem forced and scripted. It's also hard to sympathize with Dread's wife as well. This is a person who chose to leave her good job as a corrections officer, in order to be with a man who was in her care and custody. She chose to cross that line, and gave up job security in exchange for a much harder life. Her life choices, and there consequences, are seldom discussed when it comes to the situation her family is in.

And I know there are other people in Liberty City besides football playing, little league aged boys. But PLEASE...stop focusing so much on the girl. It was ok at first, but now it's just overkill. She's a good dancer, a good student, has supportive parents, and seems like she has a good head on her shoulders...WE GET IT!!!

But the coach of the Senior team(forget his name), is probably the best character in the series. You can tell he's flawed, but he's really passionate about the kids, and his unborn child. He really seems to stretch himself thin for all of the people in his life, in a good way.

But all in all... it's a decent watch. Could have been better, and could have been a lot worse. I just think other shows have done it better.
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