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  • Sarah tries to break the hoverboard speed record using a strange new technology.

  • Victor steals Sarah's thunder at the race car track as she attempts to break the world's hoverboard speed record, significantly passing her by to claim his fiftieth trophy. She doesn't know how he did it but makes quiet plans to beat this newly set record. Meanwhile, the Rangers come under attack from Speedwing, the second Galaxy Ninja. Aided by his mystic Speed Star Ninja Medallion, he can definitely overpower the Rangers, but when he loses it, Sarah finds it and, keeping to herself, incorporates it into her hoverboard to beat Victor's record.


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  • Students gather at a race car track to see Sarah Thompson's attempt to break the world hoverboard speed record. As she races, a second person appears on the track and speeds past Sarah to beat the world record by ten seconds. The figure disappears into some bushes; shortly thereafter Victor Vincent emerges to accept the trophy and the crowd's adulation. Monty rubs it into Sarah that Victor is the undisputed champ. The other Ranger teens feel bad for Sarah.

    On the stage of Galaxy Warriors, Cosmo introduces Speedwing, the second member of the Galaxy Ninjas. Speedwing grabs the second mystic Medallion and teleports away to combat the Rangers.

    As the other Ranger teens shoot pool in the Summer Cove High student lounge, Sarah keeps separate to design a new air foil suit to reduce wind drag. Victor enters, making the most of his fiftieth trophy by royally riding an impromptu litter carried by four teen muscle boys. Sarah and Victor lock gazes, adversarially, with Victor calling Sarah a jealous slow-poke and Sarah declaring she'll make toast of his recent record.

    Back at the track, Sarah teats her new speed suit. It indeed makes her faster, but the wing features lift her from her hoverboard and send her airborne - smashing straight into Speedwing.

    Speedwing introduces himself as their next Galactic Ninja adversary, the "only one (they'll) need to worry about." The Ranger teens transform. Speedwing, with his special evil Speed Star, boasts he can't be stopped and proves it by zipping about the Rangers, knocking them all on their butts. Pink Ranger admits that the Speed Star makes him formidably fast, and Speedwing becomes the second person that day to call her jealous. They all fight. Besting Red Ranger, Speedwing offers to spare their lives in exchange of their Ninja Steel Stars, which Red refuses on their behalf, and with White, Gold and Yellow Rangers declaring that they don't give up and fight as a team. The fight continues.

    Blue Ranger forms a plan, having the others keep Speedwing busy while he and Pink Ranger use a Ninja Forest Attack to string a vine and trip him. The fall separates Speedwing from his Speed Star. Before the Rangers can blast him, he teleports away. The Rangers demorph.

    As the other Rangers depart the area, Sarah spots the dropped Speed Star and keeps it for herself.

    Back in shop class, Sarah incorporates the Speed Star with her hoverboard. Mick asks what she's working on, and she says she's adding a new power source (while not letting him see what with). After several attempts, Mick finally sees it and doesn't recognize it, nor is it made from Ninja Steel. Sarah confesses where she got it, and Mick warns her against using a possibly unreliable device. Sarah, intensely focused on breaking the speed record, only hears Mick say something about being super careful before she gleefully heads out.

    Aboard the Warrior Dome, Speedwing stands contrite before Wolvermean, ashamed for losing the Speed Star. They must find it. Overhearing the pair as they enter, Madam Odius and Cosmo reveal that Sarah has it. Speedwing quickly teleports to Earth to retrieve it.

    Once again at the race track, a crowd has gathered to watch Sarah try to break the hoverboard speed record set by Victor. Victor and Monty watch, guffawing, but Sarah succeeds. The crowd goes wild (all but Mick). Mick's questioning gaze tempers Sarah's victory excitement with a little humility. Victor and Monty fume as the judge takes the trophy from them and hands it to Sarah.

    Speedwing arrives, scaring off the crowd with an energy blast and accusing "Pink Ranger" with success from his Speed Star. Sarah admits to the team that she MAY have used Speedwing's Speed Star to soup up her hoverboard. The Ranger teens morph and fight Speedwing.

    Speedwing isn't nearly as indomitable without his Speed Star but still proves himself a difficult adversary to handle. Knocking the Rangers back on their butts, Speedwing retrieves his Speed Star from the hoverboard. Pink Ranger blasts the Speed Star from his hand only for it to land, damaged, right in the forehead of Red Ranger's helmet. Red's legs begin to run superfast, taking him away, unable to stop. Preston leaves to retrieve him on his zord while the others handle Speedwing (fighting before hitting him with a Rock Storm Blast). Speedwing (still pretty fast) runs away.

    Pink Ranger feels responsible for Red Ranger's predicament. Gold Ranger reacts with understanding while White Ranger reinforces the idea that Pink Ranger can't use shortcuts to beat the world record.

    Blue Ranger has Red Ranger run into a wall to slow down. It doesn't work but gives Pink Ranger an idea. The group will chase down Speedwing while Red Ranger runs back to them with Blue Ranger using his Element Star to make him a clear path back.

    The Rangers fight Speedwing, and Speedwing sends Levi's Ninja Tornado Attack right back at him. Red Ranger returns, running into Speedwing. The impact dislodges the damaged Speed Star from Red Rangers forehead and embeds in the back of Speedwing. Out of control (but running at normal speeds), Speedwing runs out of the area. Slapping his over-worked thighs (feeling as if he just ran fifty marathons), Red Ranger leads the rest into catching up to and surpassing Speedwing, calling out their individual virtues: Power of the ninja! (Red), Stealth of the ninja! (Blue), Strength of the ninja! (Yellow), Spirit of the ninja! (White), Speed of the ninja! (Pink), Rhythm of the ninja! (Gold) - and with a Super Steel Slash Ninja Spin Attack before Red Ranger's Lion Fire Strike Final Attack, Speedwing, helpless to stop, is slashed multiple times before exploding in a ball of fire.

    Declaring that Speedwing deserves a speedy encore, Cosmo hits the gigantify button to resurrect Speedwing as a giant. Red Ranger locks in Lion Fire Zord Star to activate the Lion Fire Megazord. Gold Ranger activate his Ninja Fusionzord. With two against one, the Rangers are ready to "pluck this chicken!" Giant Speedwing flies into the sky to return with a Ninja Falcon Strike. Red Ranger reforms his zord to its flying condition, chases Speedwing through the sky and blasts him back to Earth. Levi leads the Ninja Steel Super Steel Blaster Fusionzord Master Slash Final Attack. Red Ranger delivers a Lion Fire Slash Final Attack to the weakened Speedwing, making "quick work" of Speedwing, who blows up, losing his Ninja Speed Star Medallion (which falls right into the waiting hands of Madam Odius).

    Back aboard the Warrior Dome, Madam Odius shares her plan with Badonna to eventually (if the other Galactic Ninjas are defeated) collect all four Ninja Medallions to launch her secret plan against the doomed Ninja Steel Power Rangers. They share an evil laugh together.

    Later at the race track, Ranger teens and students gather for Victor's effort to beat Sarah's speed record and reclaim the trophy. Before Victor's appearance, Sarah announces that, although she didn't break any rules, she doesn't feel right about accepting the trophy for fastest hoverboard time and returns the trophy to the judge. No one applauds, but she gets a hug from Preston.

    With the trophy relinquished, it goes back to... "Me," says Victor, who, dressed in bush camouflage, turns his head from the bush (in which he perfectly blends in) to trot over and take back the trophy. While nervously explaining his foliage outfit as merely pajamas, Monty wheels in a Victor mannequin replica aboard a hoverboard, explaining that Victor just finished charging up his hoverboard. Monty's smile vanishes upon seeing the real Victor in the open. The judge's assistant un-helmets the mannequin, and the judge takes the trophy from Victor, declaring him a big phony. Discovering and removing a remote control devise from Victor, the judge activates their hoverboard, which chases after its owners. The dummy scoops up Monty and chases Victor down the track.

    The judge asks Sarah if she'd like to try breaking the record again. Sarah admits she would, but later: she's been too close to being over-excited about it lately. No one gets the trophy, the crowd disperses quietly, and the Ranger teens walk away laughing.

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