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Season 1

19 Jun. 2019
Señoras que matan
After a demonstration of a kitchen robot by five women culminates in the death of one of them, the other four try to bury her corpse without people finding out about the accident.
26 Jun. 2019
Señoras atrapadas
The women discover that they have been recorded getting rid of Elvira's corpse. To make matters worse, Asun, Lourdes and Amparo's meddling neighbor, is aware of what happened and blackmails them into killing her mother.
3 Jul. 2019
Señoras que ayudan a otras señoras
When trying to move Elvira's corpse elsewhere to prevent the police from finding it, the women realize that it is missing. While trying to find it, they encounter Remedios, Lourdes' mother-in-law and Vicente's mother.
10 Jul. 2019
Señoras empoderadas
Mayte has to accompany her boss Begoña to the TurboThuner's annual convention in Murcia, unaware that a mafia leader is following them with the intention of killing her.
17 Jul. 2019
Señoras sin blanca
Lourdes is kidnapped by Carmona and her band and they threaten to kill her unless the others get the money Elvira's husband, Mariano, was supposed to pay them for her death.
18 Sep. 2019
Señoras que roban
After Amparo and Mayte lose all the money they gained for Carmona, the women come up with a B plan to save Lourdes: to rob the bingo.
25 Sep. 2019
Señoras contra señoras
Carmona enlists a hitman to kill one of Mayte's children at school, while the women try to resume their normal lives after managing to rescue Lourdes in spite of their failure to get the money.
2 Oct. 2019
Señoras pilladas
The women fear that they have finally been caught for Elvira's murder right before Mayte's son's communion. Meanwhile, Carmona sends her hitmen to kill them once and for all.
9 Oct. 2019
Señoras a la fuga
The guests of Mayte's son's communion have to cope with the aftermath of the shootout caused by Carmona's hitmen. Meanwhile, Carmona makes a deal with Asun as she celebrates that her hitmen may have successfully killed the women.
16 Oct. 2019
Señoras violentas
Carmona orders the ladies their first mission: They will have to infiltrate the enclosure of a dangerous gang of gangsters to rescue "Juanjo" one of their most valuable belongings. The mafia is led by Lagarto, a despotic and violent criminal who is dedicated to organizing clandestine wrestling matches between women
23 Oct. 2019
Señoras heridas
Alfonso, Amparo's husband, wakes up from the coma remembering absolutely all the experiences that his wife has told him: accidental murder, robbery in bingo - so he decides to give it away to the police. Amparo tries to locate the girls, but they are still angry and willing to never talk to each other again.
30 Oct. 2019
Señoras que mienten
Mayte is forced to tell Anabel the whole truth, who mistrusts that justice is really on her side. Inspector Ramos interrogates all the mothers and teachers of the school trying to clarify who is responsible for the death of Elvira.
6 Nov. 2019
Señoras unidas
Carmona shoots Gregorio to punish Mayte for not having accomplished his last mission. The girls, with the help of Anabel and Juani, devise a plan to end once and for all with the constant threats of Carmona and her minions.

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