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Season 1

11 Feb. 2018
Part One: The Kidnapping
Patty Hearst, the 19-year-old daughter of one of the richest and most powerful families in the country and granddaughter of media magnate William Randolph Hearst, is kidnapped and held hostage by a mysterious revolutionary group called the Symbionese Liberation Army.
11 Feb. 2018
Part Two: The Captive
The lines between captivity and combat are blurred when Patty Hearst announces to the world she has joined the Symbionese Liberation Army.
18 Feb. 2018
Part Three: The Robbery
On April 15,1974, Patty Hearst walked into the Hibernia Bank in San Francisco, under video surveillance, armed with an M1 machine gun and became a symbol of revolution for radical groups.
18 Feb. 2018
Part Four: The Lost Year
Patty refuses to go home and the SLA redefines their hate for capitalism with aim at the police.
25 Feb. 2018
Part Five: The Conversion
The SLA literally and figuratively goes up in flames, soon after being captured by the FBI.
25 Feb. 2018
Part Six: The Verdict
From American heiress to American terrorist and back, Patty uses Hearst PR to rebuild her image and regain public trust.

 Season 1 

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