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Colin is Being Put to the Test
lavatch13 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The two most interesting characters in "Homcoming" are (a) Walter Cruz's deeply concerned mother and (b) the officious DOD investigator Carrasco. This episode gets interesting when the two characters have a long scene together.

There is a terrific moment that occurs after Walter's mom refuses to speak to Carrasco and he trips and falls in a sea of bicycles at a community college bike rack. That human moment changes the dynamic of the relationship of the mother and the investigator. She then permits him to take possession of the recorded tapes from the "Homecoming" facility. The tapes will be used by Carrasco in an attempt to jog Heidi's memory about what happened to Walter and why Heidi left her job at Homecoming.

In the meantime, the truth has begun to emerge about Colin's role in the duping of the vets being treated at the Tampa center. It turns out that Colin's goal was to erase painfully memories from the minds of the vets through the use of an experimental drug given to the men without their knowledge or approval. With the their minds cleared, the vets will promptly be sent back to the duty in America's seemingly ending string of foreign wars. But the side effects of the drug are unknown.

The brazen Colin, using the alias of "Hunter," has wormed his way into the Heidi's life to the degree that he will now accompany her back to the "Homecoming" center to search for a man she recalls from her past by the name of Colin.
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jreeders5185 November 2018
Homecoming is using several soundtrack pieces from John Carpenter's movies, The Fog, The Thing, parts of Halloween. Great show and highlighted in this episode with terrific sound bites.
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are you saying that i am lying..
Arth_Joshi4 November 2018

Esmail's brisky sci-fi thriller is more mysterious than smarter it attains to be. It is a breath of fresh air is what it is. From breaking down the barriers on the relationship among characters to the perspective that keeps changing and which helps makers start the clock from zero every time. It is smartly constructed, if the material is familiar, and it is that structure that glosses over the series. Not only the season, but each episode ends on a mellow note that is soothing and works as a healer to all the wiped out objects by the storm in that episode.

The narration; despite of shifting from one timeline to another, couldn't be more simple, its non-linear storytelling is justified and so is the way it is shot. It keeps you busy and tangled in its mysterious bubble with tiny notions and hints that the entire frame is brimmed with; even the quacks and an obsession over little things. The conversations are pragmatic and written with such flamboyancy that it is a character in itself. The way someone argues or talk on a phone or fumbles in an interview or attempts fatally to hide something, on each steps, Esmail has delivered unflinchingly and his awareness is what makes it a near perfect series.

Roberts is in her A game. Her character might not have given much range to flaunt in, but she is giving her all in and there are times where she has to and she does carry all the work in her shoulder especially in the last act, which cannot not melt you down; it is a real tearjerker. Esmail's vision is crystal clear and he isn't distracted on any of the step; it is finely edited.

Season 01

A firm head start with cunning and sharp narration that is so aware of its characters and the world they revolve around it, that even its error and omission method, works brilliantly especially when the makers changes the point of view; a well crafted act.


You can sense the end game now, all the parallel lines that were drawn since the beginning are about to merge and the plot that was shady and kept behind the curtain is disclosing itself with a scary essence that is projecting a newer shade of light on the stage.
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Test - 107
bobcobb30114 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Sissy Spacek may be a good actress, but she hasn't really added much to her recent projects, this one included.

It was an okay episode, but the show continues to be really underwhelming. We better be in for a good twist at the end.
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