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Georgina Campbell: Lyta-Zod



  • General Zod : We will need your grandfather's unsurpassed intellect. I believe Val-El is our last, best hope.

    Seg-El : You left my grandfather stranded in that place with no way out, but now that we need him, you suddenly have a way to free him.

    General Zod : If you hadn't kept this place a secret from me, I couldn't have done it anytime, if there had been a need.

    [to Val] 

    General Zod : I assume you can activate it.

    Lyta-Zod : So what's the catch?

    General Zod : Someone has to go in and get him.

    Seg-El : I'll go.

    General Zod : You would get lost in there forever. I know my way around and I'll find him.

    Nyssa-Vex : Or now that you've failed to stop Brainiac, this is your means of escape.

    General Zod : No one's ever been in there would consider going back an escape.

  • Seg-El : Where did he go?

    General Zod : Into the Phantom Zone, a dimension that exists outside the normal space-time continuum.

    Lyta-Zod : How do you know that?

    General Zod : Because I was trapped in there with him.

    Seg-El : You mean you were sentenced there for leading a coup.

    General Zod : Yes. Because the Council convinced me was as corrupt as the one that condemned Val-El.

    Seg-El : That doesn't make sense. If Val went into the Phantom Zone 14 cycles ago, and you were thrown in there some point in the future, how did you two even meet?

    General Zod : Once inside the Phantom Zone, time and space have no meaning. Val told me that her father and the Voice of Rao believing that he was dead, it game him opportunity to seek out Brainiac, observe the way the creature operated in order to help Krypton prepare its defenses.

    Seg-El : Then why didn't he come back?

    General Zod : Because he didn't have this. It was his only way out.

    Nyssa-Vex : So you stole it? You betrayed him.

    General Zod : Only one of us could get out with this. So, yes, I betrayed him, but not his mission. Who better to stop Brainiac, hmm? A frail old man or a general? Such a mission required a Zod, not an El. Turned out I was both.

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