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Jaw-dropping Season Finale!
Kolorgasm28 May 2018
Oh wow, what to say, I was speechless after watching the finale episode. I've always wondered how Seg, rendered like a normal human on his home planet without a yellow sun, will defeat a celestial villain like Brainiac, but I can't believe he found a way, which only proves he's come a long way from that young man getting into brawls to earn money. Definitely a huge character development. And he does it all with charm, style and spirit.

This season finale was unbelievably epic and cinematic and I don't say that a lot. In terms of production design and cinematography, compared to the other DC shows like Gotham, Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Black Lightning and Legends of Tomorrow, Krypton is the best. The scale alone, is massive, and the action totally explosive and hard-hitting. The characters also have many layers within them and each one is hard to read sometimes. One character that really surprised me is Nyssa-Vex. She's this woman with a poker face so it's quite difficult to read her and she's not as pure as we would think she is, in fact, she's shady as fudge. But a few episodes near the end, she completely surprised me. There's also enough comic book references to get the geek in you squealing in excitement as the season progresses.

On the next season, I'm hoping for more Adam Strange and Nyssa Vex and hopefully a few more familiar DC characters.
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Season One Review
southdavid12 October 2018
I'd written a review of this season of "Krypton" at about the half way point in the series. It talked, at length about how dull the series was, about how the world felt shallow and unrealistic and how I didn't care or like any of the characters. I'm subsequently glad that I didn't post that, because whilst not ever really making it to the top echelon of current TV, the second half of the series is a lot better than the first.

The story revolves around Kal-El's grandfather Seg- El (played with charm but no weight by Cameron Cuffe) as he interacts with the various councils and religious groups of Kandor. His grandfather, played by Ian McElhinery, is executed for his belief that Krypton is not alone in the universe, flying against the teachings of the gods. Several years later, his grandson is approached by Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos) who tells him that not only are they not alone, but Brainiac is on his way to accelerate the destruction of the planet.

The show picks up with the arrival of General Zod (Colin Salmon), who alongside Brainiac's possession of the Voice of Ra (Blake Ritson) escalates the plot of the final few episodes as the war for the right to defend Kandor, and then the defence itself dominate the plot - replacing the dull politicking of the first half. They, along with the present threat of "Doomsday" finally make the show interesting. There's plenty of plot available for the second series and if some of the younger, less interesting characters weren't to return, then that would be fine.

If you can persevere through the first few episodes then there are some joys to be had .
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