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Laura Clifton: Stephanie Butler



  • [Stephanie shoots Lori in the stomach. Lori collapses painfully] 

    Stephanie Butler : [to Tree]  You really think I was going to let some little whore break up my marriage?

  • Tree Gelbman : When were you gonna tell me?

    Carter Davis : Tell you what?

    Tree Gelbman : About Danielle.

    Carter Davis : [puzzled]  What about Danielle?

    Tree Gelbman : Apparently you guys are dating.

    Carter Davis : Wait, I thought... I thought you knew that. I mean, you guys live in the same house.

    Tree Gelbman : Uh, no, I definitely didn't know. But the bigger question is: does she know?

    Carter Davis : Does she know what?

    Tree Gelbman : One of her closest friends woke up in your bed this morning. You don't think that that's newsworthy?

    Carter Davis : [scoffs]  Nothing happened. I slept in Ryan's bed last night.

    Tree Gelbman : So, why take me home?

    Carter Davis : Because you were... you were wasted. I was afraid you were gonna fall or choke on your own vomit like Janis Joplin.

    Tree Gelbman : [sighs, recalling that Carter told her the same thing in the original dimension]  Okay. It's fine. It's fine. It's fine. It's fine. This is how it's supposed to be. My mom's okay. Lori isn't trying to kill me. I mean, this is, like, the better version of my life, right?

    Carter Davis : What are you...?

    [Tree notices Dr. Gregory Butler and his wife Stephanie. They appear to be arguing] 

    Stephanie Butler : She's in a sorority, Gregory.

    Gregory Butler : She's...

    Carter Davis : Wait a minute. In this... in this other dimension, were we...?

    Tree Gelbman : I... I can't do this right now.

    [Tree walks away] 

  • [Tree holds Gregory at gunpoint. Sirens are heard from distance] 

    Tree Gelbman : [smiles]  You hear that? You're gonna rot in prison.

    Gregory Butler : [narrows his eyes]  I don't think so. You see, there's one little detail you failed to realize in all this.

    Tree Gelbman : Oh, really? What's that?

    [Stephanie appears behind Tree and Lori, armed with a gun] 

    Stephanie Butler : Me.

    [Lori turns back and shrieks in horror. Stephanie shoots at her in the stomach. Lori collapses, injured] 

    Tree Gelbman : Lori!

    Stephanie Butler : You really think I was gonna let a little whore like that ruin my life?

    [Tree and Stephanie point their guns at each other. Gregory charges at Tree, tackling her down. The gun is knocked from Tree's hands, and Stephanie picks it. Gregory wraps his fingers around Tree's throat] 

    Stephanie Butler : Gregory, kill her!

    [Tree punches Gregory. She nearly manages to get free, but Gregory grabs her hair and slams her head against the floor, then stands and steps away from her. Stephanie hands Gregory one of the guns] 

    Stephanie Butler : Would you like to do the honors?

    Gregory Butler : Don't mind if I do.

    [Gregory points the gun at Tree, who is lying helplessly on the floor, near the injured Lori. Suddenly Gregory turns to his wife] 

    Gregory Butler : Oh, wait. I almost forgot.

    [Gregory shoots Stephanie. She collapses, dead] 

    Gregory Butler : I want a divorce.

    [Gregory turns back to Tree] 

    Gregory Butler : Now, where were we?

    [suddenly Carter shows up] 

    Carter Davis : Hey!

    [Gregory shoots wildly at Carter's direction. Carter evades the shot. Tree seizes the opportunity and runs away. Gregory shoots after her, but misses. Tree enters the MRI room. She grabs a computer keyboard. When Gregory enters, Tree hits him with the keyboard, knocking the gun from his hand. Gregory grabs Tree and throws her through a window to the next room. Tree collapses painfully near a wheelchair, stunned and injured. Gregory picks the gun and approaches Tree. Tree pulls a screwdriver from her back pocket and waves it feebly at Gregory, who stands with his back to the MRI machine] 

    Gregory Butler : [laughs, amused]  Aw, look who brought a screwdriver to a gunfight...

    [Tree notices the switch that turns on the MRI machine. Gregory cocks the gun] 

    Tree Gelbman : Wait! I have something I need to tell you.

    Gregory Butler : What?

    Tree Gelbman : You're screwed!

    [Tree presses the switch, turning on the MRI machine. The wheelchair, pulled by the powerful magnet, is thrown against Gregory, slamming and pinning him to the MRI machine. The gun is his hand is also pinned to the machine] 

    Gregory Butler : [screams painfully]  Turn it off, you bitch!

    [Tree points the screwdriver to Gregory's chest. Realizing what she is going to do, Gregory is filled with fear] 

    Gregory Butler : No. No, no, no, no, no, no, wait. Wait!

    [Tree lets go of the screwdriver. The tool, drawn by the magnet, flies forward and gets buried in Gregory's chest. He gasps and dies. Tree shuts the power off. The murderer and the wheelchair drop to the floor. Tree slumps on the floor, sighs with relief; the nightmare has finally over] 

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