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Jimmy Gonzales: Police Officer



  • [Tree hears the news about Tombs. Fearing that Lori will free him, as happened in the original dimension, Tree hurries to the hospital. She arms herself with a firefighter axe. As she enters Tombs' room, a security guard steps out of the restroom. He draws his gun and points it at Tree] 

    Police Officer : Drop the axe.

    Tree Gelbman : Wait. I can expl...

    Police Officer : Drop it now!

    [Tree complies and raises her hands] 

    Tree Gelbman : He's escaped. He's gonna kill someone.

    Police Officer : Face up against the wall.

    Tree Gelbman : No, you don't understand. Lori let him...

    Police Officer : [firmly]  I'm not asking again!

    [Tree complies. The guard kicks the axe away and begins handcuffing Tree] 

    Tree Gelbman : Please listen to me. My roommate works here. She set Tombs free because she's trying to blame him, but she's gonna kill me.

    [the guard handcuffs Tree behind her back] 

    Police Officer : I don't know what kind of shit you're on, lady, but Tombs is down in the OR right now. A nurse just took him.

    Tree Gelbman : Was she tall, dark hair and a ponytail?

    Police Officer : [pulls Tree to the hallway]  Let's go.

    Tree Gelbman : I know you think I'm crazy, but you got to believe me!

    Police Officer : [uses his radio]  Dispatch, this is Officer Conroe. Have an 11-55 at the hospital. Need immediate assistance.

    [while Tree and the guard walk though the hallway, a Bayfield Baby masked person attacks the guard, repeatedly stabbing him with a knife. Tree screams in horror and runs to the elevator. As the murderer finishes off the guard, he goes after Tree. She presses the button with her cuffed hands] 

    Tree Gelbman : Come on...

    [nervously, Tree presses the button repeatedly. The masked murderer stands still, across the room. Tree is unsure whether it is Lori or Tombs] 

    Tree Gelbman : I know it's you, Lori!

    [the elevator doors open. Lori is inside. She is stunned to see Tree and the murderer. Quickly, she pulls Tree to safety, inside the elevator] 

    Lori Spengler : What? Oh, my God!

    [Lori presses repeatedly the button. They scream as the murderer runs to the elevator, but the doors close before he reaches] 

    Tree Gelbman : Oh, my God. I thought you were the...

    Lori Spengler : Are you okay? What the hell is going on? Who was that?

    Tree Gelbman : Tombs escaped. He's trying to kill me.

    Lori Spengler : [shakes her head]  No, Tree, that's not possible. I just took him down to the OR.

    [the lights go off. The elevator stops] 

    Tree Gelbman : What's happening?

    Lori Spengler : I-I don't know.

    [Lori presses the emergency button, but nothing happens] 

    Tree Gelbman : Oh, my God, he cut the power.

    Lori Spengler : [keeps pressing the emergency button]  Just stay calm. Just stay calm. Shit!

    [Lori thinks for a moment] 

    Lori Spengler : Okay. Come on.

    [Lori manages to open the doors. She steps outside of the elevator] 

    Lori Spengler : Come on.

    [Lori helps Tree to exit the elevator. They find themselves in a floor under construction] 

  • [at the hospital, Tree sneaks behind the security guard. She deftly takes his gun from the holster and points it at the guard] 

    Police Officer : [trembling with fear]  This is a really bad idea.

    Tree Gelbman : There's a killer on the loose here. Go get help.

    Police Officer : What?

    Tree Gelbman : Go!

    [the guard runs away. As soon as he is out of sight, he starts yelling] 

    Police Officer : She's got a gun! She's got a gun!

    [Tree cocks the security guard's gun and storms into the OR. Inside, Lori reads Tombs' medical record, failing to notice that Tombs takes a knife and is about to stab her] 

    Tree Gelbman : Lori, move!

    [Lori moves to the side. Tree shoots Tombs three times. The murderer is thrown against the wall and collapses on the floor, dead. Tree grabs Lori's hand] 

    Lori Spengler : [gasps]  What...?

    Tree Gelbman : Come on, we've got to move.

    [Tree pulls Lori to the door] 

    Lori Spengler : What's happening?

    Tree Gelbman : I'll explain later. Move!

    [meanwhile, at the lab, Ryan has Sissy nearly ready to operate. The lights at the campus go off and back again. Unfortunately, Dean Bronson figures he was distracted, and hurries back to the lab with two security guards. Samar and Dre push a couch against the lab doors] 

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