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Stay out of the crawlspace
moviefansme9 March 2019
Starts out as a relatively conventional haunted house full of ghosts, then turns into something more. Lots of jumps, creepy images, and nerve racking twists.
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A creepy, well-acted horror movie
basementreviews11 October 2019
It's shaping up to be a good season of horror movies, folks. First we tapped My Soul to Keep, and that owned. Then Along Came the Devil II, and we were not disappointed.

The hits keep on coming with Echoes of Fear, a new supernatural horror film with a groovy twist starring the talented Trista Robinson, who I predict will be the next big Scream Queen if she keep up like this. That woman brings a fine mix of vulnerability and intensity to a role, and has some of the best facial expressions I've ever seen. I felt her fear!

How's the movie though? Damn good! It takes a bit of time to get going, but once it does -- BAM! I jumped out of my seat a few times in some truly short's sh---ing moments. And, far as I can tell, all the scares were staged in camera. There was no CGI on display here.

Oh, what's it about? Right! Kinda important: Robinson plays a young woman who must confront the mysteries surrounding her grandfather's death when she inherits his house. Suffice to say, the house has a history, and something within it is not happy.

Co-writers/directors Brian and Laurence Avenet-Bradley crafted a groovy supernatural horror story that delivers the scares and keeps the audience guessing as to what is really going on. It sort of reminded of Nicholas McCarthy's The Pact, but in a good way (that movie got me too). I highly recommend people check this one out. A Good!
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