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Season 1

16 Aug. 2019
Episode One
Divorced dad and medical examiner Georgy Safronov fights to keep his kids. Robot company "Cronos" exec Victor Toropov acquires Arisa, an advanced, one-of-a-kind robot prototype.
16 Aug. 2019
Episode Two
Vic searches for Arisa, who is hidden in the Safronov household by Sonya; Det. Varlamov investigates a murder linked to anti-bot vigilantes.
16 Aug. 2019
Episode Three
Georgy plans to return the lost bot until Arisa saves Sonya's life; Vic's powerful father-in-law, Alexei Losev, negotiates a deal that hinges on Arisa's return.
16 Aug. 2019
Episode Four
Varlamov closes in on both of the Safronov men but has a better case against Egor for the Liquidator protest; Arisa attempts to protect her "family."
16 Aug. 2019
Episode Five
Alla returns as the family tries to get Egor out of jail; Vic discovers Arisa's link to Georgy, to whom he has a past connection.
16 Aug. 2019
Episode Six
Egor is pulled deeper into the Liquidators as their secret backer is revealed; Georgy -- his career restored by Vic -- learns of his patron's crimes.
16 Aug. 2019
Episode Seven
After trying to leave, Alla is threatened by Vic; realizing that he and his family are guinea pigs, Georgy goes to suspended Varlamov for help.
16 Aug. 2019
Episode Eight
Georgy and Alla learn the truth about Arisa's capabilities; Gleb makes a management change within the Liquidators; Vic discovers Svetlana's plot.

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