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Iain De Caestecker: Leo Fitz



  • Jemma Simmons : Daddy told me to put my troubles away in a little box so they wouldn't keep me up at night. Bad feelings - anger, fear, pain - I would just put them inside the little box, and they would stay in there. Nice and neat and crushed.

    Leo Fitz : You need therapy. You have some deep, deep, pent-up issues.

    Jemma Simmons : It's been a rough year.

  • Jemma Simmons : I searched for you everywhere.

    Leo Fitz : Yeah, I was trying to find you, too. Enoch said he sent you 100 years into the future if you can believe that.

    Jemma Simmons : Not until you see it.

    Leo Fitz : Yeah. Wait, what? Really?

  • Leo Fitz : Listen, uh...

    [Takes both Jemma's hands and exhales slowly] 

    Leo Fitz : I've imagined this since I was in prison and every day since, and I wanted to do it right, but now we're stuck in another prison, and I don't know if we'll ever be able to get out of it...

    Jemma Simmons : Fitz.

    Leo Fitz : No, hold on. Hold on. Just, just... Just let me say this. I've realized the universe can't stop us. Because we survived the bottom of the Atlantic, we've crossed the galaxy more than once just to be together. So, a love like that is stronger than any curse. You and I, we are uns...

    Jemma Simmons : We're unstoppable together.

    Leo Fitz : Yeah, which is why I can't live another day without you. So, I'm asking you, heart in hand, Jemma Simmons, will you marry me?

    Jemma Simmons : Absolutely.

  • Leo Fitz : Okay. Don't- Don't be afraid.

    Young Jemma Simmons : I'm not afraid. I'm observing... from a distance.

    Leo Fitz : [Chuckles]  Well, you're just destined for the sciences, aren't you?

  • Leo Fitz : [Young Jemma is hiding something behind her back]  What is that? What are you hiding? Give it!

    Young Jemma Simmons : No! It's our escape plan.

    Leo Fitz : Give it! Now!

    [She reluctantly hands him a beaker containing a yellow liquid] 

    Leo Fitz : What is it?

    Young Jemma Simmons : Mononitrotoluene.

    Leo Fitz : MNT? As in, a precursor to TNT?

  • Leo Fitz : Oh, I'm sorry that I was childish. It's just last time I asked you about the future, you turned into a 7-year-old and you hid in your bed.

  • Jemma Simmons : Carthan?

    Leo Fitz : Nope.

    Jemma Simmons : Oh! I really thought you landed there after the crash.

    Leo Fitz : Saldon. The one with the triple sunsets.

    Jemma Simmons : We went to Saldon!

    Leo Fitz : We almost died getting there. Well, we almost died getting everywhere.

  • Leo Fitz : How are you with spectral theory or eigenvalues?

    Young Jemma Simmons : I'm still learning integrals.

    Leo Fitz : Oh, are you? Well, it looks like someone's only going to have two PhDs by the time they're 17, doesn't it?

  • Young Jemma Simmons : Time travel is science fiction, stupid!

    Leo Fitz : Oh, grow up! You're the one that said it was possible, you little-


    Leo Fitz : Grow up. Just, literally, grow up. This is an adult problem.

  • Leo Fitz : The true you just cut my heart out with her bone knife!

    Jemma Simmons : Well, now you know how it feels!

  • Leo Fitz : I had no idea. I had no idea you were holding on to all that.

    Jemma Simmons : What's the point? Don't let anyone know. That's the whole idea.

    Leo Fitz : You are so English.

  • Jemma Simmons : Fitz, we're obviously made for each other.

    Leo Fitz : Uh-huh.

    Jemma Simmons : And I'm sorry I can't give you back the time you missed, but I can give you me, now and forever.

    [She hands him his wedding ring] 

    Leo Fitz : The whole universe couldn't keep me from you, Jemma Simmons. I am the luckiest man on any planet.

  • Jemma Simmons : [as a portal opens]  Oh, I almost forgot. You're a grandfather.

    Leo Fitz : What the bloody hell does that-

    [the portal closes] 

  • Young Jemma Simmons : I don't like it here.

    Altarah : Then figure your way out.

    Leo Fitz : She's seven!

    Young Jemma Simmons : And a half.

  • Leo Fitz : You are being, without a doubt, the supreme, absolute worst!

    Young Jemma Simmons : You are a butt face!

    Leo Fitz : Oh, that's charming.

  • Jemma Simmons : [Fitz and Simmons are observing one of Jemma's memories as Daisy hands Simmons a wedding ring]  No. No, I don't want you to see this part. I wanted to tell you the right way.

    Daisy 'Skye' Johnson : I thought you'd want his ring.

    Leo Fitz : What? Jemma, did you and I? Had I... Had I made that proposal to you before?

    Jemma Simmons : I'm sorry.

    Leo Fitz : I missed my own wedding.

    Jemma Simmons : No, you just haven't had yours yet.

  • Leo Fitz : Well, I mean, I don't really need your help. I can solve it by myself. Just, in lab, you seemed like a good sounding board.

    Jemma Simmons : Sounding board?

    Leo Fitz : Yeah. Just means to bounce ideas off.

    Jemma Simmons : So, I'm good at reflecting your ideas back at you. Like a wall. Like a thick wall.

    Leo Fitz : Oh. No.

  • Jemma Simmons : [Reliving the memory of meeting Coulson]  Relax, he's just an agent.

    Leo Fitz : Just an agent? Have you not heard the stories about...

    Jemma Simmons : Yes, I've heard the stories. Don't be weird!

  • Jemma Simmons : Look, the powers that be didn't believe an algae bio-fuel hydrogen cell could power a quinjet so...

    Phil Coulson : Well, they do now. And the powers that be have also recommended...

    Leo Fitz : I told you. We're getting transferred to one of the poles.

    Jemma Simmons : [whispering]  Shut up.

    Phil Coulson : Have also recommended you for my team.

    Leo Fitz : The f-field team?

    Jemma Simmons : This is an honor. Thank you for this opportunity.

    Leo Fitz : Yeah, we would love the chance to discuss it and think about it more, I think, probably, alone.

  • Jemma Simmons : Yes, because your shadow self just tried to erase my brain with a torture machine!

    Leo Fitz : Well, o-okay, right. Well, that- that is terrible.

    Jemma Simmons : Yes!

    Leo Fitz : But you did shoot his father. That's called revenge. I don't know what I did to deserve that horror movie!

  • Leo Fitz : We're the same, Jemma. You just like to repress your bad thoughts and pretend it's not happening. Your ego likes to pretend you're Jane Goodall, saving helpless little creatures like me.

    Jemma Simmons : I do not!

    Leo Fitz : When, in fact, if it was you in the Framework, the place would look like Night of the Living Dead.

  • Jemma Simmons : Well, I guess we're stuck in here together.

    Leo Fitz : Yeah, well, that's what 'Til death do us part' means. You don't get a free pass 'cause I died once already.

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