"Salvation" Celebration Day (TV Episode 2018) Poster

(TV Series)


Ian Anthony Dale: Harris Edwards


  • Director Evelyn Davis : The reporter's name was Emery Long. He was White House press corps for twelve years. Apparently well-liked, no history of mental illness. Joined COPE a month ago.

    Darius Tanz : Is there any evidence that Bass Shepherd ordered or coerced this suicide?

    Director Evelyn Davis : No, but there's some pretty troubling indicators from his camp. Now, we've been tracking the sales of automatic and semi-automatic weapons since Bennett's takeover attempt, and we noticed a recent spike in these areas.

    [turning on a television monitor] 

    Director Evelyn Davis : Now, every single one of these hotspots corresponds to a COPE headquarters. We dug deeper, found the security companies buying firepower are actually shell corporations funded by COPE.

    Harris Edwards : They're stockpiling weapons.

    Liam Cole : I knew it. I told you. Members were handing over their possessions, signing them over, big-ticket items like houses and cars, as if...

    Grace Barrows : They wouldn't need them anymore.

    Director Evelyn Davis : And in the last 24 hours, there's been a lot of Internet chatter about "Celebration Day".

    Harris Edwards : What the hell is that?

    Director Evelyn Davis : No idea, but it's today. Look, our profilers are concerned. All signs point towards the possibility of... self-destructive behavior.

    Liam Cole : You mean like mass suicide?

    Harris Edwards : COPE has millions of members. This could be Jonestown on a global scale.

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