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The birth of Mr. Robot's fsociety
trademarcdesigns27 September 2018
First of all, this is not a real movie. It's an 8 1/2 minute film clip of a movie watched by Elliot and Darlene in Mr. Robot. It was supposedly available on the Mr. Robot website at one time, but if you want to watch it now, you'll have to look it up on YouTube. The "movie" itself is a typical 1980's slasher flick in which a man wearing what will later become the iconic fsociety mask is killing off some spoiled preppy kids with a crudely sharpened polo mallet. The opening credits show that it was produced by E Corp, a tongue-in-cheek reference that will not be lost on Mr. Robot fans.

In a flashback scene from season 2 of Mr. Robot, Darlene stops by Elliot's apartment with a copy of this movie - a movie they used to watch when they were kids - and they pop it in the VCR, get high, and relive some childhood memories. The significance of this encounter is that it triggers Elliot's first visions of his dead father, and gives birth to the plan that will eventually lead to the super-hack that crashes the American economy.

The rating I have given this movie is obviously not for the movie itself, but rather for Mr. Robot, and for the lengths the production team is willing to go to in order to flesh out their backstory. So if you are a Mr. Robot fan, make your way to YouTube and check this out - it might shed some light on the emotional development of some of our favorite characters.
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