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  • Two rebellious young women - one fleeing the chaos of secular hedonism for the disciplined comforts of faith; the other desperate to transcend her oppressive religious upbringing for sexual and spiritual freedom-cross paths unexpectedly in Jerusalem, to startling consequences.


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  • Former wild club scene denizen Anat [Joy Reiger] and her druggie musician boyfriend Shachar [Natan Goshen], have found God. Renouncing their secular lives, they move to Jerusalem and enroll in a women's seminary and yeshiva respectively, and get engaged.

    Anat's grandfather, Shlomo [Sasson Gabai] -- a cynical, widowed psychologist and avowed old-school atheist -- is shocked by his granddaughter's sudden embrace of religious zealotry. He is desperate to force Anat off her new path, from which there will soon be no turning back. To that end, he enlists the help of her divorced parents, Yonatan [Yuval Segal], who left Israel years ago to become esteemed in academia in the US only to commit fraud; and Tali [Maya Dagan], a successful businesswoman. Together they team up to thwart Anat's upcoming wedding.

    Meanwhile, Shlomo is counseling Sari and Rami, a volatile couple embroiled in an explosive battle over their young gifted five-year-old, Izzy. Shlomo has unearthed bizarre and troubling information about the two parents, raising concerns about Izzy's safety.

    Shlomo enlists Yonatan to take over Sari and Rami's case, which he does, and he comes up with the idea of recruiting Anat to observe a ceremony of Sari's women's pagan group -- to which she insists on taking Izzy -- and reporting back to her father and grandfather as to whether Rami's accusations that Izzy is being used for Satan worship are true or not.

    Following Anat and Shachar's engagement party, Tali presses Yonatan to "find something" on Shachar, which he does: He photographs Shachar exiting a shady pharmacy that is a known supplier of opioids. Yonatan confronts Shachar, who admits to "using".

    Meanwhile, Shlomo is hospitalized with a heart attack, the law is closing in on Yonatan's fraud case in the US, and Rami and Izzy -- as well as Rami's handgun -- go missing. Anat joins Yonatan to find them, and in the process her character matures from sullen, resentful adolescent to empathic adult.

    In the penultimate scene, Yonatan and Anat encounter Shachar swaying in the middle of the street: Under the influence? Having the DTs? Begging Anat to take him back? Hard to tell, but as Yonatan returns to the US to face his accusations, at the airport upon his departure, Anat hugs him and asks, "If there's a wedding...will you come?"

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