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Xander Berkeley: Peter Lockwood


  • Peter Lockwood : Remember how I raised you, kid. And you raise Georgie the same way.

    Ben Lockwood : Yes, sir.

    Peter Lockwood : All right? You stand tall. Stand proud. You're a Lockwood. You're human. This planet belongs to you. Stand up and fight for what's yours.

    Ben Lockwood : [crying]  Dad!

    [with a rumble, a steel beam falls down nearby] 

    Ben Lockwood : I love you, dad.

    Peter Lockwood : Love you, too. Now, go. Go be the man I raised you to be.

  • Peter Lockwood : We lost the Luthor Corporation contract last week.

    Ben Lockwood : What?

    Peter Lockwood : I had to shutter two blast furnaces. Takin' on statue commissions just to make ends meet.

    Ben Lockwood : What if you retrofitted the factory to process Nth metal? You could re-train your employees.

    Peter Lockwood : This town was built on steel. American steel. You rip out that foundation, and everything will crumble around it. You mark my words.

    Ben Lockwood : People thought textiles would be the end of modern society, but the Industrial Revolution, it created unprecedented opportunities...

    Peter Lockwood : I'm not one of your students, Ben. And I'll remind you, it was called a revolution for a reason. And I'll also remind you that steel is what paid for that fancy college education of yours that you only wanna use when you wanna condescend to your old man.

    Ben Lockwood : Worth every penny. Right, dad?

    Peter Lockwood : Not so much.

  • Peter Lockwood : Ooh! Look at that. Gin rummy.

    George Lockwood : Okay, I'm a hundred percent sure you're cheating.

  • Peter Lockwood : [watching Supergirl on TV]  Yeah, sure. We can all leap tall buildings in a single bound. And we can punch him into the middle of next week.

    [Ben turns the television off] 

    Peter Lockwood : I was watching that.

    George Lockwood : More like hate-watching it.

    Ben Lockwood : George. Uh, dad, I think it's quite enough.

  • Peter Lockwood : Show that speech over and over again like it was the Gettysburg Address. Project Maniac was weeks ago.

    Lydia Lockwood : It's "Myriad".

    Peter Lockwood : Oh, that's right. Project Myriad. Stupid name. And who was responsible? Other roaches from her home planet.

    Lydia Lockwood : Pete, we don't talk like that in this house.

    George Lockwood : No, it-it's fine. I hear it at school sometimes.

    Peter Lockwood : W-w-what's the problem? Just saying that, you know, aliens are resilient like cockroaches. You know, a planet may die, but they survive and infest someone else's.

    Ben Lockwood : Dad!

    Peter Lockwood : What? Supergirl's family invades our planet with the power of gods. And all us little people are just supposed to sit back, relax, and have hope? Is that it? Meanwhile, our president offers them all amnesty? Amnesty. So, you tell me, Georgie, how deep does this conspiracy go?

  • Peter Lockwood : Firing up that alien factory across the street today.

    Ben Lockwood : Two dozen known alien worlds, and Nth metal is just the strongest material brought to Earth by any one of them, by far. It's... you gotta think of the good it can do. Cars, skyscrapers.

    Peter Lockwood : It doesn't even have a vowel. It's supposed to hold up skyscrapers?

  • Peter Lockwood : The FBI are supposed to work for the people.

    J'onn J'onzz : Indeed, we work for the American people, and per the Alien Amnesty Act...

    Peter Lockwood : Alien. Alien?

    J'onn J'onzz : The man your workers just attacked is an American. He has just as much right to work here safely as you.

    Peter Lockwood : He impaled my son with a freak spike.

    J'onn J'onzz : I think you're talking about his biological defense mechanism.

    Peter Lockwood : Biological what? It was an assault!

    J'onn J'onzz : [gesturing around]  What do you call this?

  • Ben Lockwood : Why in the world is the FBI working with Supergirl?

    Peter Lockwood : The real question is why are they working against us?

  • Ben Lockwood : What are you doing home?

    Peter Lockwood : I shut it down.

    Ben Lockwood : Oh, not another blaster.

    George Lockwood : Whole factory.

    Ben Lockwood : What?

    Lydia Lockwood : He went to the bank for the loan. They said no.

    Peter Lockwood : Hell with them and everyone else.

    Ben Lockwood : Oh, god, dad, uh... I am so sorry.

    Peter Lockwood : Spare me. This is what happens when you're too soft, when you don't stand up and fight.

    Ben Lockwood : Fight... dad, fight who?

    Peter Lockwood : You know who.

    George Lockwood : The roaches.

    Ben Lockwood , Lydia Lockwood : George!

    George Lockwood : Sorry.

  • Ben Lockwood : [learning his father closed his steel mill]  Okay, we might not have much, but we still have the house. We can... we can get a second mortgage. I'm gonna go talk to the bank.

    Peter Lockwood : Talk. That's mostly what you do, right? Talk, talk, talk. When what you should be doing is go out there...

    Ben Lockwood : Hey.

    Peter Lockwood : ...and be a man.

    Ben Lockwood : Dad, calm down, all right? You're drunk.

    Rhea : [they hear static on the television, and Rhea appears]  People of Earth, do not be afraid. We come in peace. We have crossed a sea of stars in order to bring you a new way.

    Peter Lockwood : You were saying?

  • Ben Lockwood : I think maybe we should leave.

    Lydia Lockwood : Leave? This is our home.

    Ben Lockwood : Yeah, it is, but it's quickly running out of food and water.

    Lydia Lockwood : There is nowhere for us to go. The Daxamites have set up checkpoints.

    Ben Lockwood : Okay, well, then we drive as far as we can, maybe we can sneak around the checkpoints, get to Coast City, but we have to try something.

    Peter Lockwood : [entering]  Try something? Yeah. No, how about we try this? How about we... we stay and we fight for what's ours? This is our home, Ben. We're not refugees.

    George Lockwood : [entering behind Peter]  Dad, just wait here. Supergirl will come and save us.

    Ben Lockwood : No. No, she won't, because Supergirl is an alien just like the invaders. And fight, dad? Fight with what? Because all we have is right here, but you know what? That's okay, because we are a family. And we can come together as a family. So, dad, you and Georgie get the bags. Lydia, ready the car. I'll get the supplies.

    [seeing his father is reluctant] 

    Ben Lockwood : Hey, listen. We can do this.

  • Ben Lockwood : I'm gonna get us out of here.

    Peter Lockwood : You can't.

    Ben Lockwood : Okay. You're right. You're right. I'm gonna lift this up, and you just slide out from under it, okay? One, two, three!

    Peter Lockwood : [Ben strains to lift a steel beam]  You're not Supergirl.

  • Ben Lockwood : [his father is trapped in his steel plant]  I can do this, dad. I can get you out of here.

    Peter Lockwood : I don't want you to.

    Ben Lockwood : What? Dad, what did you just say?

    Peter Lockwood : I came here on purpose, Ben. This is my home. And this steel... it's my life. Always has been. Now its time is over, and so is mine.

    Ben Lockwood : Hey, hey, no. Don't talk like that. You've got a lot of years left.

    Peter Lockwood : Maybe, but all the good ones are long behind me.

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