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Watch the First Episode of Nickelodeon’s New Are You Afraid Of The Dark? Online for Free

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"Submitted for the approval of The Midnight Society..." If those words send a nostalgic chill down your spine, then you're likely dying to watch Nickelodeon's limited series resurrection of Are You Afraid of the Dark? Thankfully, the wait is now over, as you can watch the first episode in its eerie entirety online for free.

The first episode of the new Are You Afraid of the Dark? limited series has been uploaded on the official NickRewind channel, and you can watch it below before the other two episodes premiere on October 18th and 25th, respectively.

The horror springboard for a generation of genre fans who grew up in the ’90s, Are You Afraid of the Dark? originally aired on Nickelodeon from 1992–1996 (after premiering in Canada in 1990) before being revived for new episodes in 1999–2000.

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New Netflix Ghost Movie Eerie Has Viewers 'Sleeping with the Lights On': 'Really Good Horror'

Netflix is at it again.

Months after captivating horror fans with Bird Box, and weeks after disturbing them with The Perfection, a new horror movie arrived on the platform to get fans screaming all over again.

The latest horror movie on the streaming platform, a Filipino movie titled Eerie, follows a clairvoyant guidance counselor who tries to find out what caused a teenage girl to commit suicide while staying at an all-girls Catholic school. The guidance counselor relies on the ghost of a young girl to uncover the abusive past of the convent.

Eerie, starring Filipino star Bea Alonzo, is
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Film Review: Eerie (2019) by Mikhail Red

The much-anticipated Mikhail Red’s new movie “Eerie” is an excursus in the horror genre with a vintage feeling, and it is the first Filipino horror movie to have an international premiere in Singapore. A big media hype is accompanying the film everywhere, understandably generated by the impressive quality of the director’s previous body of work.

Eerie” screened at Udine Far East Film Festival

Eerie” is set in the mid ‘90,in an all-girl campus of the Sta. Lucia Academy, where school guidance counselor Patricia Consolacion (Bea Alonzo) has a special ability in communicating with troubled students. She is a dedicated and emphatic person and her gentle and friendly manners make the students at ease and allow the conversation to flow. Her great concern for one of the students who has a tendency to self-harm is genuine and seems to work, at least temporarily. But Bea’s gift of communication extends beyond the rational world,
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Kimmel Rolls Out Customer Service Hotline to Clear Up ‘Game of Thrones’ Confusion (Video)

  • The Wrap
Kimmel Rolls Out Customer Service Hotline to Clear Up ‘Game of Thrones’ Confusion (Video)
On Monday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Kimmel rolled a fun video that offered a solution to the problem of keeping all the plot threads from eight seasons of “Game of Thrones” straight: a customer service hotline for confused fans.

Called “Game of Phones” (groan), the clip reveals that HBO built an obscure clause into stars’ contracts requiring them to man the hotline. So it is that some “Game of Thrones” heavy hitters showed up to answer questions.

For instance, Sansa Stark actress Sophie Turner explained that King Joffrey wasn’t actually assassinated, he just died from food poisoning. His chefs didn’t make sure his clams were still alive when they cooked them. “It’s clam 101,” she said.

Also Read: 'Game of Thrones' Opening Credits Team Tells Us What You Missed in Season 8's New Sequence

On deck was John Bradley (a.k.a. Samwell Tarley), who had
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Udine Far East Film Festival Reveals the Complete Line-up

76 titles (of which 51 in competition) from 12 countries, a retrospective, a monograph, a tribute to new independent Korean cinema, 2 “strange couples”, the world-premier of a restored film and more than 100 themed events organized in the heart of Udine. This is the immense itinerary of which, from an artistic and cultural perspective, the Feff is the most important European outpost.

A bona fide “cinematic island” where cinema is not just celebrated – with 3 world premieres, 12 international premieres and 18 European premieres and 14 debut films – but also looks to the future: this year, 15 projects have been chosen for Focus Asia, the Festival’s market, and 10 for Ties That Bind, the international Asia/Europe workshop.

The journey to the Far East begins on the 26th of April with the moving Korean film “Birthday” directed by Lee Jong-un and produced by Lee Chang-dong. Based on the 2014 Sewol Ferry disaster, it is an anatomy of pain and experience of public and private mourning.
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Udine Film Festival Hosts Asia’s Surprise Hits

  • Variety
Udine Film Festival Hosts Asia’s Surprise Hits
This year’s line-up for the Far East Film Festival in Udine includes numerous surprise hits, as well as a diverse selection that mixes the best of Asian commercial cinema with accessible Asian art house.

Among the surprise hits are “A Cool Fish” and “Dying to Survive” from mainland China, and “Project Gutenberg,” the Hong Kong counterfeiting thriller which topped the Chinese box office. From Taiwan, “More Than Blue” was another title that took China’s box office crown.

The mainland Chinese selection also includes Han Han’s “Pegasus”, Zhang Wei’s transgender drama “The Rib,” and coming of age drama “The Crossing,” which premiered in Toronto.

Labelled as a Hong Kong production, Renny Harlin’s “Bodies at Rest,” and Yuen Woo-ping’s “Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy” also find festival berths.

The festival’s nine titles from Japan include comedy “Fly Me To Saitama,” Sabu’s absurdist “Jam
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Review: Philippine Horror Eerie is Paved with Good Intentions

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” I am reminded of these lines when thinking of a throughline for the Mikhail Red-directed horror film Eerie. Storywise, the film delivers commentary on how our institutions and internalized preconceptions can be the barriers preventing us from helping those with mental illness. They may even cause further oppression, regardless of how sincere are the intentions. It’s a message that is both timely and gravely needed. However, true to the saying, intent is not enough. Though Eerie tries hard to convey profundity, the film struggles to articulate its message because of plot incoherence and its refusal to go beyond convention. Stories of our youth Eerie follows guidance counselor Pat Consolacion (Bea Alonzo) as she embarks on solving...

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Black Summer Season 1 Trailer Features the Harrowing Early Days of the Zombie Apocalypse

As Bananarama would say, it's a "cruel, cruel summer" in the early days of the zombie apocalypse in the official trailer for Black Summer, a prequel series that takes place in the same living dead universe as Z Nation.

Co-created by Karl Schaefer and John Hyams, all eight episodes of the first season of Black Summer will premiere on Netflix on April 11th.

Although Black Summer takes place in the same world as Z Nation, the tone of the new series looks to be decidedly more dark than the horror comedy style of its predecessor, and you can get a taste of what to expect in the official trailer below.

"A prequel set in the Z Nation universe, Black Summer is a new series introducing all new characters from every walk of life. Jamie King (Hart of Dixie) stars as a mother, torn from her daughter, who embarks upon a harrowing journey,
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