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Potential lost
MartyisGreat20 May 2019
There was an opportunity to do so much with the concept but it fell flat everywhere and went nowhere. Could've developed dad's as good fathers with Homer as a concept but no, dad's are dumb and they were only taking parenting classes to bang the teacher. Classy, male stereotypes from the 90s.

Its 2019, the world has come so far, could've shown mixed race parents, gay couples, single moms, ANYTHING!!! There was no humour either.

The Hamilton subplot was half baked. I don't even want to analyze it, gonna go enjoy my life. Peace.
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Edvis-199717 April 2019
I don't know it didn't grab my attention. Average episodes of simpsons. Nothing special. Hate when they're singing in each episode and there's another episode about singing. Disgusting.
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Marge makes a musical
paultapner7 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The a plot parodies the musical Hamilton, as Marge becomes local theatre director and Lisa writes a hip hop musical about Jebediah Springfield. Marge has confidence issues about directing and lots of other problems to contend with. Will the show go ahead?

B plot sees Homer and Maggie go to a baby and dad day care class, just because all the dads find the woman who runs it attractive.

Wait a while and good episodes do still come along and restore your faith and think this show isn't done yet. Because, like the best ones, this one is just consistently funny throughout. A really good lot of chuckles. One utter laugh out loud and then some from Otto. The main plot really goes well. Has a great guest voice appearance that completely catches you by surprise. And doesn't press the reset button either.

The b plot doesn't get the air time it perhaps needs, but does make it thanks to a last scene which is both surprisingly nice and gets a good emotional reaction and also has a good humorous pay off.

The end credits? Check the trivia section on this page for any questions. A nice idea, if nothing else.

And the couch gag, whilst not exactly such, is very funny indeed.
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