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surprisingly bad
moflowd10 October 2018
REVIEW The movie is about the high school student Albert, that want to become a famous youtuber, entertain people, and impress the new rich girl in school. On his way to the top, his has to take life changing decisions. What is most importent for him? Being with his freinds, og being rich and famous.

So it the old story about a person who wants to become a big star, achieves that but loses near friends, learns a lesson, and go's back to the old way. Unfortunately the story is barebone and told poorly.

The actors are bad, especially Albert's best friend. In multiple you could see them reading there lines off-screen. The little sister was surprisingly bad, but she got away with it, by saying f#%k alot. Oh the word F#%k is said hilariously many times, AND THIS IS A FAMILY MOVIE!

The cinematography is one of the worst i have seen in a movie released in cinema. The camera never stould still. it moved and zoomed randomly, and people we should focus on was halfway outside of the screen. It was they had filmed it, and then zoomed in 20%. (This could just be me that was unfortunate and was at a screening that didn't set the movie properly up. I asked the maintenance, but they said taht there was no problems, so who knows.)

I understood what the movies was trying to say, but with the way the main character addresses his problems, and the end result, it comes out as a bad Message.

CONCLUSION I would not recommend this movie in any way. If i had to come up with a reason, it would be to a filmclass onhow not to film a movie. It's barebone, and poorly created.

The only fun thing in this movie, is the amount of fu#%s the little sister says.
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Kiddy Booz over High school.
SimonHeide22 October 2018
So the highschool student, Albert, all of a sudden gets the chance to live out his dream to become a youtube star at the cost of almost everything that has any value to him. He leaves his friends, drops out of highschool, sponsors an alcoholic drink for children (Kiddy Booze) and very quickly finds himself lonely and with no opportunity to fulfill his artistic ambitions.

It´s actually a sad story that only in the beginning tries to live up to the "comedy" label that it has. I went in with my daughter age 12 and her friend and afterwards we agreed that there was two funny scenes and a third one trying to....

I had also had this weird visual experience as if the movie was shown in the wrong format. It was as if there had been zoomed to much into the scenes which was especially annoying in the close-up scenes. Part of the hair, faces, hats etc. was simply not within view.

My own more personal expectancy was to see the talent of a youtuber unfold which Albert is in his real life. What does this consist of? Walking around in submanic overdrive with a camera in selfie mode and being able to integrate whatever you meet on your way in a very creative and humoristic fashion without losing whatever focus you might have? Albert was totally eaten up by a manuscript and a director the way I saw it. If he has any talent he didn´t bring it with him into the movie.

Regards Simon

Ps. When you read reviews that gives max score check to see if the user has made more than one review. If not consider the possibility of a lobbyist. If you agree consider putting this post scriptum at the bottom at your own reviews.
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Made in a hurry
annaannapersson20 February 2019
I have actually no idea why I watched this movie. It might be okay for a kids movie, but the young actors are horribly bad which might have something to do with the horrible script. It seems like the purpose for this movie was just to make some quick money or something like that. It's just pretty bad.
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Best movie ever
lassebirkefeldt19 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This is the Best movie ever it has great actors Goot script and great consept
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