Like, la leyenda Poster

(2018– )

Episode List


Season 1

10 Sep. 2018
¿Quién grabó a Antonia borracha para balconearla en la escuela?
After summer vacation, the students of Like celebrate returning to school with a huge party that gets out of control. Antonia 'Tony' gets drunk and does not remember what happened until a compromising video of her surfaces at school.
11 Sep. 2018
Antonia y Ulises, casi se besan
Antonia finds out that Ulises was not the person who recorded her, but actually got her safely to her room. After she dedicates a song to him, they nearly kiss but are interrupted. Emilia discovers León is the son of a drug trafficker.
12 Sep. 2018
Emilia tendrá que hacerse cargo de su hija
Tired of coming to her rescue, Emilia forces her daughter to take responsibility. Machu fears Silverio may have gotten her pregnant, so her mother encourages her to take a test. Manuela discovers who recorded Tony at the party.
13 Sep. 2018
Tony y Ulises ya son novios, pero ¿ya tuvieron relaciones?
Tony and Ulises become a couple, but rumors fly at school that they already had sex. León and Sole help Emilia take care of her daughter Martina. Gabriel and Isadora's teachers give a sexual education lesson.
14 Sep. 2018
Machu se pasa de lanza con Silverio
Silverio's mother has serious depression because his father left. Machu plots revenge on Silverio for cheating on her by posting a picture of his mother to social media. Cláudio discovers Ulises used to be a delinquent.
17 Sep. 2018
Machu muere por León y lo provoca
Machu is crazy about León and goes to drastic lengths to have him. Jessica is in trouble for the videos she's posted online. Tony finds out her brother was accepted to a special ed program, while León helps Daniel achieve his dream.
18 Sep. 2018
Santo Tomás une a Romi con Silverio
Romi feels lonely and ignored by her family. When Santo Tomás risks her life to save her bird, Silverio rescues her. Tony takes Martin without warning. Ulises realizes that his father has been neglecting his ailing mother.
19 Sep. 2018
Emilia vs. Machu, ¿Quién ganará el duelo de rap?
While drunk and jealous, Machu challenges Emilia to a rap battle. Manuela is desperate after someone steals her computer. Isadora seeks reconciliation with Gabriel. Tony's father finds out about Martín and demands a divorce.
20 Sep. 2018
¿Tony se hizo un aborto?
On WhatsApp, Clara asks Tony to explain why she had an abortion. Ulises, seeing the conversation, demands his girlfriend explain why she kept it secret from him. Because of Pablo and Humberto, Victoria suspends all music classes at Like.
21 Sep. 2018
#TeamLechu: Por fin se besaron
Abel visits LIKE to say goodbye to León. After encouragement from his brother, León finally kisses Machu. Ulises clarifies the truth about Antonia and her mother humiliates him in front of Claudio and his father.
24 Sep. 2018
Los papás de Tony rechazan a Ulises
Tony's parents reject Ulises when she tries to introduce him as her boyfriend. Daniel suffers a seizure. Gabriel holds a concert at school for the students to demonstrate their musical talents.
25 Sep. 2018
Claudio invita a Emilia a su casa, ¿qué pasara?
Emilia manages to get Claudio to invite her to his house to work on a project. Ulises tells his father that he is ashamed of him. Tony rescues Daniel from drowning in the school pool.
26 Sep. 2018
Silverio besa a Machu a la fuerza
Silverio urges Machu to leave León and kisses her. Machu rejects him, but doesn't see Kathy recording them. Ulises invites Tony to his house to for dinner, but the night doesn't go well. Chuy is fired from LIKE.
27 Sep. 2018
Claudio besa a Emilia, pero ¿logrará olvidar a Tony?
Tony's father forbids her from seeing Ulises. Kathy blackmails Machu. Emilia and Claudio get carried away by their hormones. Kathy tries to spend the night with Daniel, but things do not go as she expected.
28 Sep. 2018
Ulises y Tony truenan
Ulises and Tony have a fight over her posting memes about his mother to the internet, leading them to break up. Machu gets revenge on Daniel for rejecting Kathy. Silverio fears he will lose his place at school.
1 Oct. 2018
Claudio manda a Emilia a la friendzone
Tony and Ulises try to stay friends after their break-up. Jessica discovers Pablo's secret. Claudio tells Emilia he doesn't have romantic feelings for her because he is in love with Tony. Ulises steals from Clara.
2 Oct. 2018
Ya sabemos qué enfermedad tiene Romina
Romina and Manuela get test results from the clinic that prove Romina has HPV. Humberto questions Victoria's decisions as a principal. León learns that Machu and Silverio kissed. Clara realizes Ulises committed theft while at her house.
3 Oct. 2018
Romi se acostó con... ¡Pepe Toledo!
Romina confesses that she lost her virginity to Pepe Toledo. Clara demands Ulises be expelled from Like for theft. Machu discovers that León is keeping secrets from her. Germán is happy to know that Claudio will go with Tony to Israel.
4 Oct. 2018
Claudio sufre una sobredosis, ¿qué pasará?
Claudio becomes addicted to the pills Silverio gave him. Manuela criticizes Silverio and Daniel for their treatment of women. Emilia finds Claudio passed out from an overdose in the school music room.
5 Oct. 2018
Los chicos de Like llegan a Israel
Tony, Machu, León, Silverio and other Like students arrive in Israel for study abroad. Thanks to Humberto's grudge against Gabriel, Claudio misses the trip. At Like, students organize a welcome party for the Israeli exchange students.
8 Oct. 2018
¿Emilia le confesará a Claudio que tiene una hija?
Claudio meets Martina, but Emilia doesn't tell him the truth about being her mother. Daniel seeks treatment in Israel. Claudio suspects Ulises stole his passport. Being in Israel moves Romi into considering religion.
9 Oct. 2018
Desde Israel, Tony despierta los celos de Ulises y Claudio
Tony makes a new friend in Israel and someone takes photos of them together to make Claudio and Ulises jealous. Manuela is forced to reveal the truth about Daniel's illness. Thiago tells Jessica his secret.
10 Oct. 2018
Emilia se besa con Jared, ¿olvidará a Claudio?
Emilia is determined to fight for Claudio, but Jared tries to convince her otherwise with a kiss. A drunken Silverio falls off a boat, forcing Romi to save him. Ulises supports Claudio and gets him to admit to his drug addiction.
11 Oct. 2018
Daniel no encuentra la cura en Israel
Daniel is devastated by the news that he is not a candidate for treatment in Israel. Romi discovers Pepe Toledo flirting with Jessica, but doesn't warn her about his STD diagnosis. Victoria proposes Gabo become the new principal of Like.
12 Oct. 2018
¡Pelea en Like! Emilia Vs. Tony, ¿quién ganará?
Students return from Israel. Tony confronts Emilia over a deleted message meant for Claudio. Romina warns Jessica about Pepe Toledo. Humberto becomes principal of Like and the students protest his new rules.
15 Oct. 2018
Emilia y Tony se enfrentarán en un intercolegial de baile
Emilia and Tony face each other in a dance battle at LIKE. Humberto abuses his power as principal by seizing the student's cell phones. Ulises confesses to Tony that he can't stop thinking about her.
16 Oct. 2018
Keiko flecha a Ulises
Keiko arrives at LIKE and Ulises is immediately taken with her. Maria Elena demands Machu end her relationship with León. Tony and Emilia come to blows. After a misunderstanding, Thiago steals a math exam.
17 Oct. 2018
Tony besa a Claudio, ¿por culpa de Keiko?
Thiago helps Emilia not lose her scholarship by giving her the math exam answers. Jealous of Ulises and Keiko's friendship, Tony kisses Claudio in front of everyone. Gabriel gives Sole evidence that Luca is alive. Tony threatens Emilia.
18 Oct. 2018
Emilia le tiende una trampa a Tony en el intercolegial de baile
Emilia, believing that Tony will reveal her secret to Claudio, boycotts Tony's dance. Ulises finds out about Tony and Claudio and, though it breaks his heart, wishes them the best. Silverio confronts Pepe Toledo.
19 Oct. 2018
Inicia una huelga de silencio en Like
Unintentionally, Tony causes a revolution at LIKE and the girls begin a silent strike to protest Humberto's rules. Thiago asks Pepe for advice. To get revenge, Tony reveals Emilia's secret to Claudio. Romina tells Pepe about her STD.
22 Oct. 2018
Keiko esconde un secreto
Romina suspects Keiko is a spy because she hides money and passports. Tony finds out that Claudio is addicted to pills. Pablo defends Manuela when she comes out as bisexual. Humberto refuses to let Ulises talk to his parents.
23 Oct. 2018
Tony descubre el secreto de Emilia
Tony and Machu spy on Emilia, trying to prove she's a drug dealer. Instead, they find out she has a daughter. Keiko helps Ulises go behind Humberto's back. Pablo confesses to Manuela that he is gay.
24 Oct. 2018
Muere la mamá de Ulises
With the help of Emilia and Keiko, Ulises manages to escape LIKE to visit his mother. He arrives just in time to say goodbye before his mother dies. Manuela plans to help Pablo come out. Tony loses her virginity to Claudio.
25 Oct. 2018
Tony consuela a Ulises por la muerte de su madre, ¿revivirá el amor?
Emilia, understanding his grief, comforts Ulises after his mother's death. Ulises wants to drop out to get a job, but Tony begs him to reconsider. The students humiliate Humberto by hiring firemen strippers.
26 Oct. 2018
Claudio muere de celos por culpa de Ulises
Ulises is expelled after confronting Humberto. The students band together to pressure the school into firing Humberto and bringing Ulises back. Claudio demands Ulises to stay away from Tony. Rodolfo asks for help with alcoholism.
29 Oct. 2018
Ulises y Tony casi se besan
Victoria is reinstated as principal and welcomes Ulises back to school. Tony, thrilled at Ulises's return, nearly kisses him. Claudio seethes with jealousy. Machu finds out her mother wants to send her to Ireland.
30 Oct. 2018
Todos descubren que Ulises estuvo en la cárcel
A charity fundraiser is hosted at LIKE. Ulises's dad arrives drunk and reveals that Ulises spent time in jail. Claudio steals the charity money. León decides to break up with Machu to keep her parents from sending her to Ireland.
31 Oct. 2018
Culpan a Ulises de robo en Like
Tony discovers that the fundraiser money has been stolen. Lalo plants evidence that gets Ulises blamed for the theft. Claudio does not have the courage to admit his guilt. Keiko defends Daniel from wrestlers. Machu breaks up with León.
1 Nov. 2018
Machu besa a Silverio para darle celos a León
To get revenge on León, Machu kisses Silverio. Lalo threatens Claudio, so he confesses to Victoria that he was the one who stole the money. With her trip to Ireland imminent, Machu says goodbye to her friends.
2 Nov. 2018
Keiko le aplica una llave a Ulises... ¡y lo besa!
León hosts a goodbye party for Machu. After wrestling classes begin at LIKE, Emilia and Machu face each other in the ring. Ulises asks Keiko to teach him wrestling tricks, during which she sneaks a kiss. Abel protects León.
5 Nov. 2018
Daniel intenta suicidarse
Daniel steals a gun with plans to commit suicide. Claudio could go to prison for allegedly trafficking drugs at LIKE. Seemingly with nothing to lose, Claudio gets in a fight with Lalo.
6 Nov. 2018
Claudio es recluido en un centro de rehabilitación juvenil
After his father turns his back on him, Claudio could be sent to prison on drug charges. With Tony's help, Claudio gets enrolled in a juvenile rehab center. After a suicide attempt, Daniel reveals his illness to everyone at LIKE.
7 Nov. 2018
¿Machu y León tuvieron relaciones?
Machu makes elaborate plans for her first time with León. To clear Claudio's name, Tony and Ulises seek proof that Lalo is the true drug dealer. Kevin will do anything to keep Claudio away from Tony.
8 Nov. 2018
León descubre el secreto de la familia de Machu
León accidentally overhears that Soledad is Machu's true birth mother. María Inés asks him to stay out of it, but León cannot keep such a vital secret from his girlfriend. Ulises and Emilia investigate if Lalo is dealing drugs at LIKE.