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Superb, timely, entertaining documentary
lotekguy-14 November 2018
There are two situations in which LeBron James represents the best the NBA has to offer - when he's on the court, and when he isn't. This first of three parts bodes well for a series that masterfully combines archival footage and commentary, perfectly establishing a social and political context for the equivalent of a college-level study of American culture and racial studies from the 1950s to the present. This in-depth presentation of the history of Black athletes in college and professional basketball, documenting their struggles within the game and beyond, mirrors the broader conflicts over racism in all aspects of our economy and society.

This is no polemic; we get a neutral, factual account of the times, events and key figures among players and others. If this level of quality and clarity continues through the next two, LeBron's superstar status as a player and humanitarian will make room for his chops as a producer of infotainment, with this fine offering from his Springhill Entertainment Company. ...and this assessment is coming from a white guy old enough to have lived through the years covered in Part One.
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harsh reality
SuzRa121 November 2018
I don't follow basketball, so some things were new to me. I AM an adamant civil rights proponent. This documentary is an important testament to race relations. I hope Jay-Z is right about change because, right now, things aren't looking so good.
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Truth and nothing but the truth
isto-vilhola-872-32289618 November 2018
This show is REAL. Entertaining, brutally true and even funny. There is not doubt the ratings will be divided, not because someone doesn't like the series but because they can't separate the politics, the truth and sports. IMHO Every real sports fan would give 9 to 10 stars unless politically motivated otherwise. Anybody who thinks athletes, actors and showpeople shouldn't comment politics are just ignorant people. As this show brilliantly says it - politics is for all people. Politics just means one has something to say about what's happening around us. Some people don't like that and it will show on ratings.
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Shut Up - Watch - and Pay Attention
antoniocassone201328 November 2018
I can't believe the low overall rating for this series. I am actually thinking Lebron and his team could clear some mantle space for an Emmy (or at least a Sports, News/Doc one). This showcases a shining example of the marriage between culture and sport. I found it to be a well-balanced, in your face look at the progression of the athletes in the sport and the rise and fall of the racial spectrum in America. I applaud Lebron James and his team for it being so balanced and I also found it fascinating the parallels between the activities in the sport and it's history alongside the cultural, societal history unfolding. Bravo!
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Long Live The King and his Brotherhood of CEOs, masters of storytelling!
mariamx-531945 March 2019
That LeBron and Maverick created such a wonderful series out of something so hateful is amazing to me. As a middle aged, Brit from across the pond who loved many of the great Black sportsmen, this show was informative, entertaining and well edited. Really liked how they used a female voice to narrative which is outside the sports norm. HBO and Warner Brothers hit a treasure chest with these young men. The 6.8 rating on here tells me the demographic must interested and effected by this show don't bother writing on here it seems! Well, I am here to do it. Go watch the show if you're interested in great sports people and how their work become the hotbed of the struggle for human rights. LBJ also walks the walk with his free agency advocacy, ex-players health care, older players ability to get paid by their teams if they can bring the same value as 25s. All wonderful work that goes unnoticed.

The Peoples champ!
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