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  • Campbell plots a coup with Lexie and the Guard; Kelly spots something suspicious in a photo; Becca goes into labor; The expedition returns with news.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • Kelly marches over to Harry's to show him the picture of the bus driver and asks if he recognizes this man. Harry does not, but Kelly shoves the phone in this face and tells him he's the same guy they saw arguing with their parents in the very first episode (Pffiefer).

    Lexie holds little group sessions where she laments about how awful things are under Allie, and is angry about having to work and getting docked food, and the fact that Allie has never asked anyone if they're okay with these rules. Lexie compares New Ham to a police state.

    Fearing that her power is dwindling, Allie asks to meet with Lexie, who doesn't want to talk and tells Allie, point blank, she's not afraid of her. Trying to offer her a compromise, Allie offers Lexie the option to run for council, but to no avail. Allie starts coming to terms with the fact that she's going to lose the election and makes Will also promise that he knows she's going to lose the election. Campbell, meanwhile, believes he's going to win the election, via Harry, and run the town.

    The expeditors discover a huge plot of land roughly about an hour away from New Ham, and not only that, the area is full of turkeys.

    Kelly brings the photo of Pfeiffer to the larger group, explaining to Allie, Gordie, Becca, Sam, and Will that she saw him arguing with their parents shortly before all of this happened. While also finding messages and documents between them. Sam comes cleans and reveals that he saw some of the documents, including the one where the town refused to pay $1.5 million to have the smell removed. Allie suggests that Pffiefer drove the bus between two parallel universes and Gordie disagrees. As they discuss whether if they're the ones who are being punished, or if it's their parents, Becca goes into labor.

    At the hospital, Becca gives birth. At first, the baby doesn't breathe. Kelly grabs the baby, flips it upside down, rubs its back with a towel, and then flicks its feet to get it to cry. Becca and Sam decide to name the baby girl Eden. Everyone else is still very much trying to figure out how to win the election. Helena goes to Allie, suggesting that they team up to work together to stop Lexie. Meanwhile, Campbell goes to Lexie and lays out his plan to her. The Guard shows up at Allie's house and arrest her and Will, on Campbell's orders. He believes he's "freeing' Elle and also stopping Allie from stealing the election.

    Down at the church, Helena is talking the crowd about how hard it is to lead, and that Allie's doing the best job she can. Lexie then busts in and tells the crowd that Allie and Will have both been arrested and Luke explains that he heard the two of them rigging the election. This is enough to shock the crowd into believing Lexie, who then tells everyone that she and Harry are going to be joint mayors for the time being until they can hold another election at a later date.

    The first order of business is to change all of Allie's rules. Everyone's allowed to go back to their own homes, but Kelly is furious to realize that Harry aligned with Campbell for his own self-benefit. Allie and Will are brought in front of an angry mob outside the church. While this chaos is going on, Grizz and the rest of the explorers return home and announce that they've found land, fish, and animals to help them survive. Lexie tries to reassure everyone that they'll be okay, but she doesn't sound completely certain.

    Suddenly, everything cuts to black and we see a shot of the moon at night. The dog, who we've seen before, is sitting in front of the library and a hand reaches down to pet it. It's revealed to be Amanda (Allie and Cassandra's mother), who then heads into the library. There, she begins reading Peter Pan to a group of kids and a few parents, all of whom are wearing yellow ribbons on their shirts. Behind Amanda is a giant plaque that reads "WE REMEMBER THEM" as we see the names on the board are all of the teenagers of New Ham, before the screen cuts to black.

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