"Krypton" Ghost in the Fire (TV Episode 2019) Poster

(TV Series)


Shaun Sipos: Adam Strange


  • Lobo : The name's Lobo.

    Adam Strange : [coughs] 

    Lobo : Thank you! So you have heard of me, yeah? So then you'll know what my name means, yes? No? It means "he who devours his enemies' entrails and enjoys it."


    Lobo : I'm just jerkin' your gherkin, man. I have no idea what it means. I killed my parents before they could tell me, so...

    Seg-El : Listen, uh, Lobo. Uh, we don't want to waste your time. So I got to tell, I think you got the wrong guys.

    Lobo : I know I've got the wrong fraggin' guys! I know. It's why I'm going to use your intestines to strangle this saucy little minx.

    [motions to Adam] 

    Lobo : And then I'm going to crack open his head and drop a big old dirty deuce inside his skull.

    Adam Strange : I'm-I'm sorry. I'm having a really hard time here understanding how those connect.

    Lobo : I mean, just the sheer fraggin' spectacle of it all out to loosen up old Seagull's tongue over there so he can tell me where the frag the Green Goosh is!

  • Seg-El : Wait! Wait. Let me just say one thing.

    Lobo : Is it good-bye? Better make it good-bye. It'd make more sense if it was good-bye.

    Seg-El : How about Brainiac? That's who you're looking for right? The Green Gooch? It's Brainiac.

    Lobo : You know, I've been spending a long time looking for that a-hole. And then something activates the shithead scanner I left here, and when I arrive, what do I find? You two ass-smears and no Brainiac. Now, why is that?

    Seg-El : Because he's dead. I killed him.

    Lobo : You? With your long eyelashes and your beautiful, soft skin and that smell - you smell like a meadow, nah.

    Adam Strange : It's a true story. I-I can vouch for him.

    Seg-El : I can take you to the body if you want.

    Lobo : Counter-proposal - you tell me where his body is, or I'll paint the forest floor with your medulla oblongata.

    Seg-El : No, no, no, no, no. That's not going to happen. See, we're going to take you to the body, you're going to let us go, and noting is going to get painted. Huh? Sound like a deal?

    Lobo : Fine! Have it your way. But fair fraggin' warning. If there is no body there when I arrive, best believe there will be two when I leave... as in you and pretty pants over there.

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