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Expell this kid already
theoriginalantiblonde24 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I have been enjoying this series a lot, even though I'm not the target audience, haha. The writing (and wit) have been top notch for any show, let alone a kid specific one (sorry not trying to be ageist here). Miss Hardbroom in particular is hysterical. The subtleties in her appearance and mannerisms are wonderful. As are all of the inside jokes with all of the names and such. I find myself breaking into unexpected laughter on a regular basis.

These last couple of episodes in season three have been annoying though what with Mildred's constantly ignoring the intelligence and common sense she displayed in the first two seasons. It's like she's taken a stupid pill and is hell bent on wallowing in misplaced pity for all others who weren't born with magic. Her excuse is her own situation, yet we now know that she was indeed born with magic, so it doesn't make sense. She's just coming across as a self absorbed whiny know-it-all kid who insists she knows better than everyone else. Maybe this is supposed to be a learning curve for her character, but it doesn't match who she was before. It's like she's gone into full regression, not progression, far back beyond what she initially was. I mean, in the first season when Miss Cackle's evil twin tries to trick her into giving over her magic, she is smart enough to reason out why she should refuse. Whereas the older and much more much more experienced Esmeralda Hallow just handed hers over without a question. But now... I kinda just want to smack her. I can understand to a certain point why she was insistent that her mother be allowed to acquire powers (even though the mother didn't want them), but now with Indigo... it's like Mildred wasn't even present for the previous episode when her mother tried to destroy everyone or listened to what Miss Hardbroom had told her about Indigo's own abuse of magic.

I hope this plot thickens soon, cos as it is now, this kid seriously should be stripped of her powers also and sent home. It makes no sense at all that she's still there.
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