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Season 1

5 Apr. 2018
Calamitous Song of Jushiki and Swords
Gayus and Gigina are two Jushikiists struggling to make ends meet amidst cuts to their pay and Gigina's spending. They learn of a string of murders, where the victims are always Jushikiists.
12 Apr. 2018
The Cardinal's Celebration
Gayus and Gigina are tasked with protecting Cardinal Mouldeen, who is in town as a "tourist" - but something doesn't quite add up.
19 Apr. 2018
Weaver of Light
Gigina and Gayus are tasked with serving as bodyguards for His Eminence Mouldeen.
26 Apr. 2018
Ballet of the Winged
Gayus is visited at the hospital by Mouldeen and Helodel in what appears to be a gesture of friendship, but the mood changes quite abruptly.
3 May 2018
Goddess of Revenge
Gayus and Gigina are locked in a battle against Mouldeen's men before another familiar, but even more formidable, foe emerges.
10 May 2018
Bad Omen
A string of attacks by Magatsushiki raises concerns within the city. Gayus and Gigina are dragged into the escalating situation.
17 May 2018
Invitation to an Evening Party
A man named Zhuo Lu appears at the hostage exchange where Remedius was to be brought home.
24 May 2018
Calm Days and Lonely Nights
Largonkin and the Jushikiist agency vow to avenge the people slain by Great Magatsushikis Amupura and Janahn Ghalan.
31 May 2018
Revelation of Malice
Amupura and Janahn Ghalan's evening party draws near. They pay the agency a visit.
7 Jun. 2018
Guillotine of Spiders, Time of Snakes
The battle against Amupura and Janahn Ghalan begins. Even with the entire might of the agency, things look grim.
14 Jun. 2018
Endgame of Sand
Gayus, Gigina and the gang engage in a drinking game. Things get out of hand.
21 Jun. 2018
And Yet, We...
Gayus thinks back to the old days, when he was a still rash, inexperienced Jushikiist who hadn't yet let learned to trust others.

 Season 1 

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