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Black Mirror: Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too (2019)
Season 5, Episode 3
Are those bad reviews for real?
15 June 2019
The episode is one of the best in this already great series. What's motivating this noisy group of haters? Why all those one stars? Is this episode not worth a 5 or a 6 in those haters eyes?
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Easy Virtue (2008)
Greatly underrated
3 October 2009
Funny and witty dialog, hilarious (classical Noel Coward) plot, great casting, superb cinematography and music, not a single second of this movie is wasted without a breathtaking take, great dialog, funny wit or just a funny scene.

Jessica Biel's acting and her character are memorable. Colin Firth feels a bit young for the role but his acting is superb. Kristin Scott Thomas has always been one of my favorite actresses and she seems to be just made for the role (with a lot of make up to make her look older, she's too sexy for the role otherwise).

(I don't know why this movie gets a less than enthusiastic rating here.)

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
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Only Human (2004)
If you are in the mood to laugh, this movie could be explosive
3 February 2007
This is a light but well scripted comedy about a dysfunctional Jewish family in Spain, being visited by a daughter from out of town and by her Palestinian fiancé. The fiancé's name is Rafi and he is at first believed by the family to be Israeli (he was indeed born in Jerusalem).

I can particularly relate to this movie because as I am: (1) South American born. (2) Was raised Jewish and (3) Lived many years in Israel. In short I can relate to this hilarious comedy from many different personal angles. The movie is really funny even as it tangentially touches dramatic issues such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a dysfunctional family, an overzealous luggage search for Rafi which is clearly what many Muslims are experiencing at airports, religious matters, family dramas and much more. You have to be able to look at the world with a bit of salt and pepper to really enjoy a scene such as the family asking him in which Intifada Rafi fought (he did not lie, he just did not mention he fought for the other side:) ). I found that scene hilarious. I hope you can loosen up and enjoy!
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Family Law (2006)
Quite disappointing
2 November 2006
I found the film quite disappointing. I felt the film lacks focus and intensity and the script is quite flat, almost a soap opera. The film is described (and accordingly so named) as the struggle of Ariel Perlman (Daniel Hendler) a Law professor addressed as 'Doctor Perlman', to realize his own identity from his father, 'Doctor Perlman', an established, sharp Buenos Aires lawyer. Unfortunately the movie has no real focus on this, nor on other aspects of Ariel's life (we see a bit about his role as a teacher, a bit about his family life as husband and father, a bit about his social life, and a bit about his relationship to his father, but no strong story or drama links all this together).

In particular I am not too excited to see this movie as the Argentinean candidate for the Foreign Language Oscar nominations for 2006, as I think it will not compete well with high quality submissions such as 'Water'.
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