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Carol for Another Christmas (1964 TV Movie)
Interventionism. Here is one sales flyer from the left.
25 December 2018
Viewing the USA from a neutral point of view, both the left and the right are equally passionate for interventionism. Carol for Another Christmas presents what the left would like the masses to believe. The warm polished ideas acceptable for sharing with the masses. To sell them on the idea of interventionism.

Other Hollywood movies such as the Green Berets present ideas that the right would like to share with the masses -- selling interventionism couched in warm polished conservative jargon.

Carol for Another Christmas shows us that the left and the right are the same and do the same thing: seeking interventionism under a banner with pre-approved sales slogans, while their shared underlying reason for wanting interventionism remains hidden.

Setting aside the messages in Carol for Another Christmas, the movie has many familiar actors from the 1960's and it contains the same pace and black & white in-studio visual style that viewers of The Twilight Zone will find easy to watch.

Well worth viewing at least one time.
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Bataan (1943)
Good intention but bad
11 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Contains spoilers

A lack of realism sinks this movie.

First, there is a no posture of danger or life saving vigilance by these soldiers surrounded by active snipers. Deep in the Philippine jungle for 4 months or more, these soldiers are too fat and aged. The extreme humid rainy muddy Philippine jungle would be a difficult place to keep tommygun style loaders functioning. The oven-like Philippine low lands do not have London fog. The tallest coconut trees grow up, not sideways, and the local Filipinos would show amazing skill at climbing the tall trees, not Americans in socks.

Last, but not least, is basic human functioning. We humans are very good at recognizing a person we have known. Someone with such a uncommon pointed look, and an extremely distinctive voice, as the corporal would be confidently recognized by someone who knew him.
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Dating Naked (2014– )
Bikini dating would be far more sexy
30 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
"Naked Dating" is on a TV channel that does not show frontal nudity and this dooms this reality dating TV series.

For example, the leading male needs to pick from three females, and by his comments, we know he wants to pick the one female with the biggest chest. However, for viewers, from beginning, middle to ending credits, we never see any visual evidence for who might have the biggest chest. All we see are blurs in the front, and all of the blurs look the same for the females.

However, from the back, we do see which one of the three has the perfect point-seven ratio, round, childbearing hips and a warm shapely bubble butt. For we viewers, there is one contestant who stands far above the others. There is one we want to see more of. There is only one of the three we want to see picked. Yet, the leading male's comments remain unconnected to what we see. His comments are all about what viewers cannot see. We see him pick a dud for no good reason. Failure.

A nudity show can be pure fun to watch on a channel that allows nudity, such as the nude travel show on the old HDNET Channel. But "Naked Dating" on VH1 does not work as a reality show. What rational purpose does a "NAKED" show serve when is has no nudity? As it is, about the only thing to do is have "Naked Dating" on in the background with the TV sound off and play the beach party music radio station as you putter around your house. Beeches. Sunsets. Beach party music.

If "Naked Dating" changed to be "Micro Bikini Dating" without any blurring, it would become visually sexy and perhaps even interesting to watch.
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Planet Raptor (2007 TV Movie)
So goofy, it is watchable
27 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This review contain spoilers.

This is one of the most watchable movies currently sneaking around the free channels of Roku TV.

So much fun, where to start?... There is the concept: dinosaurs and castles! Please move along "cowboys vs. aliens" please step to the side "snakes on a plane" etc.

Also, the costume of the lead female character looks like it was designed by Mel Brooks for a spoof movie. I was kinda expecting her chest might have the power to hypnotize the eyes of excited raptors.

On one hand, the language is pretty much family friendly. Easy on the ears. But on the other, the blood-spurting head bite-offs are not family friendly.

PLANET RAPTOR would be better if it was one notch smarter. The characters do not barricade the doorways and use the stone castle, hight & second floor rooms to their advantage.

Last, because the movie borrows from the tech of STAR TREK, it would have added to the fun if the writers played with some aspect of the ST universe.
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Poor story, low realism, vivid visuals
17 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This review contains spoilers.

This movie is being played many times per week on GET and, unfortunately, it is too difficult to miss.

In the beginning of the film, the Romans light a line of fire in a location that hinders their ability to repel. After this, we do not see two forces attack and battle, but see only one force at a time appear to attack an unseen enemy.

In the middle of the film, 5 barbarians capture the 100+ strong armed "Amazon" Roman coed army without a fight or struggle. It plays out like a fantasy based upon a lunatic ramblings. If the entire Amazon Army has no interest to engage only 5 armed enemy and 1 unarmed, what is the point of their existence? We also see an uppity Roman women throw off her sandals to show her rebel-minded willingness to have foot-blisters, but within seconds of doing so, she climbs aboard a carry bed and slave men lift her up and take her where she wants to go.

Add all this to seeing women with 1960's modern hair styles and clean shaven soldiers and barbarian men, and viewers are very much on the lookout to find more silliness (and maybe hoping for a laugh track?) rather than watching this as a real movie.

The final product is ultimately a waste of film.
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Khalifah (2011)
Middle of the road drama
21 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This contains spoilers.

The word khalifah means leader. This word is not used as a person's name in devout Islamic regions. Here in this movie, Khalifah is the name of a very attractive unmarried 20-year-old girl in Jakarta Indonesia. After World War Two, Indonesia has been a casual Islamic nation under the rule of powerful dictatorships. With the fall of its last dictator, the door was opened to freer elections, as well as a push in some segments of Indonesia towards more fanatical religion.

So here we watch as our beautiful Khalifah takes a journey from the milder Islam of Indonesia, to a more strict devout strain that a small portion of Indonesians follow.

Her story has some poetic elements... we see that Khalifah is a classic model-like beauty, so very easy on the eye, but her move towards stricter Islam makes her start to cover up her nice attractive face.

Beautiful Khalifah works in a beauty parlor, of all places. A beauty parlor is founded on human motivations that are in direct opposite of strict religious modesty.

Khalifah's move away from mild mainstream Indonesian Islam comes about because her mother was sick and died, and her father is in debt, and with not enough family income, she agrees to marry a high income successful business man who will support her entire family. Khalifah is told little more than he is very good with Islamic text.

There is a marriage. The husband is kind to Khalifah. The husband gives some money (not a great amount) to support Khalifah's family. The husband asks her to dress in full coverings to hide all of her beauty, and she does.

Instead of exploring the poetry of this set-up, the movie KHALIFAH explores the social aspects of putting Khalifah out into the world dressed as a bad "terrorist" looking person. Last month she was oogled by all, now this month she is hated by all... but the Khalifah inside has not changed.

There problems with the plot. Khalifah's father, although poor, is a respected mosque leader and is nice to her and seemingly close to her, but Khalifah never goes to him for help about her husband's double life. Khalifah's father was the one responsible for finding the man who he wanted to be her husband, so why not show him each piece of evidence of the double life?

The biggest problem with this film is the lack of phones. Flor more than a decade now, Indonesia is a land filled with poor people who barely have electricity, but still every family member over six-years-old has their own cell phone. But in the movie KHALIFAH, the successful high income business man does not have an assistant with a smart phone, does not have an assistant with a regular cell phone, and does not even have an office at all to take messages.

Worse, the businessman himself does not have a smart phone, he does not have a regular cell phone, and he does not even have a simple house phone to take messages.

The movie KHALIFAH takes place in a strange alternative phone-free universe!

Last at the end, with the same small income, how and why would Khalifah and her father try to operate two separate households? Little income with 2 houses for which to pay rent puts them in a worse place than at the start of the film when they had the same little income and only one house to pay rent on.

As a dry straight drama, KHALIFAH needs a more realistic story.
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Game of Thrones (2011–2019)
Mix of good and bad
19 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
What is good: casting, production values, complexity and a fairly good balance or mix of action, drama, comedy and romance.

Compared to the recent Arthur, Merlin and Pillars series, Game of Thrones is extremely well cast. There are no major blunders with actors picked to play lead characters. This is an accomplishment.

I also like that it has the Fire&Ice opening credits lending it a timeless TV vibe.

And most of all about GAME, I really love watching the young Shakira actress who plays the queen/mother of the dragons. Her every body movement is consistently slow. There is a sexy slow motion grace with her hip-popping Shakira "Suerte" outfit sometimes worn, sometimes not worn... 100% slow-dreamy pleasure. Beyond good.

But there are problems (going by TV / leaving books aside). We see no build-up or justification for Ned Stark to ever want to actually be a temporary regent. OK, yes, he might be willing to do it out of kindness, friendship or whatever, but nothing is ever shown to ever tell us that he was so blindingly dumb or blindingly power-hungry or blindingly anything to ever want to risk wasting his time to be a temporary regent, let alone push to do it, let alone risk life or limb to do it... let alone risking his defenseless children to do it.

"Our old dead King wanted me to be Regent for a while, but if you all are fine, I will return to Winterfell and stay busy minding the north for you. Any problems, write."

This would be a win-win. This would be easiest. This would carry the least risk. Ned Stark had no motivation to do what was unpleasant, to do what was hard, to do what was risky, once his King friend was dead and gone.

When in prison helpless and powerless, a childless neuter had to remind Ned that he has children in danger. The respected Ned Stark - forgetting he is a father. Forgetting he has children to protect. Not realistic.

Another problem is the most evil players in GAME are invincible. Year after year, the great bad guys cannot be removed from "the game". Real fighting kills the great good guys, but never the great bad guys. Magic kills the great good guys, but never the great bad guys. Invincible bad guys ultimately make a story gloomy and pointless.

Another problem is neutral parties, when given a choice between joining a brutal dishonest ruthless untrustworthy power-mad king, or joining a king with honor seeking justice rather than power -- the neutral parties will always join the dangerous untrustworthy king. This is reckless and unrealistic.

Another problem is the greatest, most complex, most sweeping deception seen in the entire series was carried out by a loony old man with no right hand seen to conduct small things, let alone great secret things. No team running anything. The old man keeps his sons at a distance. He openly treats them with no respect. His sons show no like for him. His daughters are even more worthless.

This weak old man could see his wife easily killed with no bother, all the while, he is surrounded by his adult children who hate him? The feeble old man is at the mercy of his close kin, so how could he not expect them to punish him for not caring to protect one of them? Not realistic. He dares eat a meal after what he did?

Leaving aside the old man's unhappy nest, what about the army of the good King? Why is the army of the good King loyal enough to win mighty battles, yet not loyal enough to seek any revenge when the feeble old man somehow manages to kill the good King?

GAME has too many 80YO men making babies and having hard interactions with young ladies. This is olden times long before the invention of serious ED drugs?

And although the Shakira queen is a pleasure to look at, year after year she says some really dumb things. "If X, I will die. If X, I will kill you. After I am dead? I think."

I don't care much for the magic and supernaturalism. GAME would be better without it. But even more distracting is the use of modern language. Lots of modern slang language is used in GAME, excused as being the common tongue. But as soon as the modern slang erupts, the illusion to olden times completely disappears. Much effort and costly production values have gone into the illusion of being in ancient times, it seems a shame to ruin it all every 13mins for no good reason. The illusion is more powerful, for example, when the young Stark girl speaks with Jaqur. It is weakest when the dwarf and/or the Hound start speaking slang.

The final weakness is with general realism. GAME is far too modern with its social treatment of butch lesbians and dwarfs. It also lacks realism by having far too much happen at night. Visit a primitive location on earth today where electricity is rare, just as modern birth control is rare, and see how life begins at morning light. With no fridge or freezers, see how fresh food comes from the swarms of chickens walking everywhere all of the time. Rich people have many chickens running around. Poor people have not so many. But clearly, chickens and roosters rule the sounds of morning. Along with a sea of chickens, every young women has an infant, a 1+2+3YO and so on. A simple village is brimming with toddlers and infants. If chickens and babies are not seen everywhere, they are heard everywhere.

Having many small animals & toddlers make a production difficult, but these simple realistic sounds are not heard. GAME looks like an old place, but it doesn't sound like an old primitive place. GAME has many problems.
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This is a drama series, not a comedy -- sort of
18 November 2013
This contains spoilers.

This TV series is a basic Japanese TV drama. Basic is a very good word to use to review it. But first...

This TV series is known by a few names: Hakuba no Oujisama, Hakuba no Ohjisama, and The Right Time for Pure Love.

Although it is listed on this web site a comedy mini-series, it is meant to be a drama. However, specially from a Western point of view, every episode of The Right Time for Pure Love provides for lots of unintentional laughs.

All of the main characters _almost_ interact with each other. What? Well, what we see are 40 minute episodes of many actors constantly looking away from each other. Everyone's eyes are focused at empty space about three feet, and a little to the right, in front of themselves as they talk, as they listen, and as they do most everything.

This is a little hard to describe, but the actors are not seen LOOKING AWAY, they are fixed statues right from the start of every conversation. It is like an alternative Star Trek world where shyness has run amok.

The few moments when the actors actually look at something or someone, are captured and repeatedly replayed to viewers as either memories or highlights.

There are some amazing emotional heartwarming Japanese dramas. There are some hip fun romantic Japanese dramas. This one is none of the above.

One other odd thing to note is the lead character is as chronically neurotic as Woody Allen, however she also has the shyness of Mr. Bean. This may be interesting to a clinical psychologist, but it is not that interesting for TV viewers.

The Right Time for Pure Love is harmless, but not great TV viewing.
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Vanaja (2006)
An interesting mixture that goes nowhere
3 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This does contain many spoilers.

VANAJA starts our with interesting promise, but it soon turns muddy and ends without telling a believable story.

At first, VANAJA appears to be a nice coming-of-age story similar to SCENT OF GREEN PAPAYA but with a more zippy pace mixed into an Indian classical dance movie. However, it turns away from the higher arts, and seems to want to be a matter-of-fact sex movie, then it twice tries to be a revenge movie, then it wants to be a family bonding drama, then it tries to be a movie of personal self-redemption, and then it ends as a friendship movie ignoring all of the many, many swings and motivations we have all just witnessed!

There is too much unbelievable weirdness. Anyone spending years in a northern US college is not going to come home from the airport not wearing shoes. A fully mature red-blooded guy living among our many fully developed curvy and fun point-seven hip ratio college girls is simply not going to notice a 12-year-old unattractive stick figure with a face for radio. India is famous for parents actively pushing potential mates upon their children, so where in the movie are any attractive fully developed young females? There are none.

And about the mailman who also very much wants this 12-year-old looking girl, why would he want her so much after she had a baby? After having someone else's baby? Are there not high school girls to chase or something? What kind of village is this?

Another problem is no none in the movie displays a kind heart except for Lacchi -- whose story is never followed. She is the only attractive personality we ever meet, but this is not her story.

Everyone else in this movie is dark and unattractive and lacks charm. OK, you may say, so this is a gritty dark movie. Well no, because none of the worst players are consistently bad. They do hurtful things with no realistic motivation. They do not even pretend to be kind for an evil purpose. They act randomly as if suffering with split personalities.

Also, there is talk of 600,000 Indian dollars going to the poor father. This plan appears to be a done deal, but we never see any hint of how this 600,000 might have changed his life. We never see the money at all, but we do see the other side of the plan in full detail. The 600,000 just disappears forever with no explanation.

Last, Vanaja does not hold and treat her baby with motherly closeness. Her neck does not grow thick as happens with pregnancy. She is such a stick figure, and the father of her baby is such a strapping male in his prime, the story makes no sense.
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Kiri (1986)
"Angel" of the Philippines
25 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The revenge flick is a solid movie staple. KIRI (or better known in the USA as FATAL BEAUTY) borrows elements from Hong Kong action, which borrowed from earlier black exploitation movies in the USA, and adds the classic revenge story plot. Or, to put it all into fewer words, Lampel Cojuangco's FATAL BEAUTY is the Philippine version of Donna Wilkes' ANGEL.

Like DEATH WISH, FATAL BEAUTY contains some extreme grit making it for adult eyes only. The acting is serious. The direction is less distracting than other Philippine movies of the period.

Here, Lampel shoots up the bad guys and cleans up the mean streets after seeing too many loved ones around her lost to the brutal city.

The side-streets of Manila are seen as they exist, except that the night shots in FATAL BEAUTY contain no lurkers, but in real life every nook and cranny of Manila are brimming with awake people at all hours.

Also, the real life air pollution of Manila is minimized in FATEL BEAUTY.

Other than the above, FATAL BEAUTY is a good introduction to Manila grime and is a solid example of shot-on-film 1980's Philippine movie making.

As distributed in the USA, the Tagalog is over-dubbed in English with no subtitles. The screen format is 4:3 with mono sound.

To an American audience, KIRI/FATAL BEAUTY rates a 6.5 score for its true grit and rare glimpse into non-tourist Manila.

I would rather watch rough FATAL BEAUTY than the super slick Hollywood movie MAMMOTH (2009) any night of the week.
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Interesting, topical, but lacks bite and accuracy
25 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This review does contain spoilers.

In "America's Book of Secrets" episode "Presidential Cover Ups" May 17, 2013 (Season 2, Episode 7) the producers appear to be uninformed about the subject matter, although the visiting experts do better.

Take, for example, the narrator making the statement that 16 year old Abdulrahman al-Awlaki was killed in the same instant as his father. Same airstrike. Same location. Same time.

This report in the "Presidential Cover Ups" episode of the "America's Book of Secrets" series is factually incorrect.

Factually, the father, Anwar Al-Awlaki, was assassinated without due process far from any battlefield on September 30, 2011, in northern Yemen's al-Jawf province.

While the 16 year old son, Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, was assassinated without due process far from any battlefield on October 14, 2011, along with a bunch of other teenagers while eating at a restaurant, in southern Yemen's Shabwa province.

Shabwa province and al-Jawf province do not touch each other. Shabwa province and al-Jawf province are so far apart that each cannot be seen from the other.

Abdulrahman Awlaki, had not seen his father, Anwar Al-Awlaki, since May of 2009 -- a time spanning more than 2 years.

How can the "America's Book of Secrets" episode "Presidential Cover Ups" claim that father and son, Anwar Al-Awlaki and Abdulrahman Awlaki, were killed in the same airstrike and same instant and same location when actually they had been assassinated weeks apart in time, by different missiles, under different orders, more than 100 miles apart geographically, with different sets of companions (one was with adults, while the other was surrounded by children), having not even seen each other for years?

A commander-in-chief harming a child for the (unproven) sins of the father violates the Magna Carta, common law, the U.S. Constitution, the Geneva Conventions, the War Crimes Act, and international law. In my opinion, the producers of "America's Book of Secrets" episode "Presidential Cover Ups" are not brave enough to call a sitting president a war criminal.

However, the guest experts interviewed in "America's Book of Secrets" appear to be more informed and make watching this series worthwhile.
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Iron Warrior (1987)
Rarely seen masterpiece
16 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
*** This review contains many spoilers. ***

The best, most fun, movie experience I had in over 10 years.

IRON WARRIOR wipes away the silly cartoonish AVATAR, THE 300, LORD OF THE RINGS, and new-fangled non-classic STAR WARS, etc, and restores the dream that once was honest-to-goodness real life fantasy.

The only downside with IRON WARRIOR is the realization that this type of movie could _NEVER_ be made in today's fake digital CG world.

IRON WARRIOR is a fantasy movie filled to frame edge with crisp realism. Forget artificial studio reproductions of the great outdoors -- IRON WARRIOR is filmed in the real outdoors of Malta. Forget cartoon girls and cartoon boys -- IRON WARRIOR lets viewers enjoy the real flesh of nice looking actors.

The movie contains many wide-angle views of open skies and blue seas. It is a wonder how these shots are not filled with jet trails and pleasure boats. Still, the picturesque sky and ocean are just the beginning of what IRON WARRIOR has to offer.

IRON WARRIOR is very easy to watch. The good guys are young and beautiful. The bad guys are old and ugly. The lead male hero is a striking figure with a face that must have inspired decades of Japanese anime artists.

The young females are all running around in a time before bras. The female costumes outdo any I can recall. Even better than the ST: TOS female costumes.

Once the viewer comes to understand the implications presented by the female costumes, apt attention and an erect edge-of-seat position will follow right up until the ending credits.

The costumes help make IRON WARRIOR stacked with great adult visual appeal. Visually stunning to be sure.

IRON WARRIOR has Borg. It has swords. It has D-sized excitement.

Just when you might think it could not be any better, there is slow-motion bouncing and slow-motion hero running.

Then again, just when it could not be any better, IRON WARRIOR has swimming.

And then close to the very end of the film, just when surely it could not get any better, the actors start talking and BAM! -- we viewers discover that IRON WARRIOR actually has a plot! IRON WARRIOR is the coolest most fun movie to watch -- specially when compared to the fake cartoons of today's childish "epics." Make sure to catch the Director's Cut Extended Version of IRON WARRIOR. Highly recommended.
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5 Days of War (2011)
Serious Hollywood film versus real life Bradley Manning Video
2 March 2013
This contains spoilers.

A centerpiece of 5 DAYS OF WAR is that authentic video footage of a clear and brutal war crime is powerful evidence able to make change -- in and of itself.

In 5 DAYS OF WAR, the conflict involves some Georgians and the Russians with roots in old Soviet politics. Whatever blatant and harsh oppression is at the center of the complaint, it is distant to American film audiences. Other people living in far away lands may, or may not, have a tradition to respect the rules of war.

This is all to say that 5 DAYS OF WAR is deeply flawed because it is not grounded in reality. In real life, American film audiences are more closely familiar with American traditions. George Washington commanding a very humanitarian "rules of war" code placing virtue with the Americans, in sharp contrast with the poor ethics of the British military. The good guys (we Americans) act good. We act good. We are good. It gave Americans deep pride to be American.

The flaw in 5 DAYS OF WAR is most obvious today as we all know of the Bradley Manning "brutal bloodlust video" released to the media and general public showing U.S. military gleeful war crimes on civilian targets. Authentic video footage that changed... nothing. It changed nothing because in the real world of today, the side that tortures and murders with robot drones is good, and the side that uses bare hands to farm green beans and onions is bad. Today, in the real world, we all share the ideas our leaders tell us.

Life is easier now the happily cowed media and we regular people because none us ever need to think for ourselves; we have a leader who will do all of the thinking for us. This is real life. 5 DAYS OF WAR has too much fantasy.
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Epic greatness way ahead of its time
28 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This contains spoilers.

BATBABE is a lighthearted sex spoof of BATMAN. I would give BATBABE a perfect 10 vote, but sadly there were too many tattoos for my taste. Maybe I was in a picky mood when watching it.

There is much to like about this movie...

PacMan burping music. You don't hear that every day.

BATBABE is NYC based, not SoCal. This means BATBABE is not filled with unnatural painful looking overly-stretched chests. There is a lot of natural niceness to see.

Some say that the actress who played BATBABE was not comfortable moving in extreme high heels, but I think this was intentionally part of its greatness.

What not to like...

I have not seen the DVD, but on Showtime the the framing is off. Every actor's head is half cut off throughout the movie. It is like watching a TV in ZOOM mode, but your TV is not in ZOOM mode, it is the way the movie is being shown.

Other than the tattoos and skin piercings, the movie BATBABE is pretty much near almost being a masterpiece.

As an extra bonus, the first 5 or 6 minutes of this film displays Hollywood's most biting comment yet on the USA drone murder program. BATBABE, made in 2008, is way ahead of its time.
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PIONEERS OF TELEVISION "TV Super Heroes" is so botched it should be removed
11 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Does contain spoilers.

PIONEERS OF TELEVISION Season 3 edition "TV's Super Heroes" was not simply lacking, it was inaccurate.

It assumed that only live action TV counts, not TV cartoons. Well, OK, opinions can vary on this. If you are looking for super heroes, you are doing it blind if you limit yourself this way.

It assumed that a TV super hero must be born from a comic book, or be a spoof of one. Simply wrong. So profoundly wrong, words escape me.

Historic facts, wrong again. Let's take a look.

Before the first WONDER WOMAN aired, held up by PIONEERS OF TELEVISION as the first US TV series with a female super hero lead, the US TV series ISIS started its run with the 100% luscious, sexy & oogle-worthy JoAnna Cameron who single-"hand"-edly changed millions of innocent boy brains into less-than-innocent man brains. A real life TV goddess.

Also, when Wonder Girl joined Wonder Woman it was not the first female-female super hero double-team on American TV. ELECTRA WOMAN AND DYNA GIRL predates Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl.

In TV history, there have been space alien super heroes not born from comic books. Mr. Spock had the strength of 10 men in TOS. The strength of 10 men is one well established threshold of super hero strength.

In TV history, the most realistic TV super hero ever -- so ground-breaking and so popular that the characters Oscar Goldman and Rudy Wells were seen on two different TV networks at the same time (golly gee, talk about historic) -- was the title character of THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN. All completely unknown to the producers of the PIONEERS OF TELEVISION.

This episode is so poor and inaccurate that PBS should remove it from rotation.
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Atrocious & preposterous non-acting elevates TOMMY BOY to greatness
6 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
*May contain spoilers.*

The atrocious & preposterous non-acting in WAITING FOR FOREVER elevates TOMMY BOY into epic greatness in comparison.

Simply watch any few seconds of the long in-car road part at the start of this movie. Notice how the actors never have even a slit-second of awareness of the changing landscape outside of their car. Worse, their vision is not focused to even the distance of any car window. Total concentration is unrealistically deep within their highway zipping car -- all of the time.

At first I thought this was a weird movie about blind people inside a moving car, as every actor is unnaturally looking into empty space about 8 inches over their foreheads or 8 inches below their chins. But eventually at some point the actors do look at each other. Whatever, their 100% lack of awareness at the changing landscapes, road signs, and other cars along the highway was completely unnatural.

In comparison, the actors in TOMMY BOY spend a lot of time inside moving cars and they appeared to be much more normal looking at least sometimes into the distance.

How profoundly bad are the actors in WAITING FOR FOREVER? Imagine any random normal people talking inside a car, but unable to look outside because the car glass has all been replaced by flat mirrors, so all they can see is each other's reflections. Even with this vision block, normal people would look into the mirror much of the time as they talked. Normal people, even with their distant vision blocked, would not look at empty space 8 inches below their chins or above their foreheads.

Next, replace the mirrors blocking all vision with normal windshield glass. Then, you will see average humans inside a moving car MOSTLY looking outside the car at all of the new visual stimulus beyond the car windows. Yes, they can speak with each other, but normal people in a moving car will mostly look outside of the car.

WAITING FOR FOREVER is unnatural and completely -- totally -- unrealistic. It is unintentionally a very funny movie.
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Avatar (2009)
Cavalry v. Indians... and it was the story which lost the war.
16 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
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Technically well made. The animation seen here humanizes the characters as good as classic Disney. Top production values all around.

However, unlike Disney, the animation effects somewhat upstage all else from time to time. This cannot be said to be a major fault as the great visual effects are the big selling point of the film.

The greatest flaw, in my opinion, is with the story. It is the classic mighty modern cavalry v. the stone age natives. The weak natives are predictably doomed. Be it the American Indians being cleared away by the Europeans, the Tibetans being conquered by the Chinese, the Palestinians being eradicated by the Zionists, or the Aztecs being beaten and enslaved by Cortes, etc, witnessing the long-winded slaughter of innocent natives is not exactly enjoyable.

AVATAR fails to make the doomed storyline an asset to the movie as a whole. Different viewers may have other personal tastes, but for me AVATAR is not worth a second viewing.
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Caliente (1995–2006)
Spanish Beach Bikini Dancing for the Ages
21 June 2012
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In the mid 90's CALIENTE "Hot" burst on our Spanish TV stations, and the whole universe changed.

Ten years before today's DESCONTROL on Spanish TV, there was CALIENTE. Many pop songs by Spanish singers like Shakira and Christian Castro. And most every commercial break featured the Spanish language Fanta Girls... "Doncha wanna???"

Now, there is eye candy, and then there is eye CANDY! No need to know a lick of Spanish beyond a fast food menu to be able to appreciate the TV fun on offer here! Ultra sexy girls dancing in teeny weenie bikinis. Visually, it was the most exciting 60 minutes on TV each and every week. It was wonderful.

In 2007, DECONTROL replaced CALIENTE and the tradition continues. CALIENTE was never broadcast in HD, and it did not offer much fan connections through social media as does DESCONTROL, so it is difficult to complain much.

Still, if ever CALIENTE is shown on late night repeats, I will be watching.
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More charming than profound
3 May 2012
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Late for Dinner (1991)

Deep-frozen in 1962 and with the aging process suspended for both, two men wake up in 1991 to a grown daughter and an older wife.

Brian Wimmer, Peter Berg, Marcia Gay Harden, Colleen Flynn, Kyle Secor

It is easy to understand why Brian Wimmer and Colleen Flynn produced so much chemistry together in the first season of the New Flipper. So far I have seen them together in three different productions.

In real life you may never see your father express a spec of emotion... until one day their sibling or parent dies, or they learn they are dying of cancer, or something else rare and profound. Even the most emotionless adults has a point when they have an emotional breakdown and are crying like a baby.

The weakness with LATE FOR DINNER is the same for most all TV shows and movies where a loved one comes back from the dead... a loved one coming back from the dead would be hitting emotional raw nerve. There would be an emotional break down -- hysterics -- from each loved one.

But in these movies and TV shows there is smooth coping -- and fairly calm understanding that a dead loved one has returned. The lack of emotion is not realistic.

LATE FOR DINNER is not an earth-shaking deep drama. It is not a comedy. However, it is a story with charming likable actors.
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An Idiot Abroad (2010–2012)
Fairly fun travel show
19 February 2011
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First, Karl the traveler does go to far away exotic places. And once he is there, he sees a lot of small local traditions rather than only the mainstream vacation resort type entertainment.

Second, Karl often has some clever insights. His comments are funny, specially when they are so bluntly practical. Some of his discoveries are actually helpful to a potential traveler... best bring toilet paper, or sometimes, best bring toilet (and then he teaches how to build your own packable low-cost toilet).

It is easy to watch Karl travel around. He keeps the show interesting. I notice that Karl never flirts with local girls just as Michael Palin never does during his many travel shows. It must be a British trait.

But third and finally, the show is not perfect. The two office people who set up the travel at the start of each episode laugh at their own ideas way, way too much. Whenever they call Karl in the middle of his travels, all of the fun stops. Also, the "bumbers" they present at each commercial break "warn" viewers to expect nudity. However, all of the nudity is blurred away in every episode. There is NOTHING naughty in AN IDIOT ABROAD. I say, edit out the office people and have more time for traveling with Karl.
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Not realistic, but great casting and good acting
14 February 2011
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A movie director cannot name a character a pervert and then think that anything goes -- that the "pervert" in their movie can be realistically turned on by a person their own age, and a 80 year old fat person, and a transsexual, and a combo of hamsters and duct tape, or some photos of Elvis in black leather.

NO! As anyone knows, in real life a hetro pervert will only chase the opposite sex. A homo pervert will only chase the same sex. A bi pervert can go either way, but bi perverts are extremely rare because they have overwhelming opportunity already. Even more, perverts are very picky. One may only chase brown hamsters with red duct tape, and be completely disinterested in white hamsters with black duct tape. Very, very picky and single minded.

Anyway, in LITTLE CHILDREN the pervert is not logical. The director wants us to think he is a little kid pervert, but we see him easily become uncontrollably stimulated by an average middle age lady. What? In real life, a person who can successfully be stimulated by such an average person will be receptive and stay fairly busy chasing this easier stimulation.

On a different issue, if two adults are going to set up an important late night meeting with one bringing along their sleepy kid, you would think that the last idea they would ever come up with is removing the sleepy kid from a car and walking off to a dark lonely place that is very likely to be a night hang out for local punk troublemakers. The meeting plan is not logical and was not realistic at all.
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A light Cinderella MAN lacking simple realism
16 January 2011
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The general idea of this movie is telling the tale of a father dealing with a mountain of difficulties when his family finds themselves kicked out of their public housing and must live in a shelter.

I found all of the actors to be appealing. The story was OK, although some of it seemed to be a by-the-numbers retread of Russle Crowe's boxing movie "Cinderella Man".

However, WHERE GOD LEFT HIS SHOES has a weakness that is totally distracting. The movie's tone is realistic. Dry realism as in any serious drama. Yet time after time, there are small little things that reek of amateur hour. For example...

1) The rich business owner is walking around his living room eating from a plate of meatballs, and his plate just happens to have an extra fork on it for a unexpected guest to share.

2) The father wakes up in the morning and pulls away his blankets and quickly starts his day and speaks his lines, and his feet happen to already have his boots on and laced up.

3) I find it unrealistic that a hungry person will so energetically refuse to eat good food unless there is a direct and clear reason.

Not a bad movie, but not all that good either.
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Life Blood (2009 Video)
10X better than Zombie Strippers
4 January 2011
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I saw ZOMBIE STRIPPERS for the first time late at night near Halloween time and it seemed impossible that it could ever be topped. After seeing LIFE BLOOD under the mid day sun it became obvious that I was wrong.

LIFE BLOOD introduces to the universe the "Chicks Chasing Chickens" TV show. Speaking of poultry, what other horror movie would ever be so confident to play the "Turkey in the Straw" song? More eatin' bird? OK, add the MIGHTY DUCKS kid and have him act fairly straight, and mix in an on-duty midget cop who waddles like a penguin. What a movie!

A mixed up (India) Indian family almost buys curry powder. Super sexy lead actresses kiss each other o'plenty. And last, there is a visit by the almighty creator who happens to be a lesbian.

LIFE BLOOD contains a sensuality that ZOMBIE STRIPPERS never achieved.

The only weakness I see here is that the almighty creator is far less hot looking than the other characters. Kim Kardasian or some other perfect .7 hip ratio female should have been cast here. Other than that, this movie is completely fun.
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Ice Quake (2010 TV Movie)
This is NOT a science fiction movie for flashlight geeks
12 December 2010
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This contains spoilers.

ICE QUAKE is NOT a movie for flashlight geeks.

I am not sure if I have ever seen such poor and unrealistic use and handling of flashlights in a TV show or movie anywhere close to as bad as the flashlight handling in ICE QUAKE.

The actors "aimed" the flashlights at least 90º away from where any normal person would find it helpful.

Often in rescue movies actors are seen yelling at distant search planes or at helicopters thundering over head. This silly behavior is seen often in movies and TV shows. Sadly, ICE QUAKE finds a new level of unrealistic behavior.

Even when the actors are waving the lights around with spastic thrashing arm movements, the beams of light do not once even accidentally point in a useful direction.

Perhaps cast and crew were all suffering from 100% snow blindness during the filming of this movie???
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Paradise Now (2005)
Many plot holes
9 December 2010
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This contains spoilers.

PARADISE NOW has some weak points in the plot.

The large cut gateway in the fence, and the fence area, were quickly left abandoned and unrepaired by the Israeli guards, so the lead character could keep passing through it as he wished. This is not realistic.

The girl was an outsider. English born, French raised daughter of escaped refugees. She would not have much standing to influence. This was not realistic.

Peeking at his mother, but not checking in, was an artificial story convention. This was not realistic.

When his best friend learned from the former boss that the lead character had returned and was hob-nobbing with the girl, he naturally would have reported to the freedom leaders the status update -- that he was not captured and that he made it back on his own safely. This was not realistic.

A better movie about human bombs is THE TERRORIST (1995). Much more thought provoking.

A better movie about the Palestinian occupation is a large collection of documentary shorts made and edited by Palestinain teenagers called VOICES BEYOND WALLS being shown in 2010 on university campuses and on direct media.
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