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The Take (2016)
Don't waste your time, really...
10 July 2019
What a boring turkey this 'action' movie was, It's a wannabe action movie that Hollywood has done so many times before and so much better. 'But Oh!' my friend said, 'it's set in Paris so that's different'. Not it's not, if you're feeling for an action movie with a terrorist theme complete with the duped unwitting female helper rent out From Paris with Love. It has great action scenes, car chases and kick ass foot chases and great chemistry with Travolta as the cowboy reckless CIA agent. This turkey has Idris Elba who sure, was menacing and always looked locked and loaded in The Wire but that was American made. Here he's so wooden and stiff and well, British. The bro banter simply isn't there, just lame corny lines between 2 Americans in Paris or one american and one 'Black guy with an American accent' - yes, that line is actually said! Ok, so if you're on the Cultural Studies tip, it's worth watching only to deconstruct that 'funny' line in context. Otherwise, rent From Paris with Love seriously.
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Poverty Pimping of the worse kind... good for academia only
24 March 2019
Really poverty pimp of the worse kind, simply transpose this to class not race, and imagine 'comedy' about middle class London boy going to working class areas reeling from the deindustrialization of the country. The idea wouldn't go further than the pub bar joke it is. Somehow this went from treatment to full on production? As a sign of how low we'll go to get viewers this is sign of the race to the bottom for American culture of the lowest kind, in terms of both intelligence and humanity.

PS: it's not funny even in the most uncle tomfoolery way.
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Armed (2018)
Watch with the right attitude... and you'll go deep
5 January 2019
As NWA say it's about the attitude and I'm writing this because I saw the LOW ratings and was going to give it a miss but then a single reviewer called it New Narrative and a high score. I'm glad I read their review.

This is an 'Indy' movie, which means some peoples brains hurt because it demands close attention and their attitude was probably 'Guns, Black Man, it's gonna be action!'. It's not Blockbuster ROCK genre, it's indy folks! If it were French made with subtitles it'd killing it in the frappacinno houses. But this is American made and present day, which makes it disturbing because it's holding the mirror up to us today.

If you are American gun owner or not, on medication or not, and travelled to France, UK, Germany etc you'd have some kind of 'narrative breakdown'. Other industrial nations attitude to pain killers, weapons, is so different to ours they'll casually say we're a psychotic nation. And this movie shows that in a brill way, as the ending dialog displays.

Intense profound movie about our present day demons. Go see with an Indy film attitude.
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Insecure (2016– )
Come for the laughs stay for the T shirts and Beats...
26 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Works really well, whenever I watch it with males or females. Someone said awkward but funny, and in real life people like this get through because their jokes make folk want to be close and so supportive to them. Ok, that's enough deep stuff, as I say it's the Beats and the T shirts that makes each episode pop. The Art and Music direction is incredible, the beats are up to date but many of the T shirt icons sported by the cast are retro 1990's Hip Hop references, as are script references, like FUBU... So even when the dialog is losing my male phallocentric biased mind sometimes, I naturally notice the background beats or crisp T shirt icons. And Then there is the composition, lovely! Even on my non huge flat screen monitor the colourisation draws me in. Yep, each episode is a great nightly wind down after work.
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Grown-ish (2018– )
Mutton dressed as Lamb?
26 December 2018
Taking something really old and past its sell by date, and serving it up as edgy? Not in 2018, with this tired writing, and characters trying too hard to be quirky. I'm dissapointed because Larry Wilmore (great work in Daily Show, Bernie Mac Show, In Living Color etc) name had me expecting more.

Save your time, and treat yourself to a college experience funnier and more relevant and yes, More Real by watching or rewatching Community , I'd buy dolls of those characters I miss them so much (Troy and Abed in the morning!)
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Headshot (II) (2016)
Save your Popcorn!
2 December 2018
This is sooooo bad that KNOW those good reviews were paid for! Others have compared this turkey to Jason Bourne. Jason has a plot, fantastic fight scene and great acting (remember Matt's portrayal of the almost boyish soldier with a killer jock inside him?). The acting in this sloppy cheez serving is wack, the big shot baddies in their terrible suits and cliche sneers... if you gonna go corny at least camp it up like in those macho fun spaghetti westerns. The sound track music sounded like it was taken off a KTV machine and cut and pasted all over the place. As for the plot, it's impossible to write a spoilter about it coz everything is that obvious. At least in the RAID movies, which led me to watch this turkey, it was straight up and simple serving of ass kickings so you could go to the fridge come back with the six pack and not need to ask 'so what I miss?'. We do salute the Child Trafficking subtext to this movie though, something that's huge in Indonesia (well the whole region really) , this is not really fleshed out, probably because it would be too unpalatable for viewers... unlike the shootings, stabbings, eye gouging, bone breaking close ups we see throughout this 2 Star Special.
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Collide (I) (2016)
Quick Review - for the undecided, more than simply it sucks!
3 February 2018
Watching this flabby turkey during a bout of insomnia made us all think 'come back action Hollywood action flicks all is forgiven'. I'd only watch this again as background noise while the beer and pizza arrives and everyone settles in before we watched a real heist action movie Hollywood style.

The setting is not LA, NY but home of the EU money makers, Germany although you wouldn't believe it looking at the drab dreary apartments (Hollywood know HOW to make down and dirty look grunge and sexy), then there's the 'acting'.

Two major thespians from the theatre wheel out for this, Welshman Anthony H and Anglo Indian Ben K, and they overact in the most cliche way... is this a prostrate thing with old male actors?

Then the two young Americans are from the bargain basement, a goofy tooth chick who looks like a strung out crack head. And then there's the action male lead (I refuse to say his name) looking 10 years her junior on account of the intern who did her make up. He is an action hero who can't fight his way out of a paper bag, and keeps raising his hands like a scared kid when anyone shoots at him (c'mon Jason Bourne we need your strong but sensitive aura here). He does do one thing though, and that is to look and act pussy whipped. Playa he ain't!

Don't be fooled by any talk of action in this fat flabby turkey. IF anyone says so, it's because it's probably the first film they've seen since they went into their Old Peoples Home 20 years ago, or the're from Cologne and you know what we say about Cologne. 'If I could choose where to die it would be Cologne coz no one would notice if I was alive or dead '
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ONLY makes sense if watched along the original otherwise...
30 January 2018
This is one cheezy camp theatre production, taken to film just so they can amp up the kitstch with the stage sets. BUT, and it's uppercase BUT this makes for serious entertainment if viewed along with the deadly serious 1954 version of the play set just before WWI.It's an oldie but easy to download in glorious black and white. Set at the height of the Industrial Revolution in the country the kicked it all off, Britain. When over two thirds of the world was under the royal family's control and masses of rural British folks moving to the cities willingly for 'a better life' (they had it better than the colonies who were kidnapped or indentured into migration across the Atlantic!). Eugenics was the scientific norm, and class/race meant working class people were seen and depicted as subhuman. That setting made the original play very powerful.

Here we are in a millenium where a new mainland power is emerging, there are mass migrations of rural people to the cities working in factories (none left in deindustrialised Britain). Well you can see where I'm going... so why choose frivoluse campness for a remake over the opportunity for a deep deadly serious drama which would bring the original right up to date by being in China?

Watching both versions sides by sides makes for debate along these lines, in fact we're still talking about it as I write this.
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Trishna (2011)
Rape is ok - as long as it's the lower classes
27 January 2018
No spoilers here, just the tone of this movie which is unbelievable and fake. I'm going back to good ol' Bollywood movies clear of pretension and illusions of drama. We ingested this movie during the #metoo era in 2017. It reads like a plantation story, starting with bunch of culturally illiterate hurrah henrys on a trip in India, enjoying thier 1% status. The main dude is suppose to be half Indian, but doesn't speak or understand his Indian father's language and gets this - is not even aware of basic basic basic things about rural India. So why didn't they put a regular white english boy in the role? An wack attempt to avoid any colonial 'massa' plantation comparisons.

This makes for pathetic unbelievable dialog and actions, As a third world boy, I can tell you the first thing you learn to do when you visit the motherlands is to switch codes and not talk to locals like their your boy from back home. This dude also rapes the girl. It's RAPE! Some of us watching (the westerners) couldn't get their heads around this part, which it what the film is counting on (to it's targeted audience). We discussed it and it was explained that, yes today in rural traditional parts of the world women can be raped but not know it. It comes from being subservient and knowing your place (like a good plantation girl or boy). After that incident, the film bores on continuously with lines like 'I'm going to tell my father about us' (really dude? I mean really?).

This could and should have stuck to the ol' British kitchen sink film formalua where upperclass twat slumps it in his father's factory by messing with the hot factory hand girl working there. Sure it's been done before but it would better than this boring unbelieveble nonsense.

It did remind us of those loser English Language Tutors who go to China, Malaysia teaching and seducing traditional country girls and getting away with the kind of abuse they could never do at home until of course they get their asses kicked by her family. Now that's a story I'd like see on film.
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You know you've overstayed your welcome...
17 January 2018
You know you've overstayed your welcome when your friend/host/whatever puts this movie on! Waiting in Beijing, more like waiting for plot, character development, action and even more so - waiting for someone to answer that question 'how the hell this turkey ever got made in the first place'. Reminds me of that film entrepreneure back in the day who charged, yes charged! people to be in his turkeys. The film crew were legit but the 'actors' were all folks who paid to be in the film.

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Freight (2010)
If only I could do a MINUS 1 - but a a cure for nostalgia of British
24 November 2017
ANOTHER MORAL HOLIDAY from the small island desperate to reinvent itself and it's Film Industry

Wack wack WACK! British gangsta movie. It's pathetic not just because of the 'plot', the 'action' (neanderthal grunts of men 'fighting'), or the ugly cast (where the hell they get these ugly, ugly people from?) but the racial politics are disgusting… like really disgusting, enough to make one think this is an MI7 funded bout of psychological warfare.

The hubby to be is Asian and get this, the Black guy in this psychological propaganda turkey is saved by the English noble gangstas from the evil East European thugs. This turkey of a film can only be of use for Cultural Studies and Guerellla Intellectuals to watch and dissect. It's pathetic to see how that dreary drizzle island that invented racism (as Bro Jessie Jackson said) reinvents itself and casts its 400 years of sin onto East Europeans. It's the East Europeans who abuse for the buck ( yea right, not the 400 years of that Welfar Queen's plantation history). Where where oh where were are the films about that era of enslavement, enslavement and neocolonialism? oh yea, made in the US. You want gangsta go to older films this turkey hasn't learned from made in the US, You want Trafficking films ? do the same.

And yea, I was born and seasoned in South London and left for the USA, not just for the great gangsta movies they make with the great sound tracks.
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Warning... self effacing white male
25 August 2016
I was in Liverpool, the opposite end of the spectrum to Slough, home to soft southern saps where Brent sets this turkey, it doesn't work with it's-oh look self effacing white male, yea right, I was sitting at the back and could smell his smugness. But he, the office used to work...

A long time ago a good partner of mine, walked out on me saying 'I refuse to spend another day in a country like this where people are in a perpetual state of embarrassment'. It cracked me up, and I pulled out some old' OFFICE episodes, he laughed and stayed. Like I said that was a long time ago, not even the tittering classes of the south can find this still works in 2016!

Go Check Louis CK or any number of great American self effacing white men, who also don't hog all the lines like Brent the Bore does. Unless you're really old' and unable to empty yourself of that English middle class angst where you're in a constant state of embarrassment in, which case you'll watch and titter to this turkey for nostalgic reasons.
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7 Seconds (2005 Video)
Not Cult status but a Kebab special!
19 August 2016
Just a few words after reading some of the pretentious media illiterate reviews here. Like most media it's the CONTEXT that we ingest it in that matters.

I ingest techno in a club a midnight not after my Tai Chi class.

And this late night campy action movie was just what the senses ordered, when we watched it late at night with Kebabs and Lager. It's such a laugh!! Forget the plot, it's the characters, and by the way it's great to hear so many accents, the South London accents is a good change from the usual suburban middle class accents British actresses have and I could go on. It is a Straight to Video, like Seagal which is also ingests well after a night out with your mates with a Kebab and Lager for some bubble and giggles. The dialog doesn't demand much, and the plot is simple to follow so frequent trips to the fridge and bathroom never elicits a 'what I miss?'.

If it comes on at your local cable, best to ask yourself first 'am I feeling' for a Jarmusch or a poor man's Tarantino,' before watching more than 7 seconds of this Kebab n Lager special.
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Doing Time (1979)
Class War 101
10 August 2016
I watched this again over 3 decades after it was made with younger folks. How to make it relevant to them? The jokes fall flat in our new millennium — like the 'oh he's gay, so it's funny'. This in a sense made it relevant because it shows what was seen as funny back then.

What hadn't changed is the Class War aspect which is clear and present as the backdrop, starting with the accents. Quentin Crisp joke that 'In the US your accents shows where you're from. In contrast to the UK where your accent shows where you're from'. The middle accents come from the 2 governors of the prison. The official governor, from privilege and boarding schools and the shadow governor, the prisoner who runs things from the inside with aspirations of class, displayed by his brilliantly acted faked accent.

Between official and shadow governance is the space Fletcher moves, bopping and weaving. Fletcher, the main character we all watched Porridge for, is the survivor. He's not for the system or against the system to fight it, he just wants to get it off his back and get by (straight outta the book and movie 'The Spook Who Sat by the Door. Watch for his delivery of the line to a prison officer 'you, I, we are merely here to establish the status quo'.

So yea, this old grimy film worked well as a conversation trigger on the 'how things were back then' theme, without any nostalgia, giving a new lease of life and relevance. Why was it a comedy unlike say HBO's brilliant Oz series? As the man said, if you going to tell people a painful truth you better make them laugh.

Shadow Governance
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Momentum (I) (2015)
like eating stale bread with stale cheez
10 May 2016
Oh Lordy Lordy what turkey this was. Only bothered to watch this coz of Morgan. The first few seconds with his voice over sets up a kewl vibe where you reach for a brew and blunt and get comfy in the lazy boy and then… nothing but corn camp villain with English public school accent (coz we all know the British are up to no good) fighting it out with a pathetic flat ass hero whose pretty face has one expression… BLAND! Even the action scenes couldn't stop me from adjusting my lazy boy to sleep mode. It's 2016 and our standards are high from Bourne Conspiracy and a zillion Kung Fu movies. The action scenes here are like the 1970's cop films, OK back then but well stale now. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!! if you're going to watch cheezy cliché crap make it bearable at least and do a 50 Cent straight to video move at least my man has swagger which always goes well with a brew and blunt.
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MI-5 (2015)
WASP on WASP alert!!
21 February 2016
This film is so B-O-R-I-N-G it had to be British. So boring like the drizzle dreary bwitish weather itself. So boring I wrote this to fight off the insomnia attack while watching this turkey (and we all know the bwitish can't cook).

What with the lines "what the bloody hell… ' each fulmination delivered with that repressed boarding school angst the top inbred upper class characters all have. They do have a black guy in there but he's such a coconut his massas probably don't even call him by name just whistle.

No need for spoilers this turkey is well spoiled because it's about… surprise, surprise Arab terrorists. And not like Three Kings or The Siege or Traitor where the gray areas are used for brill dramatic effect.

To make it appear somewhat original, you know what they did? Get this WASP on WASP competition! American CIA vs bwitish MI5. Too funny, I know the bwitish are pretty clueless bunch (I use to live there) but there is no competition folks it's been over since the US started using that drizzle dreary island as its largest aircraft carrier, over 30,000 US troops on British soil under American command. Uncle Sam runs things already. C'mon now MI5 it's over so stop embarrassing yourselves with this farce to stay independent while pottering around after naughty arabs with bombs.

Sometimes a boring movie can be bearable with eye candy or a great backing track but not this lame duck. In the name of realism they used actors who look the part, that's inbred upper class twats from that diminishing gene pool who are not easy on the eye. And the backing track to this wooden chicken, is like intro to techno beats, you know the cheezy slow intro effects before the beats speed up.

Woulda Coulda Shoulda worked if it was serious, and I mean serious in any way, seriously camp like James Bond (the boys at the club say you're not fooling anyone James), or a serious setting like the brilliant Hidden Agenda 1991, but then that's set in Ireland and too much for the BBC tea and biscuit brigade who need to believe their nanny state is taking care of them — yea right, tell that to the victims of their imperialist wars blessed by the worlds biggest welfare queen.

If it's a TV spy series that's your bag, check out Homeland.
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Serves as brilliant photo-journal as that time but with motion
8 February 2015
Coming to NYU? Going to live in the village? Perplexed by old timers talking about 'how the village/lower east side has gentrified? Watch this in the background as you sip your mocha with soy care of gentrification. The background shots are for real. See how parts of NY looked back in the day. Serves as brilliant photo-journal as that time but with motion.

I moved to to village in 1980 away from Europe and this brought back so many memories not just of the urban landscape but the characters. It was the perfect antidote to the stale suburbs and perfect environment to write, act, dance, play music, make love and generally 'Express Yo'Self!'
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Taxi zum Klo (1980)
20 years on, Rewind Review
6 June 2009
We checked this film again decades after most of us had seen it first time around. @ Ritzy in Brixton which was bad and independent back in the day. What hit us all, is a moment in the movie where our guy shows his involved in international politics, meeting about Chile etc. He like many gay men is involved in the socialist politics and yet.. and yet where is his moves for individual sexual politics? This really was true back in the day where gay men would be involved in the great left vs right debate but keep their sexual life was a don't ask don't tell and don't expect any gay civil rights involvement from me! This wasn't a myth as Peter Tatchell was an active socialist in the labour part but once his gay lifestyle hit the media, well even the his Party's Leader had to denounce him as a 'poofta'. Political Young folk should watch Taxi Zum Klo to realize how good they have it now.
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Livin' Large! (1991)
Manufacturing Consent with a Chuckle
14 April 2006
As per usual with PAK Posse reviews this comments is not tell you about the plot etc. Hey that's why you wanna see the film right? But to assist in shape shifting so folks can watch this with another lens. 'Livin Large' came up for us (PAK posse) as a part of a Communications Class Fun Break Theme, of the 'edutainment' genre. As in teaching or attending a class on media/communication or any of those coffee and cigarette type subjects. This movie could be a light relieve class viewing. It would balance out say, watching Chomsky's 'Manufacturing Consent' which is a heavy documentary and some may call clumsy but come on now some of us suburban space cadets need that to wake us up.

Some of us here at PAK Posse worked in media (before we couldn't take the BS any longer) and the issues mentioned in 'Manufacturing Consent' are raised and played out big time in Livin Large. It's done brilliantly and humorously. The vehicle is race, as you can see from the poster, but class is in there as well. The process of selling out is NOT a sudden one that one becomes aware of but like a frog in a pan of water being warmed up slowly, it doesn't realize it's being cooked until it's too late. Selling our soul for the buck, the status, the car, the glamor (u will die when you see our boy falling in "luuuuuurrrrve with himself " on the TV screen). And of course for the male this is often accentuated by his partner, so poor Dexter has his woman Toynelle getting goading him on as begins to enjoy the high life too. This selling out can be so gradual that we sell out our ancestors, our soul without realizing it unless something drastic happens or as this movies shows we literally go nuts! Going nuts can be a warning message from within that our reality is skewed, in this movie the humane ending is the positive outcome of heeding the warning.

The reality check of course is in the real highly competitive media, the outcome is different. One of us said that Livin Large just had to be a comedy coz of the serious issues of media is raises up. For example a BBC black news reporter (Trinidad) would 'coincidentally' be chosen to read the news about South Africa continually, during the apartheid regime. He would look straight at the camera and read the prompt, lies an' all which was pro apartheid-UK government and anti Mandela. For selling out his people his black ass a knighthood or something from the (welfare) queen of England for doing this devilish work and he is a now token of the reactionary media establishment which is exactly what could have happen to Dexter in Livin Large.

So Yea boy, watch this a Double up with 'Manufacturing Consent', it's funny as hell as it's dealing with serious stuff. And us activists are always being rightly accused of taking ourselves too seriously anyway.
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Politics of Film - it really is more than just entertainment
12 September 2005
Politics of Film

This is like Sankofa a Diaspora telling of The Great Black Experience, independent conscious but unlike Sankofa which came out of US in the new world, this came out of London.

Interesting is that while Sankofa was a true independent success being seen in many independent cinema's and brought to colleges from grassroots black support, this film is hard, I mean real hard to see in Britain. Most folks I speak to you Brixton, London haven't heard of it let alone seen it and the independent cinema the Ritzy has blanked it.

Showing 500 Years Later back to back to with Sankofa would be an interesting starting point for the Politics of Film. Both progressive and conscious narratives from the Hunted not the Hunters view and both with distribution problems from the get go.

Note: There is an interesting interview with the makers from the Socialist Worker paper, this is a pretty far left marginal group, who like most radical socialist/Marxist organizations tend to seek out and support all things black and working class. Check it:

  • email me please if you know of any similar films but not in English, especially if Arabic (maybe Egyptian).
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Dot.Com (2000)
It really does get funnier as the years go by...
14 June 2005
It's amazing to see this film made to in that short 5 year Dot Com Boom -that which has never been seen before. Pre for this rental by getting your pop corn and reminisce companies going IPO without having made a profit!!?? the chortle about Razorfish, Viant, Kozmo and .......

It's comedy history people, as a 'muscian', 'actor' all round flake I was one of the many who in the mid 90's got swept off ma feet literally by the Dot Com boom of New York City. You really did have people say 'what will it take you to start tomorrow?' and being a lit grad you would say, "the usual, the minimum wage and happy hour Fridays", then the dot con dude would cut eye with you and say 'oh you want to play hard ball eh? OK 6 figure salary with stock options, and travel allowance but no limo's bringing you to work we are just a start up'. AND this movie has all that stuff, it's no exaggeration. Seeing people (like moire) who would be flipping burgers, sorry the're grads, serving espresso's avec du creme in coffee bars in the East Village (Greenwich), seeing people like us jumping on the new media explosion with no experience makes for troubles ahead and where there's incompetence there's humour.

And in earnest, this film could only be made then about that because such comical incompetence would become slapstick and silly if applied to a non Dot Com industry like Film, Automobile, Farming etc. The industry used in the film, is in it's overheating stage where incredible opportunities abound and anyone and everyone seems to be able to get in.

The ending of the film will make you spit your blunt right out of your hand. Mention this movie when you bump into a former dot com guy, like anyone who graduated in the mid 90's from NYU and watch them squirm/laugh/'go to a happy place'. Then push your luck and ask 'what did you do with all that money?'

Happy Place Zeech 'if you are going to walk on thin ice,' 'you might as well skate!'
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Thug Out...Sticks Man
5 May 2003
Here's to you Howard! cheers! Action 'Kung Fu' move of pops generation. Early 60's when movies were in Black and White like everything else in those days. So no, it's not the action skills we all grew to lurrve in the 70's latenight big screens on 42nd Street but for posterity you must check it.

On one level it's very very true to Caribbean Shanty stock like you and me. My man, Ichi is just like the Sticksman old folk would tell me about. He is not lowlife, just normal country boy planting corn or massage or just getting by. But he has a gift of kicking ass, just like the Sticksman.

Now imagine you just getting by day to day with your little handicap (you blind or have a limp) and other people see you have a gift, with weapons. Everyone is going to want you to fight for them, conquer and consolidate. Do you become Gun/Sword/Stick for hire? Do you walk away? Do you go 'Yanky on them' and set YOURSELF up as the Man in the Village?

watch the movie then let's sit down and chat these question's a real Historical drama to many of us from the Caribbean. - hey you can guess which option and route my dad took.

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Crumb (1994)
Joys of Capitalism and Counter Culture...
23 April 2003
Kaz, you gotta check this out. The guy is a "easily, hurt, sensitive guy who doesn't fit in" and gets no sexing because the jocks and assholes are getting it all by displaying their Male Power (and the chicks all go 'he's loud and stupid and gosh I find him so interesting'). Like you said before, he's the persona that would move to the East Village (NY) back in the day where he wouldn't get picked on for being different; for being the soft sensitive soul; for being effeminate.

So this wimpy nerdy plonker, shy of girls starts to draw and keeps on drawing and drawing from within all through his teens and by lady luck manages to make a living out of it in the 60's. God bless America, because where else in this world could that happen (not over here UK - I had to see a social worker after mum found one of my hand drawn comics). YET! he leaves the US for France at the close of this movie 1993? I say yet, because he is A persona that would not have been allowed to flourish in France, or anywhere that doesn't have the US' counter culture history.

Check his brother too.... not a Mad Yogi but a real Yogi as far as I can check it. His brother mediates on bed of nails , has begging bowl etc . He needs this discipline as it checked his sexual harrassment habits! A True Yogi,I say, a superfreak who can't get it on so masks it with Yoga as he can't find a nice spot to release and relieve himself..ha ha, while you and I are lucky enough to get nasty in other countries.

Pity we were not lucky enough to be born earlier when creative outcasts like Crumb really could for a moment make a living out of their outbursts without a friggin PR Marketing Yuppy coaching you.

The movie ends with precisely that, some tosser Hollywood Ho hassling Crumb for 'cartoon rights' on the phone....pause... hey maybe the guys is doing the right thing leaving US for France. What About Us Bro? Looking at this documentary is real history, that time has gone where does the 'hurt, sensitive, guy who doesn't fit in' go? where are our spaces and outlets. My old mates back home are all recluse with NO FUN. Crumb has fun, Crumb had fun ... jerking off to his own cartoons, riding big ass ladies. We gotta come up with a plan and use this documentary as a starting point. PAK POSSE -- Zeech
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Lucía (1968)
A Caribbean Tropical Fairytale..
21 April 2003
NOT!! I watched this, black and white movie from the only Caribbean Island that has consistently produced content for and by it's people .... Cuba. Three segments make up the movie, so you can break this up for a class or workshop very easily. The last flow is a post revolution Caribbean and brutally honest about a 'Guy Thing' that Michele Wallace and Cornell West have pointed out for decades but still many men don't take notice (I know I was just the same back in the day).

The moment, is what happens after our revolution brothers? Be we in Cuba, Eritrea, Algeria etc. When we have called upon women to help produce change. The truth is we have a habit of replacing White Patriarchal power structure with a black/brown one and say to sisters, wives, mothers, grandmothers. "Listen na, massa day done! now is we time, why you don't just leave this serious business to we men, you women go and busy yourself with anyting but this serious business of power."

Z' (still evolving I hope)
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The Last Angel of History (1996 TV Movie)
Dot Con spin off
18 March 2003
I saw this in 2003, but it dates 1995. That was the dot com boom era, I know and was in New York and couldn't leave coz my phone and email box were ramed with jobs every week - it was madness and the gold rush posse included many 'artists' looking for a new cyber angle to sell their s**t..

I consulted a lot for 'visual artists' who were usually film guys looking for a new spin to get bucks to put thier ideas up. That's me, now this film is intersting coz it's from the UK, London who were behind NY in the cyber media buzz. Now most of the interviews are with Americans P.Funk, Tate, Delaney etc. This poses the problem how do you make a documentary interesting when it is full with folks who already have been interviewed tons of times, who already have bodies of work out there?

Well these guys put in this Cyber detective character myth, that doesnot make much sense. My mate said it didn't need to coz it's Sci Fi, but I don't buy that. My mate like that spin, I said it was a cheezy attempt to make lame music doc. interesting by adding a sci fi tinge to it. Check it for yourselfs. At the very least it's a one off, not many black made cyber docs with P. Funk in the mix that I know of from Europe. PS: I just know the germans went crazy for rubbish like this, they went for David Hasselhoff
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