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Border River (1954)
one of the worst westerns even made
1 May 2014
terrible screenplay, terrible actors, bad and weak screenplay, ridiculous scenarios and plots. there's nothing worth praising whatsoever. guy was chased by soldiers, was shot crossed the river, then woke up in the hotel, then suddenly wearing all custom made new shirt, jacket and pants and hat showed up in the bar, then again, he kept changing into tailor made dresses after finished one scene. those dresses were ironed and pressed and so fit on his body. all the fights were poorly carried out. the dialog and acting by most supporting actors were just overly exaggerated and pretentious to the extreme. you need to turn of your I.Q. to watch this stupid western movie. the heist of the gold about two million dollars worth was another joke. the scenes by the river with stupid quick sand also was just too stupid to watch. all the fighting scenes just looked stupid and fake. there are so many good western movies from 1940 to 1970, but this one definitely is not one of them.
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Bad screenplay, bad directing, likable actress
1 May 2014
this whole series is actually a mediocre one if compares to other mysteries out of Scandinavian TV industries. screenplays were so badly crafted and then further deteriorated by poor directing and editing. the only thing that this series still worth viewing was the main female crime reporter herself, played by Malin Crépin, a female actor who performed naturally, a quite likable persona that viewers would like to watch just because of her. the settings related to her work, those supporting roles in the newspapers were not quite good, the whole series relied heavily on flash back, all crimes had to be rewound back and back again, one by one. it's like Korean TV drama series, characters have to talk to themselves by murmuring all the time to help explaining something that poor screenplays and directors usually could not do. this series also got limited actors to play the roles, we often saw an actor in one episode appeared in the next one with different role, but the face was just too familiar to be smoothly transformed into another one. the whole series only got one above average episode, the one about the Nobel prize murder case. others episodes, like this one and "prime time" were simply too flat, dumb and awkward to be watched, you need two factors that might enable you to complete the whole series: time and patience, i.e., if you got some leisure time to waste and if you got enough patience. otherwise, it's a pain in the neck to watch along.

i was also disgusted by the poor screenplay of this episode that showed the heroine's true color: a news hound without emotion and empathy. she told the tabloid to expose the teenager who was later killed by the serial killer. when she heard that young man was killed because of her, she seemed to give no darn at all; when she saw her longtime boyfriend/husband had an affair, her reaction also not quite like a normal female. the poor screenplay just made her with a robotic personality, a woman only got certain degrees of emotions to her two kids, but remote and almost without any feeling to others.
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the stupidest screenplay hatched out the stupidest film
22 January 2014
Jesus on a crutch, what happened to this fantastic martial arts bright star? why he would agree to put himself in this most absurd, ridiculous, clueless insulting film? why wasted so much manpower to churn out such a pathetic, moronic patchwork? this screenplay and the production team had undoubtedly thought that as long as they put tony jaa as the main character in any film, they didn't need to waste time to script any screenplay, just let him do the stunts, allowing more thai stunt people to do more over the top stunts, then the box office would be 100% assured. by watching this horrible film, i have to admit that tony jaa might not have the basic education to distinguish what is good for him or what are the fatal choices for him to sign up films to ruin himself and becomes a public joke. the stupidest thing of this movie was the endless piles of pointless fighting scenes, hiring as many as the low budget could afford those struggling thai stuntmen, male or female, to do the tricks, not absolutely necessary really needed in a film as long as there's tony jaa in it. the first ridiculous 'protector' almost ruined tony jaa, allocated him to Australia to become a so-called 'legend' albeit a joke. that horrible film produced by a horrible screenplay, a brain-dead director has already made tony jaa a ruined actor, and now, without any intelligence, he signed up to do the absolutely un-needed, un-wanted sequel, only confirmed one thing: tony jaa got a very bad and very stupid but at the same time, a very cunning agent, who is just like the boxing matchmaker and promoter, Don King, entrap so many boxing talents, used them like robotic commodities to serve his own greed. tony jaa obviously is also a helpless victim to have such similar agent and on 2nd thought, he might owe a lot to this agent that he could never refuse to play any stupid role in any stupid film. tony jaa, sadly speaking, has become a box office poison, since we the movie goers would try very hard to shy away his next film, if he still got the chance to play another stupid role in another stupid film. my sadness is unfathomable.
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A Stolen Life (1946)
Highly unlikely
21 January 2014
let's say if there is a man who is such a lamer, a weak heart person who never has the guts to walk out of the narrow path of his life to become a real man but is only comfortable to what he is now and won't change a bit, no ambition, calling himself a loner, claiming he does not mind being alone but cannot bear the loneliness, deep down inside of him a timid minded person, a backward person withdrawing himself with stoop shoulders, hiding behind his tobacco pipe to smoke screen his uncertainty of himself. think about a strong headed, strong minded, willful woman, having the urge to conquer, to grab what she like to own, to occupy the mind of male, will she be interested in such a man as what were described as the above? the answer, if logically put, is a big NO. what Glenn Ford played in this film is such a unlikable, unattractive coward person that any woman with strong mind or will would never fall for him, albeit trying to grab him from her soft-minded twin sister. the male character played by Glenn ford if he is just such weak minded person, so easily to be lured away from a kind and gentler woman like Kate and has a sudden change of heart to the evil twin sister Patricia, his fickle mind is quite understandable because he is a lamer who would be easier to be attracted to a more strong-minded female instead of one more like himself. but arranging Patricia to fall for him is highly unlikely; the only possibility is that she wants her gentle twin sister Kate to suffer, she only toys with the man like a game to break her sister's heart. the whole scenario is just like what we see in 'gone with the wind', a strong willful woman falls for a lamer, but the lamer loves another gentle hearted woman. this man who loves Kate first but then falls into the spider-web like trap by Patricia is not a man who worths the love of Kate, yet Kate, a lame woman at first not knowing how to protect what she loves, then tries so hard to become an evil person as her twin sister. what we got here is three blind mice, each fails to know which one is more appropriate for it. the man who does not even know how to distinguish the sisters from each other is definitely a hopeless blind mice, that is why making this film somewhat disgustful to worth watching, because he is not worthy. what these twin sisters find themselves both attracted to this lamer? the women's hearts indeed are so complicated to comprehend.
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True Detective (2014– )
what a lousy 2 episodes already
20 January 2014
this HBO drama series is the worst and the most bore-you-to-death series. a very very poor screenplay trying so hard to give you a false impression to imply to you that this is the real deal cult-serial killing murder case investigation. but after patiently watched the beginning two episodes, a two hours going nowhere, snail-crawling, chain-smoking, binge beer drinking, kiss the white buttocks, two deadbeat crime investigators talking who-cares dialog, driving along the country roads shots after shots, questioning some big-deal thought-to-be-relevant victim's relatives, friends and whoever and so on, you still don't know why you would care more to watch this drive-you-nuts lousy series and hang onto it once every week, you just don't know what you should do to survive the 3rd episode. the worst arrangement of this series is mixed the dreary boring investigation with the seemingly internal affairs investigation to one of the partners of this murder case team members. it just gave you an impression that the drinking detective might did something weird or illegal or whatever who-gives-the-sh++t stuff during the investigation and the other family-guy-look-but-also-an-adulterer, the leading detective has to talk to the two black internal affairs guys in the police headquarter(station?), to expose his partner's weird behaviors.

so far, this drama series has already proved to be a 100% bomber, but most the reviewers still cluelessly gave high praises to this boring series. is it because there are two big names to play the main characters or, what? what has made you guys to love this two episodes? just because it's moody? dark? two guys speaking in a twirling southern accent? exotic? what? are you guys serious? it seems to me you guys are like junk food eaters, everything is just so delicious. well, what can i say, dudes? watching your weight.
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Boring and predictable with hollow storyline
13 January 2014
borrowed its ideas heavily from 'Diary of Anne Frank', the differences only put an orphan girl into the hands of another poor family for welfare purpose just like American foster care system, making money from the social welfare system. the girl was not hiding in the attic, on the contrary, could attend school regularly. the role of anne frank was cunningly adapted to become a Jewish young man, hiding in the attic first then later staying in the basement for couple of years. the whole movie was just barely watchable with good acting from some of the best old actors. there was nothing great enough to move you or deep enough to touch your soul. the whole storyline was just in the boring rigid predictable straight-lined, and also absurdly with a stupid narrative voice of the 'death'. funny thing was the writings on the walls in the basement and the books in the private library, all in English instead of German language. the whole movie only gave you a going-nowhere hollow story, a plain and numb narration of a story told in the form of a film not far away from a printed book. nothing bad but nothing great either. have expected too much but unfortunately turned out to be just a lukewarm, quite forgettable, pointless film. there's nothing to be praised about like most of the viewers' comments. if you guys were so easily to be satisfied, it would only give those mediocre novelists, screenplay writers, directors not to try harder and do better.

final verdict: a very boring film from a very boring novel, then adapted into a boring screenplay, then directed by a not-quite-talented director. a quite forgettable lukewarm film.
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Short Term 12 (2013)
The going-nowhere child care system
6 January 2014
this film is a mixed bag of the American juvenile justice system+juvenile delinquents+youth detention/juvenile hall/foster care system+big brother/sister care system+juvenile boot camp+soup(hell)kitchen. this kind of facilities has dotted all over America for years, but due to the ridiculous budget cuts focus specially on the American education system, the funding and the affordability for such charity-like care system would undoubtedly phase out in the foreseeable future.

this film didn't show us how these big sisters and brothers attained their licenses or certificates to run such facility, they looked more like volunteers instead of professional trained juvenile care service people. the new comer who took a year off to get the first hand experience at this facility without obvious related necessary training was such a overlooked flaw of this film. then, these older young men and young women smoking publicly outdoor was another bad example of how they were not qualified for those kids. then, the leading young woman announced that the black kid who was now at the age of 18 and had to leave the facility, his street-thug like bad attitude toward the new comer also proved that this facility was nothing but a total waste of the tax payers' money. then there's another even younger Latino kid who acted and behaved like bad apple, a doomed to be a street thug when reached at 18, also proved that this facility didn't do any good to transform those juveniles into someones with better, positive, promising future. so what was these kinda facilities that looked more like the 'federal prison for the juveniles without barbwire fences gave these young residents on a daily basis? they were just a bunch of retarded kids who could never get up and get out of bed promptly. they were forced every morning to brush their teeth to start their boring activities. they needed their big sisters to do the hair dresser's job to knit their bibs, or privately shaved their hairy legs in the bathroom, kid with weird hobby of collecting or doing something day in and day out, etc. and etc, how these kids would have anything more practical to deal with their future when they reach 18? those big brother/sister like young men and young women didn't give me any good impression of their capabilities of teaching and guiding their juvenile residents, they themselves also got load of personal problems, they lived on the farm with the younger kids, they were actually no different from those kids, all they could do was to deal with the kids for their daily unpredictable outrages and silly problems, they could not change what these kids would become, they were just a bunch of older aged losers wasting their precious youth hood in an environment blocked and shut out from the real world. when you watched this film, all you could get from it was hopelessness, helplessness, time and money down the drain, a total waste. just two groups of parasites with different ages, blindly probing around hopeless, only made me feel more impotent and despair for the America's future. with so many mindless juveniles more and more each day and every year, i really don't know what would become of this nation and could only predict it would become worse and worse.

i never watched a movie just for how good the performance or acting of the actors, or how good the screenplay crafted, how good the director did. if this film was serious enough, and tried to deliver some subtle message or expose some hidden problems of the social infrastructure, i would try very hard to dig them out. watching movies to me, is a choice and chore between 'sense' and 'sensebility', not just the images shown on the big screen.
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this farce is a joke and insult to adult viewers
5 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
we are not teenagers who just blindly adore those pretty faced young Korean boys to cash in more dough for the box office. we are adults who need at least some respect from the Korean movie industries treating us still got some brain cells. we are not those immature young groupies who crazily scream out loud and chase behind these young boys with plastic surgeries as fans. we are not those kids who would welcome all the crappy funny productions simply because they are with these idolized young actors with cosmetic surgeries, transformed into female looking youngsters, with ridiculous unbelievable immature brain-dead scenarios, storyline, plots. if you watched this moronic film and couldn't stop crying, it only means that you might be still too young to distinguish bad movies from the good ones. young spies from the north Korea infiltrated to the south? like the Russian did in the cold war, spies all graduated from the 'charm schools' and then sent to America to be sleep agents spying? yeah, right. but sending the hard and tough trained youngsters to the south to live like stupid moron, for years? then ordered them to kill each others for no probable cause, just to serve the north-south détente? yeah, right. one of the young spy was still underage attending high school. yeah, right. and the other one to be a rock singer (not rock star). yeah, right. would tell me how these youngsters would do harms to the south? by jumping on the rooftops as the 'neighborhood watch' volunteers? givemeabreak, will you? and kiddos, don't feel so bad about this tragedy and couldn't stop crying, will you? wipe your nose, get it?
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One of the worst films
3 January 2014
this film, to me, is a joke and an ultimate insult to the viewers who still got some reasoning abilities and basic taste buds enough to distinguish between good and bad film. first of all, very bad casting that none of the characters looked convincingly enough to be who should be or would be. if you tried to con rich and powerful people, you must let them to believe you were who you were, the con and the scam must allow them to believe it was true enough and profitable enough, because rich and powerful people were not naive and stupid, otherwise, they would never got to the top of the social ladder. the rich and the powerful pack were a special species who usually got a very sensitive nose to smell fishy deals, they were always on the fence to protect themselves, and they always knew they might become the marks of scams. partner with a low class woman and claimed her with London banking connection was the first pitfall of this stupid film, because she didn't have the least believable ingredients to fool people that she was a British, she didn't look like a British, she didn't talk like a British, she didn't show anything that could prove she got the foreign financial connections. it was laughable that she could con any man just by wearing some expensive clothes or showed people with some fake deposit certificate. then, again, all the make-up works were horrible, the hairdos of the cons and the marks, especially the so-called mayor, what funny cartoon character! the horrible screenplay just took everything so conveniently granted, feeding stupid scenarios and plots to viewers like they got no brains, carelessly put together. the male and the female cons only gave you an impression that they were white trash from the trailer parks. the politicians and the mafia, all looked like characters from the disneyland. the storyline, nothing but a project from a high school student, submitted a homework overnight. there's nothing worth praising at all for this film, and after a whole year's viewing experience and the last film watched end of the year, it has spoiled and ruined all the good memory of some good films of 2013. we viewers should be always picky and always got the attitude of not so easy to be pleased or satisfied to any film, because only with such principle, the Hollywood movie industries would take us seriously and never take us for granted as brainless morons that they could keep dumping garbage on us. you should always treat the gangs from Hollywood as con men or scammers, always suspect they might treat you as stupid mark. only by such serious once-bitten-twice-shy viewing attitude, they might have the luck to fool you once, but never twice.
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About Time (I) (2013)
unrealistically boring and absurd
2 January 2014
forget about the time travel, to future or backward, let's get down to something more reasonable: this family is not a millionaire's family. father is a bookworm, mother a typical house wife, son a lamer, daughter a mindless crazy spoiled brat, so how come they could live without any earthly worries, financial wise or money wise? how come they could live in a bubble-like cocoon, live so pretentiously that even the richest people on the earth couldn't live? their life styles, oh, a regular daily activities, sitting or lying on the beach, drinking or daydreaming, sun bath, watching movies outside rain or shine? dining at table, eating and drinking with their obvious stupid and dumb uncle? then the not-quite-like-a-rich-man father told his son one day that all the men in the family got a mysterious gift of time traveling power? they could travel back in time to fix some things they didn't quite like but in general, they could not change the matters, the history, in a larger manner, say, like making Adolf Hitler never born or two world wars never happen? yeah, right, if the screenplay endowed these time-travel-capable lamers with such huge human responsibilities, guess how much budgets they got to spend for the war scenes? so, easily, this lamer son decided to just change his romance experiences. givemeabreak, will you? this is such a stupid and one of the worst movies about time traveling crap. none of the characters in this brain-dead film was convincingly likable because it just built on a ridiculous budget-cut storyline. love or no love for this young lamer's romantic adventures is no compare with 'love actually' and those heart warming or heart aching time travel romances. folks, let's go down to earth to watch some more realistic and reasoning acceptable common romances, such as 'enough talk (2013)', okay? 'cause you don't have to travel in time to get it, or got to watch the film in your backyard garden at night, or in order to give you some more romantic feeling, using rain-making machine to shower you. give it a rest, guys who gave high praises to this stupid British movie, dressed up in a costume to mimic 'love actually'.
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Don Jon (2013)
stupid and unrealistic
18 December 2013
this movie is like young man's wet dream. why once involved some jersey guys, young or old, just like guys from Brooklyn, the way of talk, the facial expressions, the walk, the attitude, the dressing-attire, the hairdos, the relationship between or among men, that you can think about, especially the mafia way of speaking English, will all suddenly, so easily to predict, turn into such a formulaic accent and intonation.

here, in order to serve the purpose of making the impossible to become possible, a young guy who never seemed to have to work, or never had anything to prove that he had any job. coming from a lower middle class family, with foul-mouthed father, helpless and tiresome mother, a half-dead numb sister, a young man with such pathetic family and financial background, would have so much money and time to hang out with his two pathetic friends, dining in expensive restaurants, fooling around in the cheesy night clubs, driving a classic car....and where he actually lived? his bedroom absolutely didn't like when he ate lunches and dinners at home with his family, where he got the money to pay for the rent, if he didn't do any job, without anything to prove he got the fund for doing anything or doing nothing? how in the world a catholic priest had to listen to his confessions about ridiculous sexual encounters, how many fornication or how many times a week he self-abused himself by watching porn movies? this is such a stupid and so unrealistic wet dream from a miserable screenplay writer who must be like the same guy in the movie, never got a job, living at his parents home, a guy who never got the ability to do anything but trying so hard to become a modern don Juan. what a stupid joke this movie is. Levitt looked exactly like a jerk with a funny face, a likable but a 100% shallow person without any solidity to justify this wet-dreaming imbecile. watching him play such role is a very painful episode of my life.
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Frozen (I) (2013)
just a so-so toons
12 December 2013
if without the annoying singing again and again, i might give this cartoon a 7 stars, but the singing made me become so impatient and so disgusted that i almost gone crazy. the storyline is okay but not great, mixed with several not quite likable figures, the ugly snowman, the poorly crafted terrible snow monster. all the shapes of moose, wolves, houses, palace, ships, mountains and snow were poorly drafted. the cute kid who was adopted by trolls, later became young man with a long and thick jaw, looked dumb and clumsy, another badly crafted figure. but the worst arrangement of this cartoon is still the drive-you-crazy typical formulaic Disney songs, when those figures in this cartoon suddenly started to sing, i just couldn't help thinking that i was watching a Bollywood Hindi film, because only in Bollywood films, either characters are suddenly dancing or singing without any probable cause. if we evaluate the draft artworks of this cartoon and compares it with 'Epic', 'Despicable Me', or 'Rise of The Guardian', it was like comparing ceramic ware with porcelain wares, 'Frozen' just looks so roughly, hastily drafted and designed. the typical yet annoying Disney songs are actually Bollywood crap that we could always do without.
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C.O.G. (2013)
what a stupid wimp in a lame screenplay
6 December 2013
the stupidities in this wimpy movie are just beyond any way to count. first, we see this wimpy guy on a bus which is more like a doomsday bus to hell instead of going to oregon. the exaggerate scenes of a female fellow traveler sitting beside him, keep yelling, cursing, screaming filthy dirty complaints to him, a total stranger, simply not probable at all. then we see two young people doing the sexual thing in public in front of him and other passengers is another absolutely impossible and exaggerated scene so dramatically arranged to give you some thought-to-be interesting episode on the bus is another crap the stupid screenplay trying to make you believe this film is such an unique crap. BUT IT'S NOT, okay? then we see this wimpy young man, a college graduate, trying to drag a huge and heavy empty gas tank into the remote town from the apple farm, that pathetic arrangement is nothing but stupid. then this guy meets a guy in town trying to sell him the idea of god, the so-called c.o.g. crap but he claims that he is an atheist....the stupidity, unnatural scenarios, improbable exaggerations are on and on. and you dare to tell me that you are more thoughtful and more philosophic that you can always appreciate something stupidities and transform them into profound precious living lessons? givemeabreak, will you.
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Special ID (2013)
The rare MMA talent was wasted by a lousy screenplay and
2 December 2013
bad casting, directing and worst of all, the careless decision by using the every actor's original voice. how could it possible that the mother's tone and accent is pure mandarin Chinese, a northern dialect accent, while the son speaking in cantonese accented Chinese? unless this so-called undercover son is adopted by a hongkongness foster parents and later reunited with his real mother, we could never get used to such big difference of accents between mother and son. and then, this guy's superior officer, my, is such a bad cast, who not in the least like a pencil pusher high ranking police office but an accounting clerk. then, the other two gang-bangers' stereo types are so lame and so formulaic, no big difference from their other roles in so many similar genre movies. i just wish donnie yen and all the cast in this movie speaking pure cantonese that at least the whole movie might look more convincing. but the stupid production people decided to cast a fragile Chinese doll to be the case officer from the mainland china and forced a awkward and embarrassing romance between the hongkongness undercover and her, their scenes just looked so contrite and unnatural. the mother role was also a cast of totally unnecessary. the dialog is also so stupid and contrite. this movie in general is a disaster from the very beginning to the end, simply ruined by a stupid screenplay, wrong cast, wrong accents, wrong arrangements almost every thing. to me, giving this movie 3 stars is already over-rated.
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another version of "conversation with other woman (2005)
29 November 2013
but this time the setting is outdoor, on the brink of the soon-to-be-dried-up "dead sea". what we got here is a screenplay trying so hard to be philosophically deep yet at the same time totally clueless and pointless. the guy is what? looking for this mysterious woman, a missing person, for three years. when he first showed up, i bet 99.9% viewers would think that he was chased by a posse, a guy running away or escaping from a prison. the he ran up the mountain pass, found the woman who was loitering along the road. he claimed that he's been looking for her for three years and asking her to come back with him to some mysterious location to SAVE THE WORLD! yeah, right. then their conversation became so ambiguous and vague, like a see-saw or elastic band or even a bouncing ball, flying so high and so deep concerning human relationship, things evolved around during the three years time span, responsibility, world future, blah, blah and blah. the guy carried a long neck glass bottle of water and drank it during the conversation, and she licked and moisturized her lips and exclaimed: "you carried water? you drink water?". obviously she was also a bit thirsty, but the script did not arrange the man to offer her a sip of water. the world was definitely going to an end, it might be the Israelis and the Iranians would throw nuclear bombs to each other and the part of the middle east might be totally destroyed or whatever your imagination could carry you. but to me, this film is absolutely a going-nowhere one, also inevitably a box office nightmare. you guys could do whatever you like to prove that you are very deep and thoughtful, and you truly understand what these two only actors really tried to deliver, philosophical or metaphorical, deep or shallow, i just couldn't care less.
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here's what it's about
26 November 2013
Here's what I've found on the web:

"Astonishing Bible clues are uncovered to reveal a well-defined portrait of the mysterious woman in Revelation 17-and her powerful place in the Antichrist's future empire. In Revelation 17, the Apostle John describes in great detail the characteristics of a false church that will be the partner of the Antichrist.

Was he describing the Roman Catholic Church? To answer that question, Dave has spent years gathering research and indisputable historical documentation (primarily Catholic sources) providing information not generally available.

Are you missing half the story about the last days? Virtually all attention these days is focused on the coming Antichrist—but he is only half the story. Many are amazed to discover in Revelation 17 that there is also another mysterious character at the heart of prophecy--a woman who rides the beast. Who is this woman? Tradition says she is connected with the Church of Rome. But isn't such a view outdated?

After all, today's Vatican is eager to join hands with Protestants worldwide. "The Catholic church has changed," is what we hear. Or has it?

In A WOMAN RIDES THE BEAST, prophecy expert Dave Hunt sifts through biblical truth and global events to present a well-defined portrait of the woman and her powerful place in the Antichrist's future empire. Eight remarkable clues in Revelation 17 and 18 prove the woman's identity beyond any reasonable doubt."

Footnote: Well, since I'm an atheist, I just couldn't care less about that woman and what the guy did to her feet, but I do believe it's the origin of the current hot business of "Foot Massage" popularized by the Chinese immigrants. Once the loophole of the laws was penetrated, almost every shopping center in California got at least one "Foot Massage Parlor". Jesus, you obviously had created a commercial opportunity, dude.
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Gravity (2013)
ridiculous screenplay, storyline and plot
23 November 2013
Okay, according to the film at the very beginning: "AT 372 MILES ABOVE THE EARTH, THERE IS NOTHING TO CARRY SOUND, NO AIR PRESSURE..." so the whole movie basically should be like this: except the radio communication between the astronauts and the houston mission control center on earth, and the radio communication between and among those astronauts, there should be NO SOUND, absolutely NO SOUND in this movie. but ridiculously, the movie is full of sound track, special sound effects, suspenseful background music from the very beginning to the end. this movie use the help of the specially made music(sound track) to make the whole movie SOUNDS like suspenseful.

then, the medical engineer played by sandra block, at the very beginning of the film, working outside of the space shuttle as a mechanical engineer, trying so hard to put screws on some obscure device. a medical engineer should do lot of tests in the space shuttle's cabin, but instead, she worked like a mechanic in the space to fix some whatever device, but obviously not a medical device.

then, while she, as a medical engineer, doing the works as a mechanical engineer, we saw two other astronauts foolishly playing tumbling somersaults in the space with their jet space suits. this is absolutely ridiculous.

the whole space shuttle and most of the crew were shattered and killed, and the medical engineer was thrown out to the space, lost her control and kept tumbling in the void, there's no way that she could stop such tumblings, and there's no way the other survivor could catch her up even he got jet engine.

and, all of these scenes should be in a silent mode except her screams in her helmet.

two astronauts flied and floated to the remote international space station? givemeabreak, will you. and since the iss is Russian made, so all the manuals were in Russian language, and the American medical engineer happened to know where the manuals were and which one was the one she needed to operate the module and which page to refer to. yeah, right.

then, after so intensified sound effect to portray the atrocity and the tough survival journey of the medical engineer, she finally reached another space station constructed by the Chinese, and again, the American medical engineer got no problem to operate it.

in order to show how the Chinese did a lousy job on their landing pod, once the American medical engineer landed into the ocean and opened the cap, the sea water was rush into the ridiculously capsized pod, yet just before she opened it, we clearly saw that the opening was above the water line. but never mind, the Chinese landing pod got to sink to the sea bottom. and then she spent so long to get to the surface, but soon as she popped out of the surface, there were shallow water sea weeds around her, and she just did some strokes and easily reached the beach. how convenient, don't you think? the whole movie has used the "miraculous convenience after miraculous convenience for the sole miraculous survivor" scenario and plot and the deafening-shattering sound effect to fool the audience through and through. no wonder even the Christian newspapers were bought into it and claimed that this sci-fi movie further proved that GOD INDEED IS EVERYWHERE. but don't see that God had caused such disasters one after another and only allow the CHOSEN ONE to survive. for the American medical engineer, the last space station made in china was obvious the "NOAH's Ark", not in Egypt but in Space.

I rest my case.
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one of the best Korean movies so far
22 November 2013
i think to be an actor is not an easy occupation, and to be a Korean actor, well, might be even tougher. why? being a Korean action actor, you got to have some real tough training in fighting skills, not just phantom boxing or kicking. signing up a movie like this 'fists of legend' is definitely not a job that you could waltz through the whole nine yards just by mimicking the movements of a modern day MMA fighter, you have to look real and act convincingly enough, otherwise, you might ruin the whole production. in this film, we see several familiar faces of the best popular Korean actors doing the amazing fighting scenes and you'd better believe it since there's not a scene that does not look real. i do believe that some make-up artists did a great job to all the players in the ring but they just cannot make-up the real sweat raining down from the bodies of those great actors. this is a very good Korean movie that not just portrays how Koreans love the MMA, but also shows that this is a tough race to deal with. thinking about the Koreans in the north of 38 degrees, they are even tougher than the south. look what the mother and the daughter pushing the son-father to keep fighting, not just for money but for pride, integrity and principles. another great Korean movie, that is for sure, but definitely not for the lame and timid hearts.
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Hit 'n Strum (2012)
A wonderful movie to be enjoyed
21 November 2013
what a wonderful movie! at first, i thought this is just a B leveled movie, but then when i watch on, it gradually became such a beautiful movie. both the male and female main characters are just fantastic, and the directing is also very smooth, never made me feel pretentious or unrealistic. the homeless guy wrote and sang beautiful and heart-felt songs again and again. and the story about this woman who has a guilty conscience and trying so hard to help this very decent but lost soul back on his feet is such a rare viewing experience for me. the only thing that i didn't quite feel comfortable is that if this guy got T.B., how such contagious disease won't become a problem when they aboard-ed a flight? when she so kindly let him stayed at her home temporarily, did she ever consider his health problem might cause some unpredictable problem later? the stubbornness of the homeless stay-on-the-street-better-stay-under-a-roof, sleep in the open on rainy days is more comfortable than stay indoor? what kind of psychological problem or phobia syndrome for those people living on the street? of course, this movie has completely avoided the absolutely avoidable drug abusing scene, all the street bums were nice people, making this film like a sanitized film, but for the purpose of making a kinder, gentler and even poetically beautiful film, these unreality are understandable. i don't know what happened when writing this review, i suddenly become so confused about the present and past tenses, but what the hack, all i want to say is that this film is a gem that should never be overlooked. if you like to hear some nice original songs, this film is also for you. don't forget to seek out Kirk Caouette's songs to appreciate further, because every song is so original and so unpretentious.
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Madras Cafe (2013)
Wrong cast and bad script
20 November 2013
i don't know how most of the viewers would have give this film a higher rating, because i, for one, didn't see it eye to eye. the screenplay is poorly drafted, making a the main character become the narrator of the whole incident. then signed up john abraham to play the main role is also a very bad casting decision. why? i didn't see he has any special ability to show that he is the top pick to do this job. what he showed us here is a thoroughly depressed person without any spirit, always showed us a spiritless and energy-less guy, like a guy suffered insomnia for couple of years, like a walking dead or zombie. what he showed me in this film is quite different from what i've seen from his other films, a high spirit, energetic, very capable person, yet in this film, he seems to become a totally different actor, like a guy with a broken heart from family tragedy or like a divorcée suffered badly from endless sleepless nights. the Indian double-faced spy ring leader is another lousy creation in this film, like abraham, also a very poor cast to play this role. there are too many unnecessary scenes of the wife of abraham, although claimed herself an army wife but got involved almost in every move of her husband. then, we got a pretty field journalist, in order to prove she's in the field dealing combatants all the time, she got to chain-smoking to prove her toughness. the battle scenes and the field scenes are nicely arranged, but the whole movie was a complete failure simply ruined by the poor script and the spiritless, depressed and lame performance of john abraham. this is a film that could be good even great, but failed by poor development and arrangement. if this film is so good, why i felt impatient to sit through all the time? are we seeing the same movie?
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11.6 (2013)
a terrible remake of the so-called true story
19 November 2013
i like the actor who played the main role of this film, but i just can't say that this film is any better than the older ones. this film is poorly scripted, poorly directed and poorly edited. we just saw a guy who's among the losers taking that money transporting job, day in and day out without any possible break-through in the foreseeable future. there's nothing really matters and needs to be told about. the guy was upset and angry almost at every thing, his job, his marriage, his low income, his colleagues, his unfairly miscalculated over time, not hours but minutes. he is like a insect trapped on a spider's web. he stole the money truck and stored the money in a storage unit, drove away on a motor bike to the alpines, to Monaco, then what? willingly gave himself up to the police. the screenplay just felt so hollow and boring to the extreme. there's really nothing to tell to the movie viewers. this is a film that should never have been produced or reproduced, just wasted some Euros and a bunch of actors's time to patch up a deadbeat, totally pointless and purposeless film. do not think about renting the DVD, because i assure you that you'd disappoint like me, even $1.00 rented from Wal-Mart is too much.
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worst of the worst
16 November 2013
sometimes, i just don't know how people interpret the meaning of a 'movie' and how to define a 'movie' is a real movie. but there's one thing i'm so sure about 'movie' is that you've got to a workable screenplay, a guy who's capable of making those words, sentences, the dialog, the non-exist scenes to become visualized on a screen and the viewers could at least understand what's going on, what's all about and at least barely understandable what is what. but this so called 'here then' simply failed in every aspect. i just saw several lousy young Chinese, males and females did nothing at all almost in the whole 80 some minutes. the camera tried so hard to focus on something out of nothing, all of the so-called characters played by so so-called actors simply kept chain-smoking to get some attitudes and behaviors. most of the females in this pathetic brainless, meaningless and clueless piece of crap are either so plain or ugly to the extreme, except the last young woman at the travel service store exchanging 1,700 zenminbi then left under the gaze of one of the meaningless male character; she is a real beauty. there are some meaningless and pathetic sexual scenes on the beach and in the hotel, but these scenes are just crappy parts of a crappy big nada. this film should be titled "the walking dead in china, here and there" or just "Chinese zombies", because there's nothing but a bunch of worthless, sou-less, hopeless Chinese young men and young women just completely lost in the 12 billions population. it's nothing about a lost cellphone or a lost id, because nothing lost in the first place since there's nothing to lose whatsoever. if you dare to call this is a 'film', then you'd better have your brain checked asap.
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The Citizen (2012)
A great film about decency and cruelty
13 November 2013
i was deeply moved and disturbed at the same time while watching this film. it's a great film, telling the exact journey of millions immigrants who migrated to this country with so many naive and hopeful dreams. great cast and superb directing. i like the casting agency to choose a very naturally talented actor to play the main role of this film, he is very likable and so convincing from the first scene. all of the other cast also performed well and looked pretty realistic. the 9/11 disaster and its aftermaths that have changed so many peoples' lives and so many countries images are beyond any measurement can fathom. this and before this tragedy, L.A. riot and the O.J.Simpson's ridiculous trial, all damaged the great image of USA, the ridicule of the American presidency, the run-off-the-mill US military and soldiering authenticity's, their hardcore butchery and cruelty. the L.A. riot and the O.J. Simpson trial also exposed the ridiculous legal system of this democratically proud country and had further damaged this once great nation. and now, a film like this to remind all the citizens of this country not to become so mindless and ruthless to each other. it also reminds us that racial discrimination, racial bias, the hatred and animosity among all the people in America will never go away but only become more tolerate. there are so many excuses for us to act crazily and become so cruel to each other.

this film has told us something and reminded us something that we should never judge other people with different races. but it certainly a box office disaster.
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Elysium (I) (2013)
a very funny yet at the same time quite realistic sci-fi crap
12 November 2013
i just couldn't stop smiling all the time while watching this funny sci-fi movie. funny things are so many that i have to use numbers to list one by one, just in case i might skip one or two:

1) this screenplay is definitely written by either an illegal immigrant or a naturalized American citizen. and his country of origin is also quite obvious, from south of the border of the land of the broken dream.

2) the whole movie is just a saga of the illegal immigrants trying so hard in so many ways to get into united states in order to get a better life, better medical treatment, better welfare or maybe, food stamps to buy free groceries from the supermarkets and at the same time use food stamps to cash in us dollars.

3) the storyline is also using the fact that 1% of the richest peoples in all countries on earth can have the privilege going to enjoy the luxurious living on Elysium, while 99% of the poor got to live on hell-like futuristic earth. the pathetic living conditions in this film are widely borrowed the slums and shanty towns in Mexico, Haiti, Philippine, Bangladesh, or Brazil where people just live in the garbage or by the garbage.

4) the so-called Elysium, the beautiful sterilized environment, those green lawns, nice mansions, swimming pools....are just scenes from Miami, Florida

5) the V-22 Osprey has been improved to be with 4 huge turbine jet engines, super sonic speed and has the ability as space shuttle going up to space anytime without any pre-flight preparation or safety procedure.

6) the Elysium got similar border patrol to catch and deport illegal aliens

7) the only difference of the realistic medical treatment for the illegal immigrants between the Elysium and the USA is no medical treatment whatsoever on Elysium, even you have successfully entered it, while the USA has laws to treat illegal aliens even they don't have citizenship. but ObamaCare Health Coverage for all the Americans is another story.

8) funny thing is that 1% of the rich and powerful living on Elysium still needs a president, a secretary of the state, a secretary of the DOD? human national guards are replaced by droids or robotic human force. the dark force on earth is still like the forces assembled by the Mexican or Columbian drug lords. everybody got tattoos to prove they are lethal. this film smartly avoided the formulaic and childish Chinese Tongs drug kingpins and their kung-fu muscles.

the whole movie is nothing but a masquerade describing the poor people south of the border trying every way to sneak into USA, while the governmental authorities north of the border trying every way to block such migrating flood, the only difference is heavily borrowed some sci-fi materials to make it look like a futuristic sci-fi movie. this is a very funny movie about the current cat-and-mouse border blockade and penetration tug war. i just couldn't help smiling while typing this same-crap-different-genre exposure.
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California (1947)
shallow, primitive, formulaic and boring
12 November 2013
this 1947 production is so boring to watch with shallow screenplay, bad scenario, elementary directing and, bad acting. the irritating sound track has made this skin-deep film more like a musical. this film at first tried to portray and beatify the endless pioneering wagon trains from the east to the west combined with annoying choirs sound track praising how beautiful California is, then once the scene turned up in California, it suddenly changed into a greedy and ugly political feud of two parties, one for statehood staying with the union, one wanted to become independent and became an empire itself. those characters played by so many actors and actresses, none of them are likable. the shallow and predictable storyline also made the viewing such a painful experience. there's nothing to be praised about or brag about.
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