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a confused plot, but starring Shannon Whirry
8 December 2002
The plot is confused, but from the first time you'll see Shannon Whirry, you won't be interested in the plot any more. The first time she appears is in a bar. One does not know why she is there, fallen from the sky like an angel. And now that she is sitting and waiting, her wings aren't important anymore, but take a look at her legs. In this movie, Shannon Whirry's character has an affair with a cop played by M. Nouri.You'll have to wait a little longer than in other films , firstly, to see her, and secondly to see her undressed. But it is worth waiting for such a lady. It is one of the movies wher Shannon Whirry looks best. If you are like me one of her fans, you'll surely like the movie. The confused plot will make her character even more mysterious. Until the end of the movie, you don't know her purposes, and it makes her more exciting because you don't know what she is to do next.If you don't know Shannon whirry, this movie will still be a good way to spend one hour and a half.
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