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Beyond Tomorrow (2005–2006)
An attempt without understanding the past successes.
2 October 2007
Beyond Productions made this show as a very loosely related to a vastly better show, Beyond 2000 (and the predecessor to that, Towards 2000, is also worth a look too).

From the tacky and out of place theme music to taking credit for Mythbusters as "Beyond Tomorrow's Mythbusters" while Mythbusters screened on another channel at the same time B.T aired in Australia, they really screwed up.

The stories are a decent attempt, but usually fall towards "give the viewers the EASIEST explanations, no more detail" instead of "The calibrator ignites the fuel, heating the alloy, allowing it to bend..." type detail levels that the old series used.

It was a rush onto the Retro Train with little to no idea what made the past successes the successes they became.

We can only hope next time they try, they actually pay attention.
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Earth: "Population approximately 9 Billion...all Borg..."
5 October 2004
The Borg: Cybernetic, relentless, almost unstoppable, and now they're changing Mankind's history, changing the future, with only one crew to stop them...


This movie follows the crew from the "Star Trek: The Next Generation" (1987) TV series, with Captain Picard in the Captain's chair.

The film focuses on a report that the Borg, a cybernetic race that consume and assimilate anyone and anything, and destroy anything opposing them, are set on a direct course for Earth in a massive Borg Cube vessel.

A huge spacefight slows but does not stop the gigantic vessel, that is until Captain Picard finds their only flaw, crippling, then destroying the Cube.

The Borg manage to launch an escape ship, a Borg Sphere, toward Earth, refusing to give up.

All of a sudden, the Borg Sphere creates a temporal vortex, a portal to the past, catching the Enterprise in the temporal wake.

While stuck in the wake, the crew see Earth change before their very eyes, history changed. The Borg have gone back and changed something in the past, the ship protected by the wake.

Captain Picard orders the Enterprise to follow, to stop the Borg, to undo the damage done to the timeline.

They discover the date in the past they arrive in, is in fact the day before First Contact, Earth's first encounter with a species from another world. Earth in this time is weakened from the aftermath of World War Three, ripe for the Borg to attack and consume.

The Enterprise crew must go back and defeat the Borg, ensure First Contact occurs, and help undo the damage, or their own ship, and their future itself, is history.
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The Chaser Decides (2004–2007)
We Report, You Believe!
30 September 2004
A clever spin off from the comedy series "CNNNN"(a scathingly witty parody of cable news, specifically CNN/SKY e.t.c), now bringing you biting satire based on Australia's 2004 Election.

Never biased too far left nor right, swinging back and forth like a crazed voter, with clever skits and fake adverts making a mockery of the political system itself.

John Howard's "I will quit leading once I'm under a bus" comments leading to the "Christine"/"DUEL"-style bus chase of the Prime Minister, Opposition Leader Mark Latham's horrible eating habits made into a mockery of the documentary film "Supersize Me!"(, and many many more jabs, both short and sweet and long and witty.

Two votes up for this (unfortunately short special) TV series!

To finish: ABC! Bring back CNNNN A.S.A.P!
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