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F Troop (1965–1967)
Just Great!
7 July 2006
I bought the first season after buying a six episode sampler. F Troop was one of my favourites when it first aired in the mid sixties. The first season ( 34 episodes ) are in black and white but it really doesn't matter because they've done an excellent job of restoring the shows. There are a number of interesting guest stars - among my favourites are a couple of brief appearances by Jamie Farr ( Klinger from Mash ). John Mitchum ( Robert's brother ) as the nearly blind private in the watch tower. Melody Patterson as the captain's love interest is great playing a Calamity Jane type role. I haven't even mentioned Forrest Tucker and Larry Storch who work so well together and Ken Barry as " the old man " - the captain. Here's hoping they release the second season very soon - it's in colour and has tons of great special guest stars. Paul Lynde as " The Singing Mountie " alone would be well worth the cost. This one's a keeper - bet you'll watch it many times - it really is funny!
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2 October 2005
I am not a fan of silent movies and I didn't know this was a silent film when I started watching. But... it got me from the start. Tom Mix was 46 when he made this film and he did his own stunts! The opening stunt with the ropes over the raging river got me into the film. His horse " Tony " is really good. How did they get him to go across a rope bridge? Apparently Mix rode Tony for many years. The story is predictable but well done as well. The train scenes are fun to watch and although there are some scenes which seem to me over acted I found it a really enjoyable film. It is also interesting to see the furnishings of the railway cars and the steam engines, which are so obviously authentic for their time. It's a duster, not a great movie, but fun to watch. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. There are so many little things of interest throughout the film which give one a glimpse of what life was like - way back when.
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Not bad
29 September 2005
Lash has a way of shooting from the hip. No aiming at the villains, just firing away at hip level. Amazing! His buddy " Fuzzy " is just great as the side kick - a character actor who really understood how to play second fiddle and yet be remembered as a character. Lots of fist fights and hard riding - light weight stuff but thoroughly enjoyable. Still have to chuckle at the shooting from the hip style - surprisingly accurate. He also has a pretty sharp horse - not as good as Tom Mix's " Tony " but good for standing on it's hind legs and riding hard. I remember Lash from the 1950's on TV but I'm not sure if it was from a TV series or old movie reruns. It was just fun to watch a couple of his old films again. Lash, by the way, is pressed pretty hard by Fuzzy - who is one of those thoroughly remember-able characters. It's like our current sitcoms - fun to watch - but not a good idea to attach current social values to - times and social values have changed. Hang loose and enjoy.
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